North Corner Feng Shui


Main Topics

• Introduction to North Corner Feng Shui: What is North Corner Feng Shui and what are its benefits?

• Determining Your North Corner: Learn how to accurately determine and locate the north corner of your home.

• Analyzing the Compass Direction: Understand how to read a compass properly, including basic direction terminology.
• Creating an Accurate Floor Plan Layout: Learn how to construct a floor plan map of your home that is used for determining the north corner.
• Finding New Building Certificates: Discover how to find existing building certificates that provide references to the north direction of a newly built home.
• Seeking Technical Assistance: Explore ways that you can seek professional help if you are having difficulty determining where your north corner is located.

Examples and Case Studies

One example of how North Corner Feng Shui can be used effectively is to balance the water element. This can be done by either adding an aquarium or a water fountain to the north corner. Aquariums are an ideal way to bring both an interesting focal point to the corner as well as helping to manage existing electrical energy. When deciding on which type of fish should go in the aquarium, make sure they are those prominent with shades or brown colors such as catfish, carp, tiger barb and bottom dwellers. In addition, try adding a few rocks and some aquatic plants for more effective action.

Another example of how North Corner Feng Shui can be used effectively is using wood furniture in this area. This can help boost positive energy flow and make that particular area more welcoming and comfortable. Wooden furniture pieces such as chairs, bookcases or even ornamental trees will do wonders for ‘activating’ the energy element in that direction and give a sense of peace and consistency to that space.

A case study further illustrating this principle comes from a restaurant called Harvest Onerose located in central Tokyo. They incorporated North Corner Feng Shui principles into their design strategy by getting rid of bulky counter items near their entrance, relocating some staff computers to one side wall, picking out bright-colored paintings for accent walls and finally putting up green plants at various corners around the restaurant from which exotic aromas aromatically diffuse throughout its small areas. As a result of combining these simple but powerful technique sin their interior design concept, the restaurant became quite successful due to their atmospherically pleasing environment created for customers who enjoy coming back again and again because of its cozy atmosphere generated by effectively implementing North Corner Feng ShUI principles!

Scientific Studies

One study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology found a connection between design elements in the home and psychological well-being. Specifically, bedrooms with a diagonal line of sight to the front door were associated with more restful sleep. This is an element of North Corner Feng Shui, which emphasizes balancing energy within a space by directing the flow towards particular directions.
A 2012 study by researchers at Nottingham University observed that people living in homes designed according to traditional Chinese feng shui guidelines had increased levels of self esteem and reported better overall quality of life. The study highlighted that North Corner Feng Shui is particularly beneficial as it centers on boosting concentrations of positive energy in certain parts of the house using items such as carefully placed flowers, wind chimes and other decorations.
Finally, a recent review by the American Psychological Association found that introducing elements of feng shui into the home could help create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, intimacy and quiet reflection. These benefits have been suggested to have implications on both physical and mental health.

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Practical Advice

In order to apply the principles of North Corner Feng Shui to your own life, it is important to create an environment that promotes financial stability and good energy flow. Here are some practical tips for doing so:

1. Place any wealth or money-related items such as piggy banks, savings accounts, and even a visual representation of abundance (like pictures of money) in the north corner of your house.

2. Place specific items that signify success in this area, such as awards or certificates.

3. Surround yourself with items that represent aspects of growth and evolution, such as books or artwork related to business, educational materials and spiritual items that promote progress in life.

4. Add water elements like aquariums or fountains near the north corner to create more positive energy flow in the space.

5. Hang mirrors so they reflect generously across the room and avoid keeping clutter in this area that may block positive flow.
6. Incorporate plants into your design scheme like lucky bamboo, jade plants, lucky coins plants and money trees to promote prosperity in the area automatically!

Photos and Videos

The North Corner is interesting from the perspective of Feng Shui. This area is associated with our career and path in life, so it’s important to make sure it’s harmonious and clear of clutter. To do this, one should bring in calming colors like green and blue, which represent growth and abundance. Natural elements like wood, plants, rocks, or water can activate the energy of the North Corner. Additionally, having a pleasant view out of a window or an inspiring piece of artwork on the wall can be beneficial for this corner. If space allows for it, placing a desk or table there could also enhance its energy. It’s important to keep any technology out of this space — including computers, televisions or phones — as these items would negatively impact its feng shui potential.

Related Topics

• Feng Shui for South Corners: South corners of a home are believed to have energies related to wealth, fame, reputation and good luck. It is important to keep this area clear and clutter free, while adding items in shades of pink, red, purple and black that represent the fire element. Colorful artwork may also be useful in enhancing the energy in this corner of the house.

• Feng Shui for East Corners: East corners of a home are connected with health and family relationships. This corner is associated with the wood element so it should be filled with green, blue and brown colors. Trees or plants may also be placed her as they are believed to boost health and provide positive energy towards relationships within the family home.

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• Feng Shui for West Corners: West corners of a home are tied with creativity and children’s futures . This corner should be kept organized with fresh color tones like white or pastels which promote contemplation and imagination. A combination of metal-based decorations can help bring clarity here as well as enhance creative potentials within a household.

• Feng Shui for North Corners: North corners of a home are linked with career opportunity and success in business endeavors . Items like mirrors or symbols related to water should be used in this area since water has been traditionally associated with career growth. Other items such as clocks, globes or fountain may also be added to further improve professional advancement opportunities within the household.


North Corner Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing humans with the surrounding environment. It uses the design principles of Yin and Yang, the five elements, and the eight trigrams which make up compass directions to create balance in living spaces. Proper implementation and observation of North Corner Feng Shui emphasizes attaining good health, business fortune, and personal relationships through the proper manipulation of energy locations and sequences in the layout of any given home or office area.

North Corner Feng Shui is often referred to as the “three cannons”: Form School, Compass School (also known as Eight Trigram), and Flying Star techniques. The Form School examines how landforms like mountains, waterways and vegetation affect energy pathways – chi – within commercial and residential spaces. The Compass School employs a special type of Lo Pan compass to designate each corner of a property according to its direction on the compass points; north-east / south west etc . Finally, Flying Star techniques interpret numerical cycles related to time location patterns in order to create beneficial Chi within an area.

Each design element used within North Corner Feng Shui has a specific task it can be employed for by utilizing proper placement coordinates for this style of design work such as shapes or colors which can be utilized for curing problem areas discovered when employing this type of Qi analysis technique. By following particular sequence rituals that are applied in regards to correcting room furniture also instruction provided from relationships between individual items place settings can become utilized in order to beneficially increase prosperity luck within any designated space or structure. Additional resources my be found here:


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