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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to bring harmony and balance to a space. It involves the practice of arranging elements such as furniture, plants, colors, and other items in order to create an environment that promotes good luck and positive energy. The wealth area in Feng Shui is one of eight areas in the Bagua system that dictates how one should arrange elements within their dwelling. It is typically located at the far right corner of the home (when facing outwards) and focuses on helping a person attract wealth and material possessions. Traditional Chinese beliefs state that this area can support a person by increasing fortune, career success, attracting luck, and promoting good relationships with friends. The specific elements used to attract these benefits–such as colors, shapes, animals–deb varies based on individual preferences and goals.

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Understanding Money and Abundance

The concept of Feng Shui Wealth Area is important when exploring the wealth and abundance that can be attained in life, both physical and spiritual. Working with this area is all about understanding how to channel energy and money in a positive way so that people are able to attract their desires and goals. With Feng Shui, people can tap into their own power to create what they desire in terms of wealth, abundance, and comfort.

Feng Shui Wealth Area involves a variety of methods, such as placing certain items in one’s home to attract abundance. A simple example of this is placing small plants, coins or bowls of rice with coins inside them in the southeast corner of your living space. This practice symbolizes fertility and growth of both prosperity and luck. Other powerful symbolic objects in the Wealth Area include images depicting water or earth elements such as mountains or rivers; symbols representing passion like red fans; bright yellow items like golden colored Chinese bells or pillows; objects representing success like scissors, ingots or lucky money trees; crystals for clarity; as well as different items made from wood, earth, metal and water which represent balance, strength and security. Placing these symbols around the home will nurture a positive environment for wealth energy to flow through it. Additionally, mirrors placed near the Wealth Area will help disperse any negative vibrations within the room where it is hung up in. Lastly, when interacting with our money we need to acknowledge its importance but also pay careful attention not to become attached emotionally as this could lead to an unhealthy relationship with financial matters.

Finding the Wealth Area in Your Home

The Wealth Area in Feng Shui is a section of the home associated with minding one’s finances and increasing prosperity. To locate the wealth area, start by finding the front entrance of your home, then look for its farthest corner from that point – that generally indicates the Wealth corner. This is typically the southeastern part of your house (for those living in the Northern Hemisphere). Once you have determined your Wealth Area, it is important to fill it with symbols of affluence- specifically green and purple items which symbolize money flow. Applying these colors to furniture or wall hangings will help encourage financial growth and abundance. Some other elements to consider include setting up a fountain or vibrant artwork as they are believed to bring in positive energy; placing special symbols like representations of luck and wealth around this area; and displaying pictures or trinkets that represent success. All of these together can help inspire luck and fortune in this Feng Shui Wealth Area!

Feng Shui Tips for Activating Your Wealth Area

The Wealth Area, also known as the Health & Wealth area in traditional Feng Shui, is a major section of the home that is used to attract spiritual and financial abundance. However, it is important to note that activating the wealth area of your home is not only about attracting money; it’s also a vital aspect of improving your overall health and well being.

Storing Things Under Bed Feng Shui

There are several simple tips for activating your Wealth Area with Feng Shui:

1. Place images or symbols in this area which represent wealth such as money plants, coins and crystals. Keep these objects clean, polished and clutter free to help promote positive energy flow.

2. Enhance the feng shui element associated with your wealth corner by adding decorations made from wood (for wood element), water (for water element), metal (for metal elements) etc.

3. Hang up auspicious cues such as wind chimes which evoke a positive feeling of flow so that wealth can enter into your environment more easily.

4. Make sure any items located in your wealth area are facing into the home, representing qualities such as success and prosperity entering into the space instead of being pushed away from the house by coming outwards or placed backward facing on shelves/tables etc.

5. Have a small table or alter where you can place monetary symbols such as carvings, statues or pictures to honor prosperity gods/goddesses and encourage prosperity into one’s life..

6. Display pictures of smiling faces around all four sides of the room to attract good luck and vibes throughout all aspects of one’s life including health, family relationships and job opportunities .

7 Finally, make sure natural light or open windows allow light seto fill thr space daily; sunshine brings chi (positive energy) enters our lives giving us an opportunity to create balance between our physical conditions and material objectives within our houses as well!

Decorating Your Wealth Area for Success

The Feng Shui Wealth area is the part of your home or office which is believed to be beneficial for increasing and preserving wealth. This particular area is associated with luck, prosperity, and abundance. When you decorate your wealth area, take time to choose items that reflect what is most important for you in terms of having financial success.

When creating your personal version of a Feng Shui Wealth area it’s important to select items based on their meaning in order to attract the desired outcomes. Bring in features that have positive components such as rectangular shapes, bright and vivid colors, round shapes defined by geometric lines, gold coins and ingots made from metal or stone, bamboo plants, artwork featuring water elements, money-related symbols like piggy banks, or circles representing flow and movement of energy. You can also add objects like wind chimes (for inviting changes into your life) and mirrors (to double the amount of prosperity). Additionally consider beautiful stones such as jade or amethyst that are representative of growth and protection in both spiritual and financial realms. Finally infuse the wealth corner with items that bring up feelings of joy, satisfaction or pleasure when looked at – these can be pictures associated with a family business venture or images which are typically linked to achieving financial goals with success. Overall select pieces which not only symbolizes prosperity but inspire inspiration and motivation as well.

Enhancing the Wealth Area with Color and Light

It is believed in Feng Shui that colors and light can bring energy and wealth into a home. Wealth in the home is generally represented by the colors red, purple and gold. Red symbolizes passion and ambition to achieve, purple stands for royalty and luxury, while gold brings abundance and prosperity. Placing objects such as furniture pieces, artwork or accessories either made of these colors or with these colors painted on them will bring wealth-generating chi into the wealth area of your home. In addition, lighting plays an important role in bringing prosperity through extra yang energy which stimulates wealth accumulation. Installing good quality lighting fixtures or lamps to the wealth area will strengthen its energy flow. Make sure to choose bright lights capable of radiating their energy far away. Candles are also a great way of harnessing flow of money when placed in this particular corner of the house – adding some crystal prisms nearby will assist with magnifying chi from candlelight blessings further into your space.

Symbols to Increase Abundance in the Wealth Area

Feng Shui considers the Wealth Area of your home or office as one of the most important areas to activate in order to bring financial prosperity. The wealth area is typically located in the far left corner from the main entrance of your residence. Decorating this space with specific symbols associated with success and abundance can be an excellent way to bring energy of generosity and prosperity into this sector of your living environment.

These symbols range from basic items such as well-placed plants, lamps, coins, images of prosperous landscapes and green colors. Incorporating an aquarium full of goldfish also helps to stimulate the flow of good fortune and promote wealth creation. This can be positioned either inside or outside the actual room itself but should always have nine fish which represent continuity, growth and expansion. Additionally, mirrors are not recommended in this area due to believing they will reflect away good luck. Lastly, adding a dragon sculpture near the wealth corner can help instill powerful energy towards attracting money towards you.

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Practicing Positive Self-Talk to Boost Wealth Area Vibes

When it comes to feng shui, activating and energizing your wealth area has a powerful impact on actualizing your financial dreams. Using positive self-talk is one method that can provide an abundance of momentum for cultivating the vibrations you wish to attract.

Positive self-talk is more than simply affirming yourself with “I am worthy” or “I will succeed”; these mantras can be used as well, however engaging in thoughtfully created, specific phrases guarantees long-term psychological benefits far beyond simple affirmations. For instance, when engaging with this wealth area exercise find a statement or two that speaks directly to how you envision yourself taking action towards achieving your money goals: “The next time I’m shopping for groceries, I use imagination and creativity so I stay within my budget”; “I look at ways of investing my income wisely and secure my financial future”; or “Every time I make a purchase, I’m confident about my decision and know it’s in alignment with my highest intentions.” Creating statements that feel meaningful gives you the opportunity to seize control of the story around your finances and replaces limiting beliefs about abundance with empowering beliefs focused on manifesting success.

Creating a Gratitude Journal for Attracting Abundance

A great way to use the Feng Shui Wealth Area in your home to attract abundance is by creating a gratitude journal. To get started, select an area of your home that you specifically designate for this purpose and write down each day all of things that you are grateful for. This can be anything from the big things like life and health, to small successes at work or finding joy in nature. The important thing is to focus your energy on what you are thankful for, as opposed to focusing on what may not be going right at the moment. Overtime this practice will build up a positive vibration in your wealth area, making it a strong attractor of abundance. Additionally, when writing each morning or evening (or both!) be sure to state clearly how it would feel if you already had all the abundance that you desire – close your eyes and imagine how it would feel! This creates huge harmonizing energies that message out into the Universe so be sure to keep up with this practice consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Feng Shui and Wealth Areas

Q: What is a Feng Shui Wealth Area?
A: Feng Shui Wealth Areas are areas in your home that are seen as having the potential to attract wealth, abundance and good luck. Generally, they’re thought to be located in the southeast and/or east sides of your home or room in order to optimize energy flow within these regions and bring positive energy into your life.

Q: How can I use Feng Shui to create Wealth Areas?
A: There are several ways one can utilize the principles of Feng Shui when creating a Wealth Area. Firstly, it is important to ensure that you have clear pathways between each room. Secondly, integrating colors and textures based on the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) into your décor help add balance and draw prosperous energies into the area. Thirdly, displaying symbols for wealth, such as crystal trees or jewelry boxes on bookshelves and desks can also help bring prosperity into your life. Finally, incorporating mirrors into this space can help magnify the prosperity present.


The practice of Feng Shui is all about aligning our houses and other structures with the energies in the environment, to bring us fortune and good luck. One important area to pay particular attention to if you want to increase your wealth is the Wealth Area. This area can be determined using a method called Flying Stars- Nine Star Ki analysis. By using this method, and paying attention to the Feng Shui principles associated with this space, it is possible to make big changes in your financial life. Examples of how to do this include making simple home modifications such as adding water features, strategically placing mirrors that attract energy, or by incorporating symbols that represent wealth and abundance into your home. Applying these principles will help you attract positive energies into your Interior Spaces which can increase your wealth potential and create a much more balanced lifestyle. With careful consideration, careful planning and dedication, the potential for transformation is enormous!

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