Where to Place Elephant Figurine Feng Shui

Introduction to Feng Shui and Elephant Figurine Placement

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that originated thousands of years ago. The practice centers around the idea of balance between elements of the physical and metaphysical within a space. In Feng Shui, it is believed that energy called Chi must be in harmony and balance; this harmony can bring positive life experience and good health to its inhabitants.

The elephant figurine represents stability, solidness, strength, prosperity, protection and good luck in Feng Shui practices. It is said to ward off bad luck and negative energies when placed in the correct area of an individual’s home or workspace. When deciding on a place for your elephant figurine, you need to consider its placement according to specific Feng Shui principles.

In terms of finding the right spot for an elephant figurine, there are several locations where it can be most beneficial: the East sector or Southeast corner of your home to attract money; at the front door facing outwards to provide protection; inside your living room or bedroom drawing harmony; the entrance of your office/workplace; near North-facing windows as this area is best for money matters. Additionally, if you pair two elephants with their trunks pointing towards each other – preferably facing outwards – it will double up on the protection they provide while also increasing wealth potentials.

When setting up a Figurine according to Feng Shui principles, any accessories should face away from the center point and towards the walls. Any items blocking its view should also be removed for optimal performance; this ensures that energy flow is not obstructed by obstructions and allows more positive energy into a space without disruption. Lastly, try placing clusters of crystals near your Elephant based upon their individual meaning – such as Clear Quartz which amplifies all energies or Selenite for enhanced purification – in order to maximize its power within a space.

The Meaning Behind Elephant Figurines

Elephant figurines are powerful symbols for Buddhism, Hinduism, and Feng Shui. In the latter practice of design, the elephant is a sign of luck, power and strength. Additionally, its size denotes a great monetary abundance due to its ability to carry heavy loads as it does in the mythical stories associated with elephants. The symbolism given to this creature through legend and poem is vast.

In Feng Shui, the direction an elephant faces is of utmost importance. It should be facing away from you when decorating your front door or living room entrance in order to ward off bad spirits before entering the home. Placing an elephant statue inside also encourages financial success, as long as it is facing towards the doorway or window so that energy can go out rather than being blocked and trapped inside. A common place for this particular place would be in the health or prosperity corner of your home (in the back left corner when standing near your entrance).

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Additionally, depending on whether you want good fortune to enter or leave a space when it comes to relationships with people you love – you might incorporate two statues facing either into each other or away from one another depending on which energy you wish to manifest – give & take respectively. When it comes to educational endeavors; an elephant figurine facing inward toward one’s desk promotes focus and clarity during study sessions.

Where to Place Your Elephant Figurine

The symbolic elephant figurine evokes feelings of power and stability as strength, protection, intelligence and leadership. Utilizing these symbols in your home or office can bring about positive energy changes and protect against unwanted negative influences. Consider a quality sculpture of an elephant placed at the front door, it will symbolically guard the entrance to the home acting as a good luck charm. Placing a small elephant sculpture on the corner of your desk closest to you is believed to bring added power and success in your career. An elephant-inspired rug can be hung above a bed – this will symbolize the strength of love found in relationships. For those looking for wisdom, hang either a tiny carved object or tattooed wall-piece featuring an elephant in your study or library. Lastly, it’s thought that placing an elephant-inspired artefact near a prominent financial location such as an entrance hall or bureau invites greater prosperity into your life.

Practicing Feng Shui with symbolic artifacts like elephant sculptures can help create balance and harmony within our environment by helping us to block out chaotic energies from producing disarray. Furthermore, incorporating animated objects such as animal statues adds realism to any space brightening up reserves energy levels which further helps highlight individual points of focus – for those wanting to use Feng Shui for its many benefits look no further than embracing a powerful animal symbol such as the Elephant.

Placement Etiquette

Size of Room: It is important to consider the size of your room when placing an elephant figurine for Feng Shui. For a large room, the figurine should be placed in the center or closer to one side. This will balance the energies in the room and help create harmony. For smaller rooms, it is best to place the figurine on a pedestal or shelf near an entrance or exit point, so that its energy can spread throughout.

Strategic Placement: When placing an elephant figurine for Feng Shui it is important to keep in mind that some areas are better than others for transferring positive energy throughout your space. Figurines should be placed facing towards either north or east, as this direction symbolizes growth and prosperity and will help generate good luck throughout your home or office. Additionally, they should be set at eye level, and avoid being placed near sinks which create a draining affect on their energies.

Caring & Cleaning: Since elephants are considered symbols of strength and protection it is important to take good care of your figurines so that they remain strong and vibrant carriers of positive energy. If you choose an elephant made from stone or wood, it’s important not to place them too close to windows because this may damage them over time due to weather exposure (like sleet or frost). Furthermore, regular dusting with a soft cloth can ensure that they stay clean and free from dirt build-up which can hinder their effectiveness in generating good luck throughout your space.

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Utilizing Other Symbols


Different colors can have different effects on the energy of the room. Red is considered to attract wealth and abundance, while yellow or orange are said to cultivate mental growth and concentration. Blue is used to encourage friendship and relationships, while silver encourages open communication or clarity of thinking.


Symbolically, a cowrie shell or square figured object placed in front of an elephant statue brings good luck for money. Using two elephants facing each other in an office environment can symbolize authority and establishment. A circle with an eight-sided star at its center symbolizes long-term security and general stability when combined with an elephant figurine.


In Feng Shui, it’s important that symbols are carefully arranged in order to create a favorable environment within the space. When utilizing multiple symbols with the elephant figurine, its best if they are symmetrically arranged—either in a triangle shape or along the perimeter of a space. Additionally, placing the elephant close to a wall instead of directly in the center helps direct its energy more evenly around the space.


When considering where to place your elephant figurine, Feng Shui offers some helpful advice. Place the figurine in an area with good energy flow, it should be big enough to be visible and noticed but not so big as to overpower the room. Make sure you have a way of activating its energy by placing it in close proximity to other items that symbolize abundance. Additionally, take care that any negative energies this symbol might attract are counteracted by further applying Feng Shui principles in your home such as implementing 5 elements of nature decor within each space and using crystals or wind chimes to move these energies around. Through careful consideration of how to apply the principles of Feng Shui when positioning your elephant figurine, you will embody this powerful symbol and bring into your home true prosperity, protection and wisdom. By adding this special symbol into your environment in a mindful way, you open yourself up for enrichment on physical and spiritual level.

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