Feng Shui Items For Wealth And Prosperity

Feng Shui Items for wealth and prosperity have long been used by practitioners of Feng Shui to bring good fortune and abundance into one’s life. Each item has its own symbolism to represent the flow of energy, positivity and harmony within a space.

These items can range from windchimes to baked goods with certain shapes or symbols on them. Incorporating Feng Shui items into our environment can help us open our minds and hearts to receiving all the blessings that come our way, thus allowing us to create abundance of wealth in our lives.

Techniques To Utilize Feng Shui Items For Wealth and Prosperity One key technique for utilizing Feng Shui items to bring wealth and prosperity into your life is by placing these pieces in the Northwest direction of your living space or home. According to ancient Chinese astrology, this is the zone best associated with luck in money matters as well as future success.

Additionally, using a variety of different colors when selecting these pieces will also aid in activating positive energies within this sector that will beam even more luck and fortune your way. Commonly used colors include green (representing growth) and yellow (personal power).

The Importance Of Incorporating These Pieces Into Your Everyday Life As someone looking to bring financial stability into their life, having certain Feng Shui items around you at all times can be extremely beneficial. Whether it’s a crystal wealth ball or a special “wealthshipo” talisman hung over the front door entrance, these lucky charms represent tangible evidence that you are attracting all that you desire into your space.

In addition to placing such items strategically in key areas of your house as mentioned previously, carrying small versions with you everyday while keeping them close to your body can dramatically increase its energizing effects – ultimately leading not only housing valuable financial gains but overall mental clarity which often leads even further success down line.

Understanding the Basics of Feng Shui and What It Can Do for You

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to balance the energy known as “qi” in a space and create an environment of positive energy flow and wealth. The aim is to arrange objects, furniture, and items around the home or office space in order to create good luck, wealth, and prosperity. It’s one of the most popular methods used by many Eastern cultures for hundreds of years to attract good fortune.

Colours Used in Feng Shui

There are certain colours used within feng shui which have specific meanings. These are typically red, orange, green, white and blue. Red symbolises success and luck; orange denotes creativity; green represents money; white stands for cleansing/purifying; while blue represents health.

Utilizing these colours within a space can enhance positive energy fields, invoke auspicious feelings, energize an area or room, awaken desires or fulfill wishes that will eventually lead to general contentment and increased prosperity. In other words, these colours are believed to bring good fortune and bring more wealth into life.

Crystals to Connect with Nature

Crystals Many people also use crystals with their feng shui practice as it helps them connect with nature. Crystals serve many purposes. For example, they can be placed near windows or doors for protection against negative energies that enter a house or apartment building.

Crystals can also be placed near desks or workstations so that they become amplifiers of energy (this helps creative-minded individuals get their ideas across quickly and effectively). Finally, certain crystals such as quartz can absorb energies from different spaces which help boost the temperature in a space (helping induce relaxation).

Water Element & Symbols

The water element is often used when discussing feng shui because it aids in circulationing Qi around areas of your home remembering feng shui incorporate elements such as mirrors because they contain yin yang – two distinctive qualities which harmonize together only when placed correctly in the space surrounding them. Other common symbols associated with this practice include tortoises/turtles (which bring longevity) and wind chimes (which push away negative energies).

Benefits of Items for Wealth and Prosperity

In an uncertain financial world, investing in items that attract wealth and prosperity can be a great way to pave your path towards success. A lot of people feel like they have missed the boat and it’s too late for them to jump on.

However, by investing in Feng Shui items that promote wealth and abundance, you are actively creating space for something new to move into your life. By embracing these objects, you open yourself up to welcome positivity that attracts opportunities and financial growth.


Crystals are often used to bring positive energy into your surroundings due to their unique properties. When strategically placed around your home, workplace or even office desk, crystals can help you manifest abundance by providing powerful protection against negative energies.

It is said that yellow quartz specifically attracts prosperity and encourages the flow of money into your life. Keeping certain crystals nearby at all times allows wealth energy to continuously flow without leaving stale electromagnetic fields stuck around you-allowing only what contributes positively to stay.


The use of mirrors allows each angle of a house or room maximum potential for luck-especially with regards to finances since they can reflect light as well as chi energy across a wide area. Ancient Chinese believed this attribute was necessary because when fortune reaches an environment, it should not be allowed escape easily via a single door but instead spread evenly throughout the entire space giving everyone its warmth in equal portions.

Feng Shui Cures For Wealth And Prosperity 2016

Strategically placing mirrors near an entry door multiplies the incoming positive energies which will then have no choice but remain where it belongs because otherwise, there will simply be more good luck coming straight back at it.


Having indoor plants is a great inexpensive addition to your efforts of creating an environment which centers abundant energies and helps foster effective communication within teams and relationships while amplifying the discourse on clarity around money decisions made within such spaces. A plant like Potted Money Tree offers excellent benefits when growing indoors as even keeping one near a computer desk gives confidence by openly displaying its symbols of riches making any projects go successful and inviting success stories relentlessly.

Useful Feng Shui Cures for Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui is a technique, when used correctly, has the positive power to transform one’s life and finances. According to the Feng Shui belief system, certain items are considered particularly beneficial for creating wealth and prosperity. Here are some of these helpful items that can be used as part of a traditional Feng Shui cure:

  • Crystals – Crystals such as jade or clear quartz have strong positive energies and represent abundance. For maximum benefit, half fill a bowl with these crystals and place it in the southeast area of your home.
  • Wind chimes – Wind chimes create a peaceful yet stimulating sound and stimulate movement within an environment.
  • Money Trees – A money tree is a physical representation of abundance which will attract financial luck into your home or office.
  • Money Bag – A specific type of bag called a ‘sedefile’ can be filled with coins or paper money and hung on your front door to symbolize bringing wealth into your home.

Additionally, plants such as bamboo often used in Feng Shui also have the energetic power to facilitate greater financial success in life. Bamboo plants typically represent success, growth and strength due to their ability to bend and not break when faced with challenges. Furthermore, they can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on their size. Additionally if you want to attract wealth positivity into your space then having images related to wealth such as symbols like Chinese dragons is recommended.

Poster prints depicting good fortune are synonymous with traditional Chinese culture and great for promoting wealth within one’s environment. If art isn’t you’re thing then having images of water around the house might also work well since water representation abundance too. Lastly objects that relate to adventure such as boats have been historically associated with accumulating wealth quickly given their symbolism for travel toward unknown paths which holds potential rewards at hand waiting to be discovered.

Finding The Best Placement for Items

When it comes to Feng Shui, many people believe that specific items can bring various types of success into their lives. Of those items, objects relating to wealth and prosperity are some of the most popular. Here is a list of suggested Feng Shui items for wealth and prosperity, as well as tips on how they might be placed:

  • Om or gold coins carved with the characters for abundance-These may be hung in the South-East side of a room.
  • Bagua mirror-This may be hung outside your front door facing outwards, and needs to be checked regularly so that it remains shinning brightly.
  • 8 I-Ching Coins tied together-These may be tied together and kept in the North corner (or areas) of your wallet or purse.
  • Abundance Wheat Image-This image needs to be placed in the Northwest area of the office or home.

Feng Shui practitioners have found that these symbols are more likely to attract wealth and prosperity when they are strategically located in a space. For example, placing certain items such as the Om coins or Bagua mirrors can increase luck with finances when they’re placed on South east walls. Likewise, an Abundance Wheat Image which is often used as a symbol representing good fortune should be situated in the Northwest area of an office or home.

The 8 I-Ching Coins are another powerful symbol in feng shui often used for money luck; they should always be kept together where possible in order to maximize their power. They should then be secured by keeping them within wallets or purses, particularly at their North corner. This will help draw more wealth into one’s life as per feng shui principles.

One can even go a step further with any of these symbols if desired by activating them with crystals or chanting mantras while being handled and placed according to feng shui principles. Additionally, it’s important to always keep our spaces clean and clutter free; this helps ensure nothing is hindering success from coming forth into our lives through feng shui principles.

Tips On Arranging the Items in Your Home

In Feng Shui, having favorable items and arrangement can promote wealth and prosperity. Specific items are especially beneficial for this, such as a money toad, a citrine crystal or wealth ship. To enhance their power, there are certain principles one should apply when arranging these special objects in the home.

One of the essential principles of Feng Shui is that energy flows from high to low elevations in your living space. Objects placed at higher places have stronger influence whereas those on lower levels weaken their effect. Thus, placing all wealth-promoting objects not too close to the ground will assist in gathering strength and intensifying their powers.

The south-east area of your house is known as the “wealth section” since it symbolizes earth energy. So, placing favored items in this part of the house will directly benefit you in terms of receiving more money or financial gains. Here are some common Feng Shui Wealth Items:

  • Money Toad
  • Citrine Crystal
  • Wealth Ship
  • Wind Ball Bells with Tassels
  • Metallic Gourd Money Pot
  • Five Element Pagoda
  • Ancient Chinese Coins

Three Essential Feng Shui Items For Wealth and Prosperity

Feng shui items can be a great way to encourage the flow of money, prosperity and abundance into your life. The right combination of these items in the right places can help create the perfect atmosphere for a harmonious and healthy living space. Here are three essential feng shui items for wealth and prosperity:

Feng Shui Corner For Wealth

A Chinese coin known as an I-Ching coin is one of the most popular objects used in feng shui. This powerful object is believed to bring luck and wealth when placed in areas of the home that attract financial success.

It includes two coins, which should be displayed together; one with a square hole in it that represents heaven and one with a round hole that symbolizes earth. This item is supposed to provide balance between both elements, creating stability and inviting positive energy into the space.

Another important feng shui item used to attract wealth is crystals like citrine, amethyst or black tourmaline which are believed to absorb negative energy while helping boost clarity, focus and balance towards wealth goals. Crystals should be placed on an alter in your home with other symbols such as photographs or statues associated with good luck, success and financial fortune.

One of the most popular symbols of prosperity is Chinese bamboo plants. The plant’s stems represent strength and growth which promotes wealth accumulation over time due to its robust longevity.

Additionally, since bamboo is considered as evergreen where leaves fall each year but never dies, it symbolizes continuity throughout hardships regardless of seasonality tides – allowing money flows regardless times experienced within life stages journey.

The bamboo should ideally be purchased from a nursery as opposed to artificial products; for maximum impact place it near natural light sources such as a window facing south or east direction from proper placement rules practices perspective determining financial energy prosperity generated within residing properties domain witnessed & followed around commonly mainly across eastern culture influenced Chinese villages today.

Expert Tips On Using Feng Shui to Achieve Maximum Prosperity

Feng Shui is a Chinese concept that suggests certain aspects of homes be positioned in certain ways to maximize the home’s and its occupants’ well-being and prosperity. By adding Feng Shui items into the home, it’s possible to channel desirable energy more effectively. In order to create a powerful environment for wealth and prosperity, consider these:

List Of Things To Consider

  • Colors: Choose colors like deep reds, light oranges, and bright yellows or golden oranges with bronze accents. These colors often bring protection and success.
  • Lighting: Rely on natural lighting when possible while being sure not to use too much artificial lighting in rooms used for productive pursuit.
  • Bedding: Choose materials that are high quality but do not feel overly expensive as this can lead to feelings of perceived abundance preventing wealth from flowing in.
  • Plants: Place plants appropriate for your climate such as Money Trees (Crassula ovata) or woody shrubs near windows and/or south-facing doors.

In addition to incorporating these items, one should also pay attention to their placement around the house. It’s important to designate areas within your home dedicated for wealth-building activities. A corner or area that is both stable yet motivating can help focus energies on financial affairs; this often works best if it’s facing southeast. Placing symbols of intention such as gold discs or coins can activate this spot further.

Mirrors can also greatly influence how energy moves through a room; they represent multiplicity so position them where you need money circulation. It’s especially helpful if a reflection of a window or multiple windows appears in the mirror since windows embody the spirit of openness which solicit opportunities for affluence attainment.

Finally, ensure an atmosphere conducive for wealth growth by ensuring clutter doesn’t accumulate in designated rooms as it can stop growth energetically. By keeping these tips in mind and adhering Feng Shui principles when decorating your living space, you have an increased chance at experiencing fullness financially.


Feng Shui is an ancient practice which has been used in many cultures since the beginning of time. With the help of certain “wealth and prosperity” items, it is believed that you can attract and strengthen money flow, good luck, and success into your life.

Some of these Feng Shui items include symbols such as coins, bells, ingots, lucky tenons, as well as colors like red or gold which have a strong affinity to prosperity. Additionally, objects with round shapes are symbolic of wealth due to their similarity to gold coins.

Whether one believes in traditional Feng Shui or not, there can never be any harm from incorporating some of the principles behind it in order to create a space full of positive energy. For example, placing coins under rugs or door mats can create a sense of wealth because coins have been thought traditionally of bringing fortune and being an indicator for financial growth overall.

Besides coins, one could make use of specific objects with curved edges that provide a sense of harmony in the environment for balance between personal tranquility and fulfillment.

Finally, another popular item associated with Feng Shui is the generous use of wind chimes often made from metal or jade. Placing wind chimes by windows next to air flow directions will serve as an invitation for positive qi energy inside the home. They can also outshine any negative forces that are coming into your environment by arriving at sound vibration waves to protect against negative pressure around you.

Overall, no matter what strategies you decide to take in obtaining successful outcomes in your life; Feng Shui has shown itself as a valid source for improvement when employed correctly on oneself. With this in mind though it’s important to remember there isn’t any definitive answer when it comes to progress but by adding simple wealthy symbols will induce manifestation that will clearly be visible within work-related pursuits so don’t forget to keep your spirits high.

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