How High Do I Hang My Facted Crystal Feng Shui

Introduction to the Benefits of Hanging a Faceted Crystal Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that uses the power of energy flow and placement to create harmony, balance and peace in a specific environment. It has been used for thousands of years to enhance people’s lives by encouraging positive emotions, good health and success. By incorporating traditional principles with modern day objects, individuals can bring a certain atmosphere into their homes or place of business which will be inviting yet calming.

Adding a faceted crystal feng shui object to an individual’s space is believed to amplify positive energy keeping it present throughout the space. A faceted crystal is defined as “having many flat surfaces that cause it to refract light” and when used appropriately within an area, it reflects light and disperses prana – or chi-energy – into the entire room, creating a sense of well-being.

When hung at the entrance of any dwelling or room they allow both natural and heavenly energies (sunlight and Qi) to move throughout the living space enhancing the wellness of all who enter. Additionally, as long as it is cleaned properly with sage or palo santo once per month, a crystal can last forever—leaving a consistent source of love and protection around you or your family members. The ideal height for the placement of such pieces is 5–7 feet from floor to ceiling depending on your ceiling height but it may vary depending on its intended purpose within the space (i.e., aid in getting rid of stress).

Determining the Ideal Height to Hang a Faceted Crystal Feng Shui

When deciding on the ideal height to hang a faceted crystal for feng shui, it is important to consider the type of crystal you are using. Different shapes and sizes of crystals can help create more harmonious energy within your home. For example, a sphere-shaped crystal hung near the liver of your room may promote feelings of peace and healing while an angular teardrop-shaped crystal hanging slightly higher in another room could create different results.

In terms of durability, certain types of crystals such as quartz, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz and smoky quartz are known to be very durable and will retain their shape even with vibration or movement. On the other hand, fragile stones like selenite need should always be stored cautiously or hung properly. Given their delicate nature, it is often recommended that faceted crystals made from fragile stones stay low near the ground when hung for feng shui purposes.

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The best way to choose a good height for hanging a faceted crystal is by exploring how energy will move through your home. You may want to experiment further by raising or lowering its position; this can alter the flow of positive energy around the space and enhance its desired effects. Consider consulting with a feng shui consultant if you’re unsure about what height would suit your particular needs.

Placement of a Faceted Crystal Feng Shui

When determining the ideal place to hang a faceted crystal Feng Shui, there are various aspects which should be taken into consideration. Firstly, when using the north, south, east and west directions in Feng Shui it is important to remember that each direction is connected with a specific element. North is associated with water energy, south is associated with fire energy, east connects to wood energy and west relates to metal energy. It is important to understand the different energies of these directions as they can affect not only our balance and overall wellbeing but also determine what kind of crystal we should hang and where it should be hung in order to create harmony within our environment.

The primary consideration when hanging a faceted crystal Feng Shui is to ensure that it reflects the intended purpose of its usage – whether this is for promoting healing or absorbing negative energies from the environment. According to Feng Shui guidelines, crystals used for grounding activities such as calming or balancing emotions should be placed in areas in the north and northeast, while crystals used for expanding activities such as increasing wealth or defending against physical hazards should be placed in areas in the south and southwest.

When wanting to increase creativity or luck, hanging crystals near windows facing towards the east is thought by some practitioners to be beneficial in amplifying these qualities. However when using a crystal for defensive properties against negative energies it can often be better placed near windows facing towards the west instead due to it representing metal energy.

Overall absolute precision does not need to be applied when decorating our environment with crystals according to Feng Shui principles; good Feng Shui practices include simply knowing how each element affects us as well as being aware of how best we can use crystals to compliment each other and aid us on our journey towards desired goals.

Maximizing the Energy of a Faceted Crystal Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on promoting harmony in spaces. The use of crystals within feng shui is often cited as helping to create a balance between positive and negative energy. With this in mind, the best height to hang your faceted crystal is generally around chest height when seated, approximately 4-5 feet above the floor.

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When choosing where to place your crystal, it may help to consider its purpose. For example, for protection from negative energies and improved facial fortune, it’s suggested that a crystal be hung near the entrance of your home or at least placed within eyesight from it. In bedrooms, where harmonious energy is essential for restful sleep; a crystal may be hung directly over the bed or placed nearby on a nightstand or dresser if preferred.

Regularly cleansing your faceted crystal with smoke from Palo Santo wood, sweetgrass or incense can keep its positive energy active. Additionally, you may opt for smudging sage throughout your home which should also help to clear out any stagnant energy and keep yours sparkling clean and energetic!


When it comes to placing a faceted crystal in a Feng Shui-minded space, the height of placement can make all the difference. When choosing crystals for your home, their type and size combined with how you choose to hang them will dictate how powerful their energy can be at any given moment. Different types of crystals have different benefits derived from height when used in Feng Shui. Placing a larger crystal higher up can help to generate a cleansing, expansive energy while placing smaller gems at lower heights can energetically nurture and encourage positive growth. Additionally, when combining other traditional Feng Shui remedies – such as wind chimes and mirrors – in the same room with your crystal it helps to bring balance and harmony to that space by directing the natural energies from each remedy along both Yin and Yang channels within the home. Ultimately, understanding how best to position your crystal within a harmonious, Feng Shui-inspired space is key when looking to enable its full potential as well as your own for peace and improved energy flow.

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