How To Use Chinese Coins In Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of harmonizing with the environment. It’s based on the understanding that everything in the universe is connected, so by making changes to our physical environment, we can have a positive impact on ourselves and our lives. In Feng Shui, the use of Chinese coins – alongside other tools like colors and symbols – serve to bring balance and good energy into the home or workspace.

The round shape of the coins represent unending wealth or necessary energy flowing in all directions. The square hole in the center stands for keeping what’s good and rejecting what’s negative from entering your life. Traditionally, these coins were issued by Chinese emperors and contain symbols obtained from historical events including dragons and squares which are associated with goodness, luck, and wealth.

Using coins in Feng Shui requires certain placement guidelines- For example, you can hang strings of six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon near windows facing outside your front door as this type of arrangement represents inflow of cash or money energy into your house

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Feng Shui coins are an important tool in the Feng Shui practitioner’s arsenal. They bring to us the cosmic energy, which we can use to balance and enhance the energies of our homes and our lives. Many practitioners find that using coins brings great benefit to their clients and helps to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in any space.

Janice Tien, a certified feng shui consultant from Los Angeles, uses coins during her hourly consultations with clients who wish to achieve success in all areas of their lives. She explains that she often recommends placing coins around the home, especially areas associated with money or prosperity such as the entryway or kitchen counter. By doing so, they invite positive energy that will attract more opprtunities and prosperity.

In his practice, Feng Shui Master Kwok Choi adds special Feng Shui coins for new beginnings to remove obstacles for successful results. He uses a combination of real Chinese I Ching coins along with additional symbols like horseshoes and six-sided stars which are believed to bring luck and bring physical manifestation into reality. Placing these symbols in certain “auspicious” spots within the home is said to strengthen the good fortune brought into your life.

Ben Yu, a renown feng shui master from San Francisco shares another technique: Opening Portals for Wealth & Abundance where he strategically places coins throughout a client’s home. For example, eight Chinese coins are placed in an Eight Trigram at entrance doorways or close by to welcome abundance with open arms into the household. Coins can also be placed under furniture or on window sills if abundance needs some encouragement in entering or staying in the house longer!

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Chinese coins are often used in Feng Shui to bring harmony and balance into the energy of a space. It is believed that these coins can help increase wealth, luck, and overall prosperity.

To utilize Chinese coins in Feng Shui, they must first be correctly placed in the home or office. Coins can be hung on an indoor door handle or tied together with a red ribbon—a color known for its auspicious symbolism—and draped over the entrance of the home or business. The coins should be arranged in the shape of a fan or horseshoe with their convex side facing outward for maximum effectiveness. Another option is to fill a bowl with several coins, then place it in the southwest corner of each room (the best place being an office). This area represents invitation and fortune, so it’s essential that these coins be set there for proper activation.

In addition to carefully positioning them around your space, you should also include images or illustrations of different types of coins in this blog to help readers learn about using them effectively. This could include depicting different sizes and shapes, as well as ancient specimens with more symbolic value than modern ones. By adding visuals like this one, you can provide your readers with valuable information and assistance while exploring the power of Chinese coins within Feng Shui practices.

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Chinese coins have a deep spiritual and energetic importance in practicing Feng Shui. In this ancient Chinese spiritual practice, it is believed that coins can be imbued with special energy and intent to create protection, good luck, and prosperity. Traditionally, Chinese coins are often retrieved from stale food or old rice bowls prior to being turned into charms for the home. This process involves attaching the coins together with red thread in specific shapes such as ‘3 Ho Tu’ or the three deities print which is thought to be consistently giving off positive energy in all directions. Additionally, when hung at entrances of homes or even front doors, these coins are also said to send out vibrations of strong protection from negative chi and evil spirits. When used in bedrooms or offices it can also bring energies of wealth abundance. Popular Feng Shui practices include placing five coins tied together beside an om symbol pointing away from entrance doors as a form of ward against bad luck entering your home. While many people still rely on these traditional practices when practicing Feng Shui, today many modern updates exist such as using cryptocurrency coins or coin banks both displaying images of important figures such as gods and dragons amidst 4 ancient Chinese characters denoting protection, longevity, happiness and good luck!

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When incorporating Chinese coins in your home’s Feng Shui, there are many tried and true techniques. And while reading guides on the subject is helpful, there’s nothing like seeing someone else apply their Feng Shui knowledge to their own homes to help you do it right. To that end, one great way to learn how to use coins in Feng Shui is to watch videos of professionals doing it with their own homes.

These videos allow you to see exactly how people use coins for Feng Shui in real life and get a better understanding of the many ways it can actually be applied. When watching these experts practice their craft, you can learn about proper placement, different coin types and sizes as well as details about when and where they should be hung or displayed. Additionally, you can observe how they explain their processes while they’re performing it, which can give you additional tips and tricks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Given this firsthand look at professional application of coins in Feng Shui, you can get inspired and tailor their practices for your own home in order to provide a greater sense of balance within your space.

Suggest the different types of coins best used for particular goals

Chinese coins are commonly used in Feng Shui to bring prosperity, luck and protection. Here is an overview of the types of coins and their special uses:

1. Square-holed Coins – These represent longevity, strong connections and clear communication between people. It is best used to increase personal wealth and strengthen a relationship.

2. Round-holed Coins – This type is used as a valuable tool to attract all forms of luck, as well as ward off evil spirits. It is best used for protection or defense against negative energies.

3. Synthetic Coins – Traditionally symbols of fertility and successful reproduction over generations, these coins are best for attracting new relationships, maintaining a steady stream of money, fostering family unity, increasing fertility rate and promoting business growth.

4. Old Chinese Coins – These are considered good luck charms because they impress upon the receiver their age and history. They can be used for expanding one’s scope of influence or pursuing higher studies abroad/overseas.

Share how to consecrate coins for Feng Shui purposes

To consecrate coins for Feng Shui purposes, it is necessary to fully activate them and infuse them with Chi energy. This is an important step that helps to ensure the successful use of such coins in the practice of feng shui.

Begin by holding the coins in both hands, palms up, and get into a meditative state. This will help you to relax and focus your mind on the ritual that you are about to perform. Then visualize Universal Chi energy flowing from your palms into the coins – feel this energy coursing through your body and being absorbed by the coins. Once you have done this three times take a momentary break, but keep hold of the coins all along. Now place the coins onto a white plate or dish, close your eyes and repeat the visualization process until you feel that the coins have been properly charged with Chi energy – when this happens, end off by thanking chi for granting you its blessings for good health, wealth, luck and joy.

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