Office Layout Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Office Layout to Increase Productivity

Incorporating Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) in your office layout is an effective way to feel more balanced and productive in your space. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, which looks to harness the positive energy of the environment to create a harmonious atmosphere. Identifying where to place your desk or where to hang your poster of motivational quotes can increase your productivity and help align yourself with your goals. Here are five Feng Shui tips to achieve a productive workplace.

1. Open Spaces

In any workspace, the flow of energy is essential. An easy way to achieve this is by creating a clutter-free open space. Move unneeded items to the outer edges of the office or to the hallway. Aim for clear visibility by keeping windows or glass walls free from blinds and curtains.

2. Desk Placement

Choose a spot for your desk where you can see the entire room in front of you and not have your back in a corner. This offers a sense of control of what comes into your space, while creating a more relaxed mental state.

3. Colors and Art

Colors are an easy way to liven up the office’s energy. Cool and pale colors like blues and light shades of green work best in an office setting. Incorporate one or two prints of your favorite artwork, nature scenes, abstracts, and motivational quotes.

Colores Para El Cuarto Segun Feng Shui

4. Wallhangings

Hang items on the walls to increase your focus and achievement. Incorporate mementos that bring out your desired qualities such as ambition and creativity. For example, hang a family photo or diploma to remind you of your roots.

5. Office Items

Organize your workspace by the type of items you use. Place writing tools on one side and office supplies, like staplers and file folders, on the other. Place items you use often, like a coffee mug or phone, closer to you and items you rarely use in further drawers. Make sure nothing is blocking the walkway to your desk.

By following these Feng Shui tips, you can create an environment that is free of clutter and negativity and that reflects how you want to feel and your desired state of productivity.

What are the key principles of office layout feng shui?

1. Establishing Health and Well-Being: Ensure that employees have adequate light, space, and access to natural elements, to maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

2. Balancing Yin and Yang: Incorporate natural elements and colors to create a balanced energy in the space.

3. Establishing Flow and Functionality: Decide the purpose of each office space and plan for efficient flow for traffic.

4. Applying Feng Shui Symbols: Use traditional Feng Shui symbols, like the Bagua map, to add positive energy to each area.

5. Placing Symbols to Balance Chi: Incorporate visual symbols, such as plants and art, as well as scents, to achieve a balanced energy in each space.

6. Placing Furniture for Optimal Energy: Place furniture in a way that allows for good energy circulation and energy flow throughout the office.

Colores Para Pintar Living Comedor Segun Feng Shui

7. Utilizing Visible Desks: Enhance productivity by utilizing visible desks for better visibility and communication.

8. Enhancing Direct Vision: Utilize direct vision of doorways and other areas of the office, to encourage a sense of safety, while ensuring workflow.

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