Reorient Chinese Feng Shui Coins For Wealth And Success

Feng shui is a Chinese system of geomancy aimed at creating balanced and harmonious environments. One way to bring this balance in your favour is through the use of reorient Chinese feng shui coins. By implementing and engaging with these coins, it’s possible to maximise wealth and success within one’s life.

These coins have been used for thousands of years as symbols of good luck, fortune, prosperity, and abundance for a reason – they work. Feng shui coins also protect from misfortune and disharmony by expelling negative energy. By reorienting the Chinese feng shui coins for wealth and success into one’s environment, all aspects that contribute to well-being can be greatly improved.

Chinese Coins – Exploring Their Significance and What Makes Them Special The term “feng shui coin” refers to a special type of coin that symbolizes wealth in Chinese culture and practice. The circular shape of these very distinctive coins comes from around 200 B.C, during the period of China’s Han dynasty.

They were used in ritual ceremonies performed by priests who left them under the altars where offerings were made during particular rituals or holiday celebrations like weddings or various other auspicious events.

They’ve also become popular tools for those seeking to harness positive energy into their lives or attract wealth or obtain successful results when accompanied by their prayers or wishes. The round shape provides placement advantages because they can easily be arranged into circles or lines with ease while providing an ultra-durable form that remains undamaged over extended periods with same success rates as smaller coins.

Bringing It All Together – Combining Asian Advantages with Your Intention Offers Unprecedented Results Reorienting Chinese Feng Shui Coins opens up many opportunities not only when seeking financial support but it is useful when you seek any kind of growth; physical, emotional, mental spiritual development among other fields. Reoriented Feng Sh.

History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that, when correctly employed, optimizes one’s fortune and potential. Records show the practice dates back to more than 3,000 years ago. The combination of geomantic principles and cultural beliefs allows for homeowners to design their environment in ways that create a balanced and harmonious living space.

This comes down to the formation of the physical space as well as items and symbols contained inside it. One such item known to attract wealth are Chinese Feng Shui coins.

Chinese Feng Shui coins date back to 618-907AD during the Tang Dynasty. Back then Buddhist pilgrims handed out these coins out of generosity and compassion with wishes of good luck and prosperity attached to them.

Since then, they have become synonymous with Fortune & Prosperity; which is why they are so heavily relied upon by many Feng Shui practitioners today. In modern times they can be found hung in doors or windows next to objects like a lucky mirror that serves as protection from negative energy and frequently appears in mahjong rooms all over Asia, too.

When using Fenshui Coins for wealth accumulation its best practice to consult a professional for proper setup and formatting; however, generally speaking there are two popular displays that are easy enough for anyone to set up: The Five Element Display or the Two Dragon Display.

With Five Element display, five double sided coins will be placed together in a bundle strung on red ribbon representing the four cardinal directions (east, west, south & north) as well has heaven or celestial direction (the center).

They should also hang low enough off your front door so that someone entering pushes/brushes past them – this has been shown through research on energy transference by some masters such as Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche who believes touching energy objects will transfer positive energy into their bodies while leaving their own energetically charged imprint behind on said object.

For Two Dragon display only three double sided coins will be used each placed within brass representation of dragons heads pointing outward towards the approaching guests as if ‘guarding’ your home’s entrance gate blessing all who pass with prospects good luck. Both displays if placed correctly backed with meditation/visualization practices can help guide those desiring prosperity down fruitful paths often leading even unexpected abundance.

The Meaning Behind Feng Shui Coins

Chinese Feng Shui coins are said to be a representation of wealth, prosperity and abundance when properly used. For those familiar with the practice of Feng Shui they know that placing bags of coins in specific locations is believed to attract greater health, success and abundance. But Chinese coins have a different meaning for those looking to do this correctly as they can bring good fortune and insight into life.

The traditional Chinese coins generally come in three sizes; Big, medium and small. Each size has its own symbolic meaning associated with them. The bigger the coin, the higher value it has in terms of attracting wealth and success.

In terms of positioning, Feng Shui coins should be positioned according to specific rules. For example:

  • Hang 3 Medium Coins in a row above the bed’s head.
  • Place 6 Small Coins on your desk or on top of important documents
  • Place 3 Big Coins inside your wallet or purse/bag.
Feng Shui Tips For Money And Wealth

The next element associated with Feng Shui coins is directionality. It is very important to pay attention to the orientation directions where these coins are placed such as left-right or east-west depending on what you are looking to achieve through their use.

Symbolically speaking, facing left brings negative energy while facing right symbolizes money coming into one’s life from outside sources such as business transactions and investments whereas aligning vertical indicates protection from negative energy coming from all directions with an extra focus on the East side direction as it a revered direction linked to extreme wealth.

For homeowners looking at placing these same symbols within their own domiciles, then sticking with the right/left alignment for entrance doors works best for showing money coming inside and outside respectively versus garden gates being more aligned along a north-south axis due emerging light symbols indicating ‘light’ or ‘enlightenment’ is entering you space versus money physical leaving it.

Feng Shui Coin Rearrangement

Rearranging coins according to Feng Shui is a time-tested method of tapping into the flow of energy in an environment to promote wealth, health, and good fortune. The Chinese believed that by arranging coins into feng shui formations, they could stimulate the circulation of qi – the mystical life force present in all objects. It is the belief that when the qi flows uninterrupted and gathers in certain locations around a home or business, it helps bring about positive outcomes.

Feng shui coins have been used since ancient China as part of various talismans and ritual objects intended to attract money and abundance. These homemade coins used for feng shui display often include three powerful symbols – a square “example” hole, a Fu character signifying good fortune and success together with a bat symbolizing blessings from Heaven.

The arrangement of these symbols can be done in numerous ways – both horizontally and vertically – each having its own specific meaning in terms of luck or said power.

To practice techniques for rearranging Chinese feng shui coins, some basic principles should be kept in mind. For example; it is generally recommended that no more than nine Feng Shui coins should be used at once, as this could lead to an overload of positive energy which will eventually cause imbalance.

Additionally, one should always ensure that the east side is covered with more coins than other directions because this area corresponds to wealth luck as symbolized by the Bagua design.

This arrangement can help bring strong financial luck needed for long-term wealth and success. Rearranging varied types of coins also has immense benefits – it encourages different forms of energies (colors) to come forth, thus aiding your quest for achieving wealth and success within your space. Plus, using antique or vintage Chinese coins multiplying their effects as they contain amulets representing good luck hidden in them.

Resonating With Your Intentions

The Chinese Feng Shui Coins, also known as “ Wealth Takruts” are believed to promote wealth and success. They are traditionally used to attract positive energies in the home or workplace, encouraging prosperous energy to flow and remain in a space. It is said that these coins bring about more financial abundance in your life. They basically help create an atmosphere of success by resonating with your intentions for increased prosperity.

The Symbols Behind The Coins

The design of the Feng Shui Coins contains important symbols that hold meaning. On one side there is a square and compass, which symbolizes stability; and on the other, there is a dragon and phoenix which embody strength and perseverance.

These symbols have been carefully chosen to draw upon strong energy from sources with powerful intentions behind them. Those who turn to these coins invoke their power through an acknowledgement of their symbolic meanings, enabling it to become part of their journey towards success.

Re-orienting Your Coins

It has been said that simply placing Chinese Feng Shui Coins in your house or office will bring about more wealth and luck but many believe this requires extra effort so that powerful intent can be invoked into the practice. To really take full advantage of the power held within these coins, it is recommended that you re-orient them yearly – this ensures that they religiously resonate with your goals and ambitions for financial abundance each year.

Furthermore, it encourages you to check in with yourself at regular intervals so that it drives you further towards success whilst increasing positive chi energy at home – no wonder why having Feng Shui Coins has become popular way of manifesting your best potential.

Reorient Chinese Feng Shui Coins for Wealth and Success

Using Chinese Feng Shui coins, a practice based on age-old beliefs from China, is said to bring good luck and increase one’s fortune. Many adherents of Feng Shui place these coins in their homes or offices with the intention of improving their wealth and business success. The coins are often arranged in sets of three and tied together with red ribbon symbols.

Proper Alignment Of Coins

The proper orientation of the Chinese Feng Shui coins is essential for releasng its full power. Firstly, the coins must be placed with China’s “Yin-Yang” symbol facing up in order that the yin (negative) energy can flows upwards and Yin (positive) energyis released downwards. Additionally, for the best results in terms of strong fortuitous vibes, the coins should be hung facing the door while ensuring not to block it as this may impede positive energy flow.

Appropriate Placement And Number Of Coins

Not only is proper alignment important when using Chinese Feng Shui coins but also choosing an appropriate place to hang them is crucial too. It would be best if these lucky symbols were hung near entrance doors since they serve as a welcome sight at first impression and it is believed that good luck can be attracted by having them at high-traffic places in your house or office.

Feng Shui Wallet Color For Wealth

Additionally, many believe that 3 is a magical number when it comes to drawing abundance and prosperity so it’s considered auspicious to have 3 pairs attached together or 6 individual coins attached together rather than relying on just one pair alone.

Utilizing Colors, Symbols And Mantras

Besides proper placement and number of coins surrounding yourself with various colors and symbols associated with wealth can further enhance the effectiveness of these lucky charms.

For instance gold objects which symbolize money acquisition should be kept close by such as golden colored fabric covering windows or furniture and using 8 sided (Ba Gua), 5 elements (Earth – Wood – Fire – Metal – Water), heaven-earth diagrams as wall hanging etc Moreover mantras such believing in oneself’s ability doing something tremendously successful can help amplify one’s fortuitous future results.

All these suggested methods will help maximize positive vibrations from these symbolic Chinese bank notes.

Common Mistakes When Using Feng Shui Coins

Feng Shui coins are a popular and traditional tool for improving luck in home and office décor, offering an age-old approach to enhance a chi of wealth and success. While there is a great deal of ease, pleasure and value to be derived from the use of Feng Shui coins, it is important for users to understand the common mistakes that may be made with their placement in order to avoid unintentional negative consequences from these ancient symbols.

The first mistake many people make when using Feng Shui coins is not orienting the coins in the correct direction. Coins must be facing inward towards the home or building in order to bring in wealth; if oriented outward away from the structure, money will figuratively flow out instead of bringing abundance within.

Coin Counts – Match Your Decor

Another common mistake when using Feng Shui coins is getting too carried away with the number or arrangement. The general rule should be followed of using three pairs arranged separately around your environment so they can move harmony through each corner of the home or building – ultimately connecting one’s environment properly to Source energy for prosperity.

If placed elsewhere with greater frequency, your space may be overloaded outside its natural balance leading to imbalances and bad energy influencing your life path decisions.

Lastly, it’s important that both layout and aesthetic considerations go into using Feng Shui coins as part of one’s internal landscape design. There are many options available – different sizes, colors and materials – all representing seven different varieties meant to draw money into a specific area of life such as health, love as well as career advancement or wealth.

Find something that resonates with your own peculiar vibrational signature while at the same time matching up well with your current decorating scheme then place them appropriately based on their best fit within your space for optimal benefit and influence over chi generation.


Feng Shui is associated with many kinds of coins around the world, from Chinese coins to old coins in all cultures. Reorient Chinese Feng Shui Coins for Wealth and Success is an excellent practice that can help individuals bring positive energy into their lives. Through the use of these coins, people can create opportunities for wealth and success by attracting prosperity in the home.

When properly placed throughout the home, they will act like a magnet for positive energy, enhancing all aspects of life. Whether it’s money flow or enhanced relationship with family and friends, Feng Shui coins make a marked improvement in numerous areas of life.

Besides financial and social benefits, your overall well-being becomes much more balanced when you bring positive Chi chi into your space. Being mindful of the placement of Feng Shui Coins brings a noticeable sense of peace and also reduces stress in one’s environment.

When utilizing these coins throughout the home or office correctly, they are said to be able to deflect negative energy away from individuals while simultaneously aiding them in achieving their desired outcomes. This ancient practice invites expansive thinking as well as increased luck into any area it inhabits.

The best part about using these coins is that regardless of religion or beliefs anyone can benefit from their power. Where ever you hang them whether walls above doors or beds they always remind you of your highest intention for your current circumstances so even when faced with challenges you are reminded that abundance is possible once more.

The strong energy that filled each coin produces a shield against negativity that soon reveals itself manifesting itself into blessings & miracles for those who believed & found a way to navigate such times still trusting they would reach ultimate goal goals set out prior in time.

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