Feng Shui Crystals For Wealth

Feng Shui crystals for wealth are used in the Feng Shui practice to bring abundance, prosperity, and balance into our lives. They are powerful tools that help attract good luck and positive energy into our environment. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so you can choose the one that is right for your needs.

Crystals have special properties which make them very effective when used for Feng Shui. For example, citrine is an energizing crystal that helps to bring luxury items such as money or material possessions into your life.

As a result, it is especially popular among people who want money related prosperity. Additionally, jade stones cultivate harmony as they are known to deflect obstacles and negative forces on their way up the mountain of success – great for those who seek financial stability or rapid career growth.

Feng Shui crystals should always be placed in an area that encourages good flow of energy such as your business zone or home office. The placement of your chosen crystal also depends on the theme you’re looking to attract; placing it near your front door will bring good luck upon entering the house while arranging it in a corner inside your office will guarantee a steady flow of profit from business transaction within that space.

Alternatively, some like to use it in their bedroom as its believed to stimulate greater passion between lovers – helping them to establish a strong bond filled with financial stability together.

When used properly and with frequent cleansing rituals, Feng Shui crystals can help you unlock unmeasurable levels of wealth. With proper intention setting and visualizations accompanying each move made towards success, they aid significantly in achieving all true desires of the heart – whether its betterment through peace, quantity through money’s worth, or forming spiritual stories – while acting as reminders just how capable we are of creating what we dream of.

This could be anyone from maintaining your current finacial standards ’till achieving explosive levels monetary prosperity alike.

History & Traditions Behind Feng Shui and Its Application to Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, thought to be thousands of years old, with the intention of creating a tranquil and balanced environment. It has been used for both practical purposes of design and to create a desirable energy flow within homes, businesses, and public areas alike. The term ‘Feng Shui’ means wind and water in Chinese, reflecting its concept that the circulation of air and water can have an effect on the inhabitants living space.

The key elements that form the base of Feng Shui understandings are known as Qi – flowing energy which resides in all matters such as humans, animals, objects and even the environment itself. Through coordinating these energies, seeking balance between Yin (feminine representation) and Yang (masculine representation) it is thought tangible effects will be experienced through health benefits, wealth & luck enhancements or even career opportunity growth.

With its reputation for aiding wealth come various stones & crystals specific to this notion. Here is a list of the several popular recommendations:

  • Tiger eye
  • Jade
  • Citrine
  • Aventurine
  • Garnet
  • Rose Quartz

Crystals have been used since antiquity for both protection from harm & danger to attracting abundance or achieving desired goals. With this in mind their use follows naturally with the philosophy behind Feng Shui. Wherein businesses they’re most often placed at the far left corner – relative to front entrances – which was believed spiritually symbolic for proper business income & opportunities for advancement which occurred due to enhanced positive energy flow credentials.

And in home dwellings, crystal placement frequently includes setting them near financial areas or another strategic points such as chi-entry gates or bedroom corners depending on each individual family’s wishes. Placing then according to traditional rules such as each floor should typically have only one crystal per room can also play a key role in unlocking your potential wealth benefits through their auspices support once placed properly within your home environment.

An Overview of How Crystals Influence Our Lives

Crystal healing has been around for centuries and is gaining more recognition as an alternative therapy. The concept of crystal healing is based on the idea that certain crystals have a unique energy vibration that can be used to heal ailments and improve areas of life such as wealth, health, luck, creativity and relationships. By placing specific crystals in your home or environment it is believed to help you tap into these energies for positive results.

The use of feng shui crystals for wealth is an important concept within the feng shui energy practices. To bring wealth and abundance into our lives, there are several elements that must be balanced. One way to do this is through the power of specific crystals which can increase the flow of money to a person’s area of life. Here are some ways to use feng shui crystals for wealth:

  • Placing prosperity stones at major entry points of the house or office can help draw positive energy.
  • Using clear quartz crystals, tiger’s eye and citrine in combination together can help block out any negative forces or energy which prevents wealth from manifesting.
  • Putting emeralds in southwest corner of room or office encourages powerful career luck and expands business opportunities.
  • Carrying citrine, jade or yellow topaz in your pocket helps maintain a steady income stream.
  • Surrounding oneself with agate stones encourages growth and progress financially.
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Feng shui practitioners believe that with purposeful placement of these various crystals in one’s home or workspace will allow them to harness their powers for success in their finances. With proper intention, commitment and dedication it may be possible to create energetic shifts in one’s life focused on increasing money flow.

When using these spiritual tools remember that this is all part of connecting with your higher self and allowing yourself to trust this connection and open up your natural flow.

Best Practices for Choosing & Placing Feng Shui Crystals for Wealth

Feng Shui crystals for wealth are believed to harness powerful energies that attract financial prosperity. In order to properly set up a Feng shui crystal setup, the user should be aware of some basic guidelines regarding placement and choice of stones.

Types of Crystals

When choosing a Feng Shui crystal focused on wealth attraction, it is important to select from those with the most energy in this area. The stone citrine is especially recommended as it is known as ‘the stone of abundance’, and also tiger eye which brings motivation and courage to successfully complete tasks.

Other popular choices include pyrite for its ability to stimulate ambition, jade for its associations with luck and gem silica crystals to help balance emotional energies toward money management.

Placement of Crystals

It is best to place your chosen stone or stones somewhere in your home. To ensure maximum effectiveness in both placement and energy output, these can be placed next to figurines such as laughing buddhas, cupped hands where coins can comfortably reside or statuettes intent on encouraging luck and success.

Alternatively they can be positioned in the windowsill or perhaps in an area which corresponds with one’s wealth corner – determined using a compass. One last tip would be to ensure that no dust has settled on them as this could tamper with their potency over time.

Caring For Your Crystals

Aside from keeping them debris free, it is important that Feng Shui crystals for wealth are recharged regularly (approximately every six months) – this could entail leaving them out under the full moon overnight or rubbing a little diluted lemon juice over their surface followed by wiping off the remains (ensure however they are not water soluble).

Additionally you may wish to repeat positive affirmations when placing the stones such as “I am now capable of achieving financial prosperity” or any other mantra specific toward your own intention.

Overall if these steps are followed then trust in yourself and your choice selection – soon enough positive results will follow.

Popular Wealth Crystals with Descriptions & Benefits

When it comes to inviting wealth into your life, there are numerous Feng Shui crystals that can be used to aid in manifesting your desires. Generally, these crystals must be placed around the home in a manner consistent with the principles of feng shui. Once in place, they will help draw wealth and fortune your way. Some popular crystals for optaining wealth include Pyrite (also known as Fool’s Gold), Citrine, Hematite, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Aventurine.

Pyrite – Commonly referred to as “Fool’s Gold” due its metallic luster and yellow hue, this crystal helps bring wealth as well good luck with financial investments. It strengthens self-confidence and increases motivation in matters related to finance. Pyrite is most effective when placed at the south area of any room or building which represents wealth sector according to feng shui.

Citrine – This brilliant yellow quartz can attract money into one’s life without unnecessary effort if placed on both sides of the front door or near the entrance of a business premises where money flows through often. Having citrine near you will lead you towards making smart decisions that can help make more money in future such as wise investments and opportunities for financial advancement.

If combined with other stones associated with prosperity such as pyrite or carnelian, it can further amplify its effects exponentially.

List Of Popular Wealth Crystals & Their Benefits

  • Pyrite – Strengthens self-confidence & increases motovation.
  • Citrine – Attracts money into life & promotes decisions leading towads making more money.
  • Hematite – Strengthens willpower when seeking financial progression.
  • Tiger’sEye – Instills luck for success and optimism during up-downs of finances.
  • Carnelian – Promotes ambition & courage simultaneously intensifying creative abilities.
  • Aventurine – Enhances endurance & patience when taking risks with finances.

Cleansing & Activating YourCrystals for Maximum Impact

It is said that Feng Shui crystals can have a powerful effect on attracting wealth and abundance into your life, however this only works if the crystals are used correctly. Cleansing and activating your crystals it is very important. This will ensure that you get maximum impact when using them for their intended purpose.

The first step in cleansing and activating your Feng Shui crystals for wealth is to charge them with positive intentions. You can do this by focusing on speaking out loud or writing down your intention for why you are using the crystal. Focus on generating positive energy around this premise as you repeat it out loud or write it down multiple times.

Feng Shui Shapes For Wealth With Macrame

Once your intention has been established, it’s time to clear away any negative energy from the crystal that could interfere with its efficacy using one of several different methods of cleansing depending on the type of crystal you are working with.

For example, some recommend smudging the crystal with sage or palo santo wood while others suggest placing them under a stream of running water such as a river or waterfall; this also helps activate the natural vibration of the crystal which will further amplify its effect when used in conjunction with Feng Shui practices.

After cleansing, the next step is to activate your gemstones for maximum benefit. This can be done by exposing them to direct sunlight, moonlight, sound waves – like playing music near them – or even burying them in soil overnight so they absorb Earth’s energy during this time frame.

Each of these activities amplifies their natural properties while strengthening their connection to your intention as well as sustaining their power over a longer period of time as opposed to a one-time boost that would otherwise come from charging them alone. Placing these activated stones around areas of spotlight in feng shui principles ensures they’ll continue working nonstop towards creating and sustaining wealth in both personal and business spheres – something everyone dreams about.

Combining Stones with Other Practices to Attract Wealth

Feng Shui is a powerful ancient Chinese art and practice that harnesses the balance of Chi, (positive energy) to create harmony, balance and prosperity in one’s home or office. One way of doing this, is through the help of Feng Shui crystals for wealth. This type of crystal has the power to bring positive vibrations which can lead to increased financial success and abundance in one’s life.

To use these crystals properly, it is important to combine them with other practices such as mindful visualizations and affirmations. First begin by setting your intention: that you want more financial abundance in your life.

Hold that intention while visualizing what your financial goals are; whether it be having a certain amount saved up, buying a home or taking a dream vacation. Really try to get into the specifics with your visualization: notice what color, smells as well as how great it feels to achieve these goals.

Incorporating Feng Shui stones amplifies this energy because they will hold both yours and the universe’s energy within them. You can place these stones around your environment or carry them on your person. Here are some specific ways you can use these stones around your environment:

  • Place an Amethyst near the front door do draw in wealthy energy.
  • Citrine placed in the wealth corner of any room helps generate financial opportunity.
  • Emeralds can be used to raise vocational opportunities.
  • Tiger’s Eye radiates powerful vibrations so placing it around computer increases chances for job promotions.

These crystals do take time too work however when combined correctly with visualsiation and affirmation practices they are powerful tools for wealth abundance and success.


Feng Shui crystals for wealth are believed to be a great way to invite abundance into one’s life. The basic principal is that these crystals help balance the energy, which leads to improved prosperity. People often use them to decorate their homes, offices, or any place where they want to attract more abundance. Here are some tips on how to get maximum benefits from Feng Shui wealth crystals:

First, you need to choose your wealth crystal carefully. It has been found that certain crystals produce greater abundance when used with specific purposes in mind for example, rose quartz boosts romantic relationships or green fluorite increases financial security and luck in business endeavors. Experiment and choose the right piece of crystal that resonates with your purpose by seeing how you feel when it is held in your hands.

Secondly, cleanse the crystal before using it as a source for bringing in wealth and good luck. Crystals pick up energies from their environment. Cleanse all newly purchased crystals by either soaking them in sea salt water overnight or even passing them through sage smoke once a month. This will clear out any negative energy and ensure that its natural healing properties remain intact.

Finally, set an intention when using the crystal. A strong clarity of what money means to you can help focus its power on what matters most. Make sure you have a firm belief in your own abilities while activating Feng Shui energy along with the crystal.

Visualizing yourself achieving your goals while holding it is the key here; psychologically speaking everything starts within our subconscious before projecting itself outward into reality. Once you have achieved this clarity of focus and set an intention with your Feng Shui Wealth Crystal, use it wherever you go or hang it on a prominent spot inside of your space so its abundant vibrations continue attracting positive energy flow into your life at all times.

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