Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth

Feng shui Chinese coins for wealth has been used by the Chinese people for centuries. Originating with the Chinese emperor during the Han dynasty, it is believed that feng shui coins can bring good luck and fortune.

The practice of using coins to attract good energy and prosperity comes from Taoism and dates back at least 4,000 years. There’s a belief in Chinese culture that these coins will attract good blessings or ‘chi’ – positive energy – into the home and therefore, bring more fortune into one’s life.

The large circular shape of the coin symbolizes heaven, while the square hole in the middle stands for earth. This highlights the importance of having a balance between heaven and earth energies which is then further strengthened by placing three coins placed together to form a trinity symbolizing harmony between heaven, earth, and man – each being interconnected and working in unison.

Each coin also carries four characters written on its front and rear which represent Longevity Fu (happiness), Wealth Lu (success), Good Health Shou (longevity), and True Love Cai (abundance). When these coins are hung together with red string – think wall hangings decorated with feng shui chinese coins – this represents money coming into the space to provide prosperity, success, happiness, abundance and longevity to those living nearby.

Using such “wealth chimes” – or strings of Feng Shui Chinese coins – may look like a superstition but it has become increasingly popular among businesses as well as individuals who want to attract money luck. That said; there are still some skeptics about this approach who doubt its effectiveness due to lack of scientific evidence.

Despite such skepticism however; many people keep using Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth as part of their everyday rituals as they believe that symbolism can help bridge their desires to reality if used correctly.

Benefits of Utilizing Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth

Feng Shui Chinese coins for wealth are used in order to gain or increase wealth and fortune. Chinese coins have been a part of the Feng Shui culture for centuries, and it is believed that by properly utilizing Chinese coins, people can greatly benefit from their application. By understanding the principles behind Chinese coins and applying them in a disciplined manner, users can expect to see positive results.

How Coins Bring Wealth and Fortune

By adhering to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, those who apply Chinese coins in their home are harnessing the energy of wealth and abundance. It is said that by placing coins in certain spots around your living space – including windowsills and doorways – allow for opportunities of luck and prosperity to enter into your life.

As symbols of strength and power, ultimately allowing users to receive more monetary success than ever before. Additionally, when placed at strategic spots within the dwelling according to Feng Shui principles, these coins add even more auspiciousness and protection for occupants inside the home.

Placement and Activation Essence

The placement of the Feng Shui Chinese coins carefully at key points inside one’s environment has vast potential for activating certain ‘Chi’ energy fields which promote balance within homes/ businesses – this can mean enhanced luck or improved relationships with partners or colleagues due to their positive influence alone.

The more meandering Qi (life force) around one’s space will bring about good health, opportunities, blessings as well as increased creativity in all areas related to finance activities/ business endeavors as its ultimate goal is financial freedom as well.

Testing For Quality – what To Look For

Given that Feng Shui practitioners understand that good quality increases the potency of these objects, they typically take great care when determining which coin products should be used for implementation purposes (not just any ordinary coin).

When selecting an appropriate Chinese coin it’s important that practitioners pay attention to details such as weight/ precision manufacturing (the heavier the better), materials used (silver over plastic) along with whether or not proper etchings appear on each side which indicate authenticity (Chinese characters typically appear alongside traditional dragons).

How to Incorporate Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth Into Your Home

Feng Shui Chinese coins have been used as a way to attract wealth, luck, and abundance for centuries. This ancient art has become increasingly popular in the western world as more people are looking to improve their overall well-being and prosperity. By understanding how to utilize Feng Shui Chinese coins, you can harness the energy of this tradition and incorporate it into your home.

The first step to correctly using Feng Shui Chinese coins is determining the type of coin you would like to use. These coins come in various sizes and materials, ranging from metal coins with strings attached or holes through which string can be secured to ceramic pouches filled with stones. Selecting one that resonates with your energy will be key when bringing wealth into your home.

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Once you choose the right coin for yourself, start by identifying an area in which it will bring prosperity. Placing a Feng Shui Chinese coin at the entranceway on your front door will invite incoming wealth and protect your space from negative energies. Winning bets against evil spirits or adorning jewelry boxes with these symbols is another way of summoning good fortune.

Key Elements When Utilizing Coins

  • Choose a Coin That Resonates With Your Energy
  • Place it At The Entranceway On Your Front Door Or Adorn Jewelry Boxes With These Symbols
  • Play Winning Bets Against Evil Spirits In Order To Summon Good Fortune
  • Avoid Placing Coins In Restrooms Or Bedrooms As This May Block Positive Energy

Tips For Enhancing Results with Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth

Proper Placement

Chinese coins have always been viewed as the ultimate symbol for wealth and are believed to attract abundance. To ensure maximum benefit from your feng shui Chinese coins, it is important that you hang a three of them tied together with red ribbon – preferably inside your home, in locations associated with wealth such as the living room or office. The ideal placement is near a doorway or entrance, at least at face height (less than six feet).

Ideal Orientation

Once you’ve chosen an ideal placement within the home for your Chinese coins, it’s important to orient them properly. They should be hung upright; neither upside down nor sideways. It’s also important that they be facing outwards, away from wherever they are placed such as towards the main entrances of the house – this allows their energy to come into play without being blocked.

Recommended Colors

The colors associated with Chinese coins usually involve greens and golds which helps enhance their energetic vibrations. Try and choose a combination of red, green, white and/or black ribbons to tie the three coins together – these will further support the idea of wealth coming into your life. Rich golden hues should also be used for any fabric display pieces behind or around the coins – this will strengthen their power and act as an amplifier for their energies.

Common Misconceptions About Feng Shui Chinese Coins For Wealth

Feng Shui Chinese Coins Are A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

One of the biggest misconceptions about Feng Shui Chinese coins is that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to many practitioners and experts, Feng Shui is more of an overall philosophy, rather than a specific technique or cure for increasing luck or prosperity.

While it is beliefed that coins can draw prosperity and increase wealth, manifestation of these results will require effort on the part of the person practicing. It should also be noted that well being must come from within – the coin may only serve as a physical symbol for someone to focus on their goals.

Curing Blockages in The Wealth Center with Feng Shui Chinese Coins

Another misconception is the idea that blockages in one’s wealth center can be cured with coins; this isn’t necessarily true. Rather than using them as an actual cure, some Feng Shui practitioners use coins to stimulate and strengthen flow within an area they deem “wealth energy” – because when stagnant energies are present in any environment, chances are there won’t be very much manifesting of desirable results either.

Using Any Type Of Coin Will Have Benefits

There are strict rules which apply to how many coins should be used, where they should placed etc., so not just any kind of coin can be tossed around for beneficial purposes: quality matters. Naturally made metal “coins” and imperial notes (Chinese money) have long been accepted as powerful symbols among Feng Shui experts.

Specially crafted ones utilizing auspicious symbols have proven to work better at alleviating stuck energies and lighting up dark corners. In addition, you must ensure that you use real silver or gold (which carry Yin & Yang properties respectively) rather than other alloys like copper or nickel – these don’t produce same type of energy flow positive energy affirmations needed for long term success with Feng Shui.

Symbolic Meanings of Chinese Symbols Used in Feng Shui Coins

The art of feng shui is popular in many Asian cultures, and it focuses on the idea that energy flows through the space people inhabit. Chinese symbols such as coins, frogs, and ingots are used to enhance positive energy in a space. These objects also have traditional meanings associated with them.

One common symbol used in feng shui is the Chinese coin. They are typically made from either brass or silver and displayed in groups of three, five, seven or nine coins. The round shape of a coin represents infinity while the square cut-outs represent luck coming into your life. It also symbolizes everlasting wealth and abundance which will continue increasing when placed near you.

Symbols Explain

  • Circle – Representing infinite or eternal flow; creating a continuous spiral.
  • Square Hole – Symbolizing opportunity for luck to enter your home or life.
  • Four Characters – Characteristic slogan on the coins often using positive words such as “wealth” “longevity” etc
  • Embossed Characters – Representational motifs often depicting dragons, phoenixes, ingots coined of metal.

In addition to these general symbols, feng shui Chinese coins also contain specific cultural connotations which depend on their era and mint of origin. For example, coins made in ancient times often contained images of animals who were believed to bring peace such as turtles and deer; coins made during dynasties also included symbols associated with families such as butterflies for marital bliss or peonies for wealth accumulation; while modern tokens may feature images related to education or happiness.

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The number of coins used also has meanings – three coins are thought to attract more wealth each year; five will bring joy and good fortune; seven amplifies family togetherness; while nine stands for longevity. Some practitioners even believe that laying out two sets represents double protection from danger and harm.

Of course all these symbols are meant to enhance positive energy but this must be done mindfully – it’s not recommended to use just any old coin randomly located around the house since an imbalance can occur if placed incorrectly.

What to Avoid or Keep in Mind with Feng Shui Chinese Coins

When using Chinese coins for Feng Shui it is important to understand that certain precautions should be taken. Coins should always be handled with respect and not thrown or discarded as this could bring bad luck. Additionally, placing coins in certain areas of your home can be done, but should be avoided near entrances as it is believed that doing so attracts thieves and robbers.

If coins are used as decorations, they should never face downwards or have the hole facing upwards as this is seen to represent losses and sadness. Furthermore, when hanging them from a window it’s important to make sure that they’re hung in an even manner – three on one side and three on the other – since any uneven numbers give off negative vibes.


One of the primary benefits of using Feng Shui Chinese coins is that many people believe that having them your home increases prosperity and attracts wealth and success. In addition, Feng Shui Chinese coins can help create positive vibrations throughout an environment by filling the space with good energy and promoting good fortune.

Coins are also considered very powerful symbols of strength, power, and wealth so having them in your house can bring great luck to you and your family at all times.

Not only do these coins help attract financial abundance but they provide protection against any malicious energies or intentions from entering into your living space. Lastly the positive vibes created by these coins throughout a house helps increase peace of mind for its inhabitants for better health overall.

Where to Place Coins

Feng Shui Chinese coins are mainly placed around doorways, windowsills or countertops to give off their positive energy within a house. It is said that coins hung above the front entrance will help ensure good financial luck and allow for abundance in all areas of life while ones left next to cash registers will draw more money into a business establishment which is ideal if you own a shop or store as well.

When placing these Chinese feng shui coins inside the home try to keep them near high traffic areas such as staircases or dinner tables; however avoid positioning them so close together because having too many near each other may become overwhelming causing their effect to diminish significantly leaving no impact at all which defeats the purpose entirely.


Using Feng Shui Chinese Coins for wealth can provide a meaningful way to gain auspicious luck and fortune. Through understanding the principles and ways of life, it’s possible to apply Feng Shui techniques in order to access inner energies and attain greater abundance.

Utilizing coins as representations of an individual’s aspirations demonstrate an understanding of the path for fortune. Each coin has its own unique symbolism and meaning which guides efforts towards personal prosperity for an individual or family.

Along with harnessing inner energies, vital components such as placement, timing, rituals, and belief are key elements within Feng Shui which must be considered when using Chinese coins for wealth. As with most symbolic beliefs, certain rituals should be performed at certain times in order to have the most significant impact on stimulating energies and activating intent. For instance, washing coins before using them as offerings will symbolize purification while ringing bells will represent awakening energy vibrations (i.e.

calling further luck and fortune). Additionally, faith and determination are important components in order to successfully tap into powers surrounding an individual or family.

Feng Shui Chinese Coins for wealth can help those benefit from personal abundance by understanding various symbols used within this approach. Having the right mindset is important but it’s also necessary that proper actions are taken as well.

When practices like placement, timing, ritualistic behaviorare employed alongside strong self-belief it may allow individuals to benefit from enhanced good fortune supported both by powerful external sources located in their environment as well as potent internal forces residing from within themselves – together these factors combine create a stronger affirmation of auspicious living than without any combination at all.

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