Feng Shui Cures For House Near Cemetery


Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice, thought to bring balance and harmony to the environment. This practice of understanding the relationship between people and their physical environment has been around for thousands of years, involving the study of energy patterns both inside and outside of buildings. This energy is known as Qi. People who follow Feng Shui believe that living near a cemetery can introduce destabilizing energies into their home. To counter these negative forces, there are various Feng Shui cures that can be implemented.

The most common type of Feng Shui cure is redesigning elements within your home’s interior space to create better balance in its energy flows like paint color, furniture arrangement, and artwork placement. External cures involve manipulating structures external to the house in subtle ways such as keyhole gates or using objects such as wind chimes or plants to improve Qi flow. Such methods can also include redirecting positive chi away from the home’s entrance and around boundaries such as walls or fences as well as installing gates with good fengshui symbolism like a prosperity dragon gate at an entrance facing the cemetery. Other practical techniques may also be used such as noise cancellation systems or sound deflectors that channel positive Qi away from windows or doors exposed to cemeteries. Some even consider filling up a relevant sector with crystal geodes or smoke purification rituals to make sure the cemetery energy does not enter your home or property.

No matter which route people choose when it comes to dealing with graveside energies via Feng Shui methods, all agree on one thing: The most important factor is mindset–that is having a commitment towards wellness and clear intention for cultivating healthy energies in our lives regardless of external influences.

Necessary Preparations

Before beginning any Feng Shui cures for a home near a cemetery, it is important to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare yourself. Start by clearing out the home of negative energy. This can be done through a variety of methods such as smudging or sweeping with a natural-bristled broom; incense is also known to help clear the air of negativity if used properly. You may also want to set up a salt lamp in key proximity to certain focal points or use an abundance feng shui cure (either real or symbolic) such as coins, crystals, and wind chimes.

In addition to these tangible cures you can also work on your attitude and mindset when dealing with energies around the house. Visualize all negative feelings leaving your body while bringing in positive energies such as joy and light. Repeat affirmations and gratitude exercises throughout the space ” this will do much more than physical cleaning would in terms of promoting healing vibrations within the room. Finally, meditate upon understanding yourself and your history with cemeteries as well as trying to gain insight into how you can bring positive vibes into your space effectively.

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Enhancing the Home

Mirrors are commonly used in feng shui remedies for spaces near cemeteries. They have the ability to deflect negative qi and cover it up with positive energy. It’s best to place them in strategic locations such as facing the entrance, in your bedroom, and next to windows so that they can be seen from the outside. When placing artwork in your home, you should pick pieces with themes of nature such as waterfalls, meadows and forests ” anything with calming natural elements will help enhance the qi of your home. Try to keep smaller ornaments off the ground to promote good energy circulation and placement of larger items in order to create a protective barrier from the outside. Additionally, adding plants throughout your house is a great way to bring positive energy. Plants are known to absorb negative and stale energy while providing fresh life-affirming healthier air. If possible, you can also try replacing existing doors or building physical walls around the perimeter of your house for further protection against any unwelcome qi coming from a cemetery nearby.

Cures for the Home

1. Crystal Globe ” A crystal globe is a popular cure used in Feng Shui to remedy stagnant or oppressive energy and to protect the occupants of the house from sinister forces. Placed atop a desk, mantelpiece, or an altar, it is best made with glass of clear quartz which has been cut and polished into a spherical shape. The glass reflects light, amplifying its energies while at the same time allowing negative influences to pass through freely rather than becoming trapped in corners or other confined spaces.

2. Wind Chimes – Hanging wind chimes at strategic locations in the home will create gentle movement within an area that may otherwise feel dampened by outside influences such as those emitted by a cemetery located nearby. Most effective when hung outside near entry points on porches and balconies, this type of Feng Shui cure should be crafted from metal materials such as bronze, iron, or even gold for added potency.

3. Crystals ” Crystals are thought to draw suffering energy away from their surroundings and offer protection from malicious energy sources in times of need. Place crystals near windows or other entry points in order to both absorb these energies and ward off negative influences that enter through these areas. They can come in many shapes and sizes but it’s important to use only natural crystals rather than artificial ones as they will not hold nor release as much energy due to their unnatural origin.

Balance and Harmony

Maintaining balance and harmony in a home near a cemetery is all about properly implementing feng shui cures. One important aspect of this is to have an overall purposeful organization. Keeping clutter contained and design elements intentional can help create an atmosphere of peace and serenity, which should be the primary energy in the space. Incorporating plants, natural stones and crystals are also important; these elements (as long as they are kept clean) will bring a more positive energy into the environment. Additionally, directional symbols, symbols for protection and symbols to tap into prosperity can be used across all aspects of decor to keep balance and harmony in the space. Lastly ” check that proper window coverings are installed to keep out potentially negative visual energies from outside the property or from neighboring houses or businesses. Properly implemented Feng Shui cures will ensure that your home has a balance of both yin (stillness) and yang (energy) energies to keep it full of vibrancy while still feeling grounded, balanced, secure and calming at all times.

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Final Tips

Feng Shui is a practice devoted to harnessing positive energy and creating harmony and balance in the home. Living near a cemetery can introduce some challenges, but with a few simple measures, it is possible to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and energy flow. Placing wind chimes or bells at the entrance of your home can discourage any negative energy coming from nearby cemeteries. Choose calm-colored paint for walls and other surfaces, as bright colors may amplify negatives energies. Using plants to create barriers between the home and cemetery may also be beneficial. Lastly, include plenty of metal decorations, like mirrors, coins or crystals within your living space to neutralize the graveyard’s influence.

By applying Feng Shui concepts around one’s home when living near a cemetery, residents can transform their environment into one that is calm and serene by inviting positive energies ” enabling them to live with greater peace of mind. For those who would like to learn more about Feng Shui ideas for homes located near gravesites or cemeteries, there are many helpful online resources as well as certified experts who specialize in this area.


Feng shui is a powerful tool when it comes to creating positive energy in our homes and living spaces. When living near a cemetery, applying Feng Shui cures can be an important and effective way to ensure that the energy in and around our home remains balanced and harmonious. By paying attention to the placement of objects like mirrors, activating specific sectors of the house with plants or water fountains, using crystals for protection, and being mindful of entrances like windows or doors, we are able to create a comfortable and tranquil space. With these simple steps, we can live peacefully knowing that we have taken steps to reduce any adverse effects from living close to a cemetery.

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