Living Near A Cemetery Feng Shui

Living Near A Cemetery Feng Shui: Reap the Benefits and Honor the Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that looks at the harmonious arrangement of a physical space and its objects to ensure good fortune and lucky outcomes. When it comes to gravesites, cemeteries, and all things related to the afterlife, a few different approaches are typically taken by different schools of thought – while some deem it a bad omen, others suggest the potential for great fortune. By looking at how to best incorporate your cemetery Feng Shui, you may be able to reap the benefits of the area’s spiritual energy and create a more harmonious environment.

1. Respect the Sacredness of the Space

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that a cemetery is a sacred space. It is a place of solace and remembrance for friends and family, and it should be treated with reverence. Don’t involve yourself in activities that might be seen as disrespectful or inconsiderate, such as playing games or loud music in the vicinity of a cemetery. Living near a cemetery does not grant you free reign to do as you please.

2. Incorporate Positive Elements

Think of the cemetery as you would any other space in your home. Place Feng Shui elements that promote good fortune and positive vibes. Place items such as wind chimes or a beautiful water feature to reflect the cemetery’s beauty and attract better energy. Utilize natural elements such as plants and flowers to link your home and the cemetery together in a more holistic way.

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3. Symbolize Your Connection to the Cemetery

Part of the beauty of living near a cemetery is the ability to connect with a deeper spiritual realm. To mark your connection with the cemetery, consider displaying a few meaningful items in your home. This could include photos of your ancestors, stone lotus sculptures, and anything that can remind you of the importance of the cemetery in your life.

4. Visualize Good Fortune

When it comes to Feng Shui, it’s important to visualize what you want your end goal to be. Practice visualizing luck and good fortune surrounding your home. Imagine being surrounded by a green and lush landscape, beautiful flowers and birds, and a blissful atmosphere. With each passing day, nourish your luck and fortune with these images and reap the benefits of a harmonious cemetery Feng Shui.

5. Connect with Ancestors

Living near a cemetery can be a powerful experience for those who are able to connect with the spiritual realm. Spend time in front of the cemetery and get to know those who have passed on from the area. Take a walk, sit and relax, and get to know the true beauty of the place.

6. Cleanse the Space

When living near a cemetery, it’s important to cleanse the area of negative energy every so often. This can be done by lighting incense or a candle, or by using ritual items such as a wand or crystal. Cleansing the space will ensure that the energy of the area remains balanced and balanced provides the opportunity for luck, fortune, and protection to come your way.

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Incorporate Cemetery Feng Shui into Your Life

Living near a cemetery can be a powerful experience, one full of opportunity and solace. By respecting the sacredness of the space, incorporating positive elements, and visualizing good fortune, you can make a living near a cemetery a truly beautiful experience. Connect to your ancestors, practice visualization and ritual cleansing, and reap the benefits of harmonious Feng Shui.

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