Feng Shui Symbols For Wealth And Prosperity

# Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth and Prosperity

Achieving wealth and prosperity is a goal for many individuals and families. Incorporating certain Feng Shui symbols into your home and office space is thought to bring good luck and attract prosperity. Here we outline some of the most common symbols to bring wealth and prosperity into your space.

## Symbols of Abundance

One of the best ways to attract wealth and prosperity is to create the illusion of abundance. Adding symbols like dragons, horses, ship wheels, frogs, and coins to your space can do just that.

– **Dragons** are said to bring good luck and can also support a sense of power and strength within your sphere of wealth.
– **Horses** are believed to bring a strong flow of energy, ambition, and movement to the space.
– **Ship Wheels** are thought to guide the flow of energy to the space, promoting a journey of abundance and wealth.
– **Frogs** symbolize renewal, transformation, and fertility and offer the space an abundance of luck.
– **Coins** with the image of Chinese symbols of wealth and fortune are believed to create a substantial environment of wealth and abundance.

## Symbols of Passion

Passion and drive are essential components of wealth and prosperity. Cultivating passion in the space can be done with symbols like fish, candles, and fans.

– **Fish** represent the concept of ‘more’ and bring with them an attitude of abundance and good fortune.
– **Candles** are bright and luminous and can bring a surge of positive energy and abundance.
– **Fans** bring. a sense of fresh energy and can redirect stagnant energy in the space.

Feng Shui Bagua Shapes

## Popular Feng Shui Wealth Objects

Feng Shui wealth objects can also be used to bring good luck and financial success. Some popular wealth objects include:

– **Arowana Fish** are believed to bring profound luck and can help to bring good karma and wealth.
– **Wind Chimes** can increase the flow of positive energy from all directions in the space.
– **Trees** can bring a stable, powerful energy and attract abundance.
– **Crystals** such as citrine, amethyst, and green aventurine increase your vibration, help you attract wealth, and stimulate creativity.

## Stages of Wealth

In addition to these symbols, it’s important to remember that there are three stages of wealth. Incorporating symbols for all stages into the space can create an atmosphere of success.

1. **Money-Making**: Symbols that encourage money-making such as a Golden Turtle or a Money Tree.
2. **Wealth Accumulation**: Symbols that help you store and protect your wealth like a Pi Yao, Ru Yi, or a Wealth Vase.
3. **Wealth Spending**: Placement of objects that remind you to share your wealth like a Horse Shoe or a Three-Legged toad.

No matter which symbols you decide to use in your space, it’s important to create an atmosphere of positive energy and abundance. Incorporating symbols of wealth and prosperity into your space will help you to attract the success you seek and attain wealth and prosperity.

Good luck!

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