Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up or Down


Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of using the energies of direction and placement of objects to find harmony within one’s environment. It has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years and has been gaining popularity in the West in recent decades. One element that is associated with feng shui are animal symbols. Elephants, in particular, have significant meaning and symbolism within Feng Shui.

The elephant symbolizes many things including wisdom, strength, protection and power when represented in a feng shui context. As such, it is often used as an enhancers or cure to applied several areas of one’s life including luck, career,health and relationships alike. The position of an elephant’s trunk can also impact its effectiveness – some believe that an elephant with its trunk up brings much luck while an elephant with its trunk down invites treacherous energy into the area where it’s placed – representing a lack of safety or bad luck for those nearby. In terms of being a good enhancer for any space or situation, it is generally believed that an elephant with its trunk up is much more beneficial than when its trunk is down. It is important to properly research information related to symbols before adding them to one’s home in order to ensure they will bring positive energy instead of bad vibes.

Overview of the Elephant Trunk Up Position

The Elephant Trunk Up position is a popular emblem of the practice of Feng Shui, which believes that positioning certain objects in your home can help promote positive energy and bring good luck to its inhabitants. This particular figure of an elephant is said to represent strength and wisdom, as well as fertility and family fortune, when it’s trunk is pointing upward.

When an elephant with its trunk turned up is placed in certain areas of the house, it is said to bring wealth and prosperity. It is often best aligned with the entry door of the house so that it collects energy directly from the entrance area. The statue should be put high enough on a shelf that it symbolically appears to be guarding wealth, not allowing any negative energy or bad luck enter within the threshold. In addition to this positioning near entrances, many believe that placing the elephant in South East direction brings great good luck.

Furthermore, having multiple symbols or figures of elephants’ trunks pointing upward across different areas within your home can magnify their power for bringing luck into your living space. It’s believed that different poses or positions of an elephant representing strength also represent different points of good fortune associated with its placement throughout a home—beneficial for family plans, unexpected gains, and personal career advancements among others. Thus adding various artifacts featuring elephant trunks pointing up around your home can have many more positive implications than just one singular statue in your entrance way!

A Deeper Look

When setting up a bedroom with a feng shui elephant trunk up, it is important to consider carefully all of the decorative aspects of the space. One of the first elements to consider when creating this setup is color and how it can be used to create an auspicious environment. Soft blues and greens tend to bring a feeling of balance and serenity, while darker shades such as yellows, purples and reds can add energy.

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Furniture should also be arranged in a way that allows everything in the room to have something known as choreographic flow, meaning that it easily allows you to move within the space and creates an inviting atmosphere. It is also important to find furniture pieces that symbolize wealth and success as these items promote optimism and luck throughout your environment. Wall art is another great addition for this type of setup because it helps amplify the room’s energy. Finally, accessories are a great way to complete any room and add personal touches; items like dream catchers, crystals or plants are some of the key pieces for adding good fortune.

Benefits of Implementing the Elephant Trunk Up Feng Shui

The elephant trunk up Feng Shui is said to bring good luck and protection. Those who choose to implement this popular symbol of luck and power can expect to see an increase in financial abundance, better relationships, health, and a heightened intuition. It can also help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace throughout one’s home. The direction the trunk faces is important, as this helps determine which level of luck will be brought into the space.

There are many ways that incorporating the elephant trunk up Feng Shui into your home or office can benefit you. Place it in a room that is often used for business dealings so that it brings success. Place it near your front door to invite in more positive energies from visitors entering you home. Use crystals around the base of the elephant trunk for even more healing properties for those who enter your home. Finally, placing the trunk in rooms where there are bookshelves or many reading materials can help encourage knowledge and wisdom into your life from these teaching sources. All these methods can help attract luck and protection while helping create an overall feeling of harmony in any space.

What is the Elephant Trunk Down Position?

The Elephant Trunk Down Position is a position taken by an elephant statue when used in the practice of Feng Shui. Placing the trunk down is thought to help create a calming effect on the atmosphere and protect against negative energy. It also symbolizes strength, stability, protection and unity. Other kind of symbolism associated with this position are wisdom, abundance, fertility, good luck and communication.

A Look at the Benefits of the Elephant Trunk Down Position

The Feng Shui elephant trunk down position is practiced for a variety of reasons, but the most common is for protection and good luck. When an elephant statue has its trunk down, it is believed to be releasing any negative energy from your home, business or office. This position acts as a shield against bad luck and malicious intentions by promoting positivity and pleasure instead. As a symbol of strength, the elephant trunk down encourages safety from threats and misfortunes. The elephant statue in this position also indicates strength and longevity, indicating that all challenges can be faced with determination and faith. Lastly, the trunk down position is beneficial for financial success since it encourages extraordinary wealth and growth opportunities. People who display an elephant figure in the down position find that they are inspired to move forward positively despite any obstacles that may stand in their way. In general, having an elephant with its trunk down brings stability, security, peace and abundance into one’s life through increased luck.

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Finding the Right Balance

Balancing the energies within your home is essential for achieving optimal feng shui. Whether you are using the bagua method or another system, each room should have a sense of equality between all of its elements. When it comes to the placement of an elephant sculpture, different theories exist and arguments can be made for both positions.

The traditional feng shui approach suggests that an elephant should always have its trunk facing upwards when placed in the home, as this symbolizes wealth gathering, good fortune and prosperity. It is believed that only if the trunk is placed in an upward-facing position will it allow energy to flow properly into a space. Therefore, an upward pointing elephant can be used to attract abundance and financial security into the home while avoiding energy blockages.

On the other hand there are some who argue that with elephants being protective animals, their trunks facing downwards could also bring a sense of grounding and stability which would guard against any negative energies entering. Placing an elephant statue in moments of transition like hallways and doorways can symbolize protection from harm while still providing good luck benefits with its symbolic value.

Therefore, in order to find balance when implementing Feng Shui into one’s home with an elephant sculpture, it may be best practice to keep two such sculptures – one with its trunk up for good luck and abundance, and one with its trunk down as a form of protection from negative energies. With this strategic approach practitioners can benefit from all of their potential merits without needing to choose one particular side over the other.


The Feng Shui elephant trunk up or down has been a long debated topic for many years. On one hand, having the elephant with an up trunk symbolizes strength, luck and power. On the other hand, having the elephant with a down trunk is said to symbolize protection, safety and a safeguard against evil. Though we may never know which position is right as each person’s opinion may be different in this respect, it can be said that implementing both the of these positions gives us the best of both worlds. By implementing both the elephant up and down trunk positions we gain from their associated meanings of strength and luck outside of our home/office, while also allowing us to feel safe and protected on the inside. Ultimately, this enables us to achieve balance with interior peace at home and exterior protection from unwanted energies outside.

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