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The ancient principles of Feng Shui have been around for thousands of years and have been used by many cultures all around the world to create spiritual and positive balance between their homes and the environment. When Blue Rhino and Elephant announced the launch of their novel Feng Shui 2018 Amazon in 2018, it was a game changer for people looking to reinvent their own unique takes on the art form. With this system, homeowners could access a whole universe of new ideas for creating harmony with nature through simple solutions like plants, shading, arrangement of furniture, as well as additional lifestyle changes.

The founders realized that incorporating nature into everyday life is an important step towards achieving true inner peace and connection with the outdoors. As such, they set out to combine traditional principles of feng shui with modern design elements to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to embracing natural energy in any home or commercial setting. They chose Amazon as the platform because of its large customer base which enabled them to reach a much wider audience than ever before.

Since its launch, Feng Shui 2018 Amazon has been gaining momentum among those interested in transforming their living environments seeking balance through nature-oriented solutions. Many people add plants which encourage good air circulation; create spaces that look more vibrant and inviting; rearrange furniture pieces that no longer fit in; and adjust decor pieces so that they complement each other rather than compete for attention. With these small changes anyone can enjoy its benefits in no time at all!

Origins and Practices

Feng Shui is a traditional practice, believed to have originated in ancient China. The practice encompasses the art of arranging furniture and other objects to create an energy flow and harmonious atmosphere. It takes into account the physical environment as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual energies in order to create balance and bring prosperity and good luck. Traditionally, symbols such as blue rhinos (symbolizing fertility) or elephants (protection) were used to enhance positive energy.

In today’s modern world, Feng Shui is still widely practiced by many people. People often use it to create wealth and prosperity or encourage desirable relationships or other life experiences. There are various principles that are integral for effective Feng Shui practices – some key principles include: determining the best space arrangement; recognizing energy patterns; utilizing colors wisely; incorporating auspicious symbols; employing proper lighting; understanding chi energy flow; leveraging bagua maps/zones; balancing elements/seasons/five phases of change; selecting suitable furnishings; emphasizing organization of space etc.

Finally, for those looking for more information about Feng Shui, there are various books available on the topic including books by Amazon such as “Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018” which provides detailed advice on how to apply modern interpretations of Feng Shui practices in the home or office.

Investigating the Products

The Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon collection includes a variety of products to help bring energy, luck, and good fortune into one’s home. Some of the products in this collection include blue rhinoceros and elephant statuettes, essential oils, meditation bowls, incense holders, Feng Shui advice books, practice stones for meditative balance, candles for creating positive energy and protection from the negative energies of our environment. All these products provide effective tools to harmonize the environment in one’s home and create an inviting atmosphere filled with positive energy.

Red Color In Living Room Feng Shui

These items should be used in combination with other Feng Shui elements such as specific placement of furniture in order to maximize the positive effect of their powers. Also under this collection are items that are designed for cleansing bad luck or stagnant energy points such as use of gemstones or singing bowls equipped with special mantras or chants to remove the negative influences blockage and revitalize neutral areas such as walls or corners. Furthermore they offer protection from any external energies or entities that may wish harm on homeowners by either a physical application like hanging amulets at entry points or using intention practices. Finally they contain guidance documents to help individuals decide when and how to apply these methods as well as how to read signs present in nature that can guide us through our journey towards greater peace and harmony.

Benefits of Feng Shui 2018 Amazon

Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon is a type of energy work focused on directing positive Chi life energy into places and objects in order to promote harmony, balance, and good fortune. According to principles of Feng Shui, when the flow of this energy is balanced, it can bring about improved health, increased success in career and relationships, financial abundance, and overall wellbeing. Practitioners believe that utilizing these techniques can aid in restoring one’s natural inner harmony while creating an environment that promotes abundance.

One benefit of Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon is its ability to bring clarity to our lives. By understanding how the flow of energy works and how it affects us, we can make conscious decisions that help us stay connected with our goals and purpose in life. Engaging in the practice helps us create balance within ourselves as well as our surroundings. It can also help cleanse away heavy energies that may hinder our progress towards greater success.

Further benefits include helping to increase feelings of contentment as well as decreasing feelings of stress or frustration due to certain events or experiences. Utilizing this form of energy work allows us to look at situations from a place of non-judgmental awareness . By furthering this sense of mental clarity with intentional steps forward, we have an easier time embracing the power of positive change from within. This encourages a greater perspective on life by dimming negative thought patterns and re-focusing attention towards intentions for personal growth and wellbeing. In many cases individuals have experienced life altering breakthroughs simply through the practice of Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon.

Tips for Adjusting Your Home

Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon is an excellent guide to creating a healthier, more balanced home environment through the practice of feng shui. By following the guidelines provided in the book, you can help create a space that encourages harmony, balance, and positive energy. Here are some tips on how to adjust your home based off of this text:

1. Pay attention to the orientation of your furniture and other objects in the room. Feng shui advises that certain items should be oriented in specific directions and locations; for example, beds should not be placed directly under windows or high shelves.

2. Use colors wisely when decorating your home; certain shades encourage different energies into each room. Blues and greens can bring calming and soothing energies into a living space while warm colors such as reds are associated with excitement and activity.

3. Place plants around your house as they purify air both visually and spiritually, “positivizing” its surrounding area with their pleasant scent and presence.

Bagua Grid Feng Shui

4. Add natural elements such as stones or candles to further enhance the energy in each space; these items will add visual interest while also helping channel positive energy throughout your home’s atmosphere.

5. Placing mirrors at strategic angles near entryways can help amplify light sources in dark areas while also invigorating stagnant energy flows throughout the space – an essential component of creating balance within any household!

Sharing the Experience

The celebrated book Blue Rhino and Elephant by Feng Shui experts master Steven Cheng, and Dr. Rita Wong has recently been released in an updated 2018 version on Amazon. This new version of the book encourages readers to share their experiences with Feng Shui and aims to stimulate conversation about how this ancient philosophy can improve lives today. Master Cheng and Dr. Wong believe that understanding how harmonizing the different elements of your home or workspace can create peace of mind and help lead to higher levels of personal growth, productivity, and well-being for those who practice it.

The authors provide relatable examples to engage readers right away before slowly introducing some of the major principles at play in modern day Feng Shui, such as the inter-connectivity between all physical objects around us, including ourselves. The authors also draw attention to ‘flying star’ formations – a set of 8 maps detailed using complex mathematical equations created by Chinese visionary masters, which show shifting energies over space and time that can be used as guidance wherever a practitioner is opening new doors in life.

Blue Rhino and Elephant is essential reading for any individual looking to thoughtfully apply traditional wisdom into their daily lifestyle decisions, providing an invaluable resource for connectivity within ourselves, our spaces, and ultimately the world around us. Through conversations about relevant topics related to this enriching philosophy such as health & prosperity guidelines or ‘clearing bad energy’ from relationships or places, people are encouraged to learn from first hand experience rather than just never ending theory seeking out valuable mentors along the way because learning through teaching bridges gaps better than most other methods tend too!


The Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui 2018 Amazon system is a powerful tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony into people’s homes, setting the stage for abundance, health, and prosperity to enter. Placing these two art pieces together becomes a gateway to creating an energizing space in which positive forces interact with the environment, inspiring positive changes and helping to attract positive opportunities. This ancient ritual can generate effective results as it helps align energies in one’s living or work space to create a more stimulating atmosphere where fulfillment of desires are ready to manifest. Making use of Feng Shui will help make sure that your environment is conducive to achieving success and maintaining wellbeing. With this practice, anyone can unlock the beneficial energy buried within their home and enjoy a whole new level of serenity and peace of mind.

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