Elephant And Monkey Feng Shui Placement

## Elephant and Monkey Feng Shui Placement

Feng Shui is a system of spiritual beliefs and practices which are based on the harmony of the energy from the elements of Nature. These elements include fire, earth, water, metal, wood, and air. When it comes to the placement of animals such as elephant and monkey in the home, it is important to consider the energy of the elements in Feng Shui.

Elephants are symbols of strength and stability, while monkeys are symbols of mischief and playfulness. When it comes to Feng Shui placement, both of these animals have different meanings and effects, and should be carefully placed in order to bring balance to the home.

### Placement of an Elephant

The presence of an elephant in the home symbolizes protection, strength, and good luck. Placing an elephant in the North-East sector of the home encourages good luck and wisdom. Placing it in the South-West sector will protect against negative energy.

### Placement of a Monkey

The presence of monkey in the home symbolizes playfulness, playfulness and joy. Placing a monkey in the North-East sector of the home encourages creativity, intelligence, and independence. Placing it in the West sector will bring luck and success in personal matters.

### Benefits of Placing Elephant And Monkey Together

When both elephant and monkey are placed together, the positive attributes of both animals are combined, resulting in balance and improved harmony in the home. Placing elephant and monkey together in the North-East is associated with increased wealth and good luck in money matters. Placing them in the West is associated with success in careers and business.

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The following table summarises the benefits of placing elephant and monkey together:

| Placement of Elephant and Monkey | Benefits |
| :——————————– | :———– |
| North-East | Increased wealth and good luck in money matters |
| West | Success in careers and business |

When incorporating the placement of elephant and monkey in the home, it is important to keep a few key points in mind:

**Key Points**
* Keep the area surrounding the animals clear and clutter-free
* Avoid placing them in areas where there are sharp corners
* Place them in a spot that can be easily seen from the entrance of the home
* Place them in pairs to enhance the effects

By carefully incorporating the placement of elephant and monkey in the home, one can create a peaceful and harmonious environment. With the right placement, one can enjoy the balance and protection that these symbols can bring.

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