In order to increase feng shui in a room, add or move one of the five elements. These five elements are earth, fire, water, and wood. While all materials are made from one of these elements, some practitioners suggest mixing and matching the elements. They say this can help create a more harmonious space and enhance the flow of positive chi. So, make sure to consider your bedroom’s entrance when planning the layout.

When you are looking to design your home, it is essential to balance the five elements of life and your home. A perfect design contains a well-balanced combination of the five elements. If you are lacking particular elements, you can emphasize the presence of those elements in your home by choosing specific colors, shapes, and furnishings. To make the most of these elements, use brown or beige hues and square objects. Adding a fireplace or wood details is another great way to make your house or office more livable.

Aside from the aesthetics of the home, the placement of different elements within the home has a profound effect on our lives. For example, a room with a slant that is in the direction of the sun or the east is more favorable than one with a slanted wall. This will help attract the proper energy to the home. By making sure the elements of the environment are in balance, the design will enhance your life.


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