Elephant and Rhinoceros in Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that focuses on the balance of energy within our environment. According to this practice, specific animals are believed to embody special qualities and energies which can be used to bring luck, protection, and prosperity. Two such animals are the Elephant and Rhinoceros. The Feng Shui meanings behind these animals are quite different despite their similarities.

The Elephant symbolizes good luck, dignity, strength, longevity, fertility and wisdom. In Feng Shui it is seen as protective and a wealth enhancer when placed in the right area of one’s home or space. An Elephant facing into your home or office is said to bring you a safe area full of tranquility while protecting all members of the household from bad energy or influences outside the home. On the other hand, a rhinoceros represents protection from obstacles or obstructions, particularly ones coming from people with malicious intent or ill will. The rhinoceros also symbolises power and courage; confronting life challenges head-on even against long odds. In Feng Shui terms it brings stability to families by inspiring determination in its owner who wants to overcome any negative obstacles that come their way; allowing them to achieve greater success in life and business ventures.

Elephant Symbolism in Feng Shui

Elephants are seen as symbols of power, strength and protection in Feng Shui. They are also seen to represent intelligence and wise counsel. In Feng Shui, elephant symbolism is closely linked with the virtue of seriousness. Elephants also symbolize long-term success, as they often live for many years. The size and weight of an elephant reinforces its symbolism as a source of stability and security. In addition, elephants never forget that status or achievements are earned through hard work and dedication; a reminder for us all about taking responsibility for our own successes. Thus, placing objects that resemble an elephant near entries or doorways creates strong protective energy fields around the home or office. This creates a safe haven from any type of negative energy.

Rhinocero Symbolism in Feng Shui

The rhinoceros is a symbol used within the ancient art of Feng Shui, representing strengths such as stubbornness and determination. The use of the rhinoceros within Feng Shui is intended to allow the user to approach life with a tenacity and single-mindedness which other animals may not possess.This strong focus is also found to be very helpful in cases where swift decisions must be made or obstacles must be conquered.

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In terms of its symbolic representation, the rhinoceros looks towards overcoming challenges without fear or hesitancy. Its physical strength is often likened to that of an armor or shield which guards against danger, allowing those around it to feel safe. It has also been known for its courage and perseverance, making the rhinoceros an excellent bringer of success when placed appropriately in spaces dedicated to its purpose.

Also associated with reliability, stability, power and integrity, having an image of a Rhino incorporated into one’s home is believed to create an atmosphere encouraging one’s ability towards hard work, steadfastness and achievement no matter how large or small.

Practical Applications

Elephant and Rhinoceros are two powerful images to use in Feng Shui. They symbolize strength, stability, and life force energy. To bring positive energy into your home, place representations of these animals near your front door or main entrance. A ceramic elephant statue can also be placed in the right corner of any room to promote harmony and good fortune.

To help protect your home from negative influences, hang a rhinoceros painting on the wall opposite the front door—this will create an energetic barrier between you and harm. You may also want to place a pair of elephant statuettes in the corners of your living room for protection against relationships that can cause chaos and discord. On top of this, it is important to note that using these animals in decor does not have magical properties; it is merely a reminder to stay connected with our true inner nature.

If you wish to use the power of Elephant and Rhinoceros in Feng Shui for greater prosperity, personal success, or simply for spiritual enrichment, place a representation at one of the four Directional Buddhas: North (White Elephant), East (Green Elephant), South (Red Rhino) or West (Black Rhino). It’s thought that affinity with each animal will help you accumulate luck according to their respective attributes — White Elephant as Protector/Balancer | Green Elephant as Good Health | Red Rhino as Drive/Passion | Black Rhino as Achievement/Focus. The animals should be placed at least three feet away from peeking eyes or passersby so they can work their magic without distraction. It helps if you greet them like an old friend every time you walk by them!

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Benefits of Using Elephant and Rhinoceros in Feng Shui

The elephant and rhinoceros are two powerful symbols in Feng Shui and can be used to promote good luck, fortune, luck, and protection. The elephant is a symbol of good luck and strong protection; it helps ward off negative energy. The rhinoceros is a symbol of power and strength; it offers the courage to overcome adversity. Both animals represent mobility, stability, trustworthiness, and intelligence.

Using elephant and rhinoceros symbols in your Feng Shui décor will help create an atmosphere that encourages positive energy flow. By balancing five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, water—Feng Shui uses these symbols to bring harmony into the environment. Feng Shui practitioners believe that having the right mix of colors contributes to the overall effect of improving who live there or work there for better wellbeing physically and emotionally. In addition to this benefit, it is said that placing an image of an elephant or rhinoceros will also protect from physical dangers like burglars or illness as well as psychic attacks from invisible forces. So not only do they bring improved wellbeing but they can also provide a strong shield against negative energies.


Elephants and Rhinos have a major significance in Feng Shui. They are both powerful symbols that can be utilized to create balance, harmony, and prosperity throughout your home or workspace. Their characteristics represent strength, protection and representational luck, also known as “Chi” in Feng Shui. In addition to their primary power of keeping bad vibes away from one’s premises, these animals also symbolize good fortune, longevity and wisdom when placed in the proper positions within one’s space. When positioned appropriately, Elephants and Rhinos can bring overall harmony with increased space flow for abundance and wealth. Therefore, strategically placing Elephant and Rhinoceros artifacts within one’s home environment provides a necessary barrier against negative energy while simultaneously bringing peace, mental clarity and contentment into your world.

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