Chinese Feng Shui Coins Meaning

Chinese Feng Shui Coins Meaning

Feng Shui coins, also referred to as “chien-lung coins” or “Yin Yang coins” are a form of traditional Chinese coins with a circular hole in the center. The coins were traditionally used as a medium of exchange and were typically strung together in a chain of 8 or 9 coins. Feng Shui coins are said to bring abundance and prosperity. The positive energy is said to be generated by the circular universal energy symbol of Yin and Yang, which is represented on each side of the coins.

Symbolism of the Coins

The symbolism of the Yin Yang coins is based on the dual force of nature that positions two opposite entities in perfect balance and harmony. The coins represent the interaction of Yin and Yang, which represent opposite principles such as moon and sun, earth and sky, black and white, male and female, warm and cool, good and bad, etc. For example, the Ying side of the coin will contain a square with four Chinese characters representing the Chinese emperor, while the Yang side of the coin will contain two characters in a circle.

Helping to Manifest Good Fortune

The traditional use of Feng Shui coins is to attract good fortune. When placed in particular locations, the coins’ energy will help to increase luck, wealth, and abundance. The locations where the coins should be placed are:
* In the Wealth area of your home or office (click here to find the wealth area of your space)
* On top of the cash register in a business

Feng Shui Artist

What to Look For

When purchasing Feng Shui coins, there is a few criteria you should consider:

  • Authenticity: Authentic Chinese coins will often be made of brass or bronze, with a patterned edge. Make sure to avoid coins that use paint or are made of other materials.
  • Design: Chinese coins will be round with a square or round hole in the center. Each side of the coin should depict Yin and Yang and the four Chinese characters, representing the Chinese emperor.


According to traditional Chinese beliefs, Feng Shui coins have the powerful ability to manifest wealth, abundance and good fortune. Placement of the coins in your home or office to ensure that the universal energy is working in your favor. When purchasing Feng Shui coins, the key factors to consider are authenticity, material, and design and this way, you are sure to receive the blessings of good fortune.

Note: Feng Shui coins should never be used as a substitute for professional financial or legal advice.

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