Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui Placement


Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui placement is an ancient Chinese practice designed to bring peace, balance and good fortune into a living space. The philosophy follows the idea that all objects contain energy or “chi” which are either positive or negative. If these energies are out of balance then this could cause disharmony in our home and work life. Achieving optimal Feng Shui would involve arranging our living spaces with items that evoke positive energy and create harmony in our lives.

When it comes to Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui placement, incorporating a blue rhinoceros into your decor can bring powerful protection and stability. The rhinoceros symbolizes strength, resilience, determination, support and family protection – very useful qualities when we’re trying to optimize our living environment according to Feng Shui principles! Incorporating other items associated with the rhinoceros such as wooden sculptures or art depicting the animal will further enhance these qualities even more. Placing a figurine of a blue rhinoceros on top of entrance tables in the home will help ward off negative energies and protect us from harm – making sure we all stay safe and healthy! Adding painting, artwork or writing of auspicious terms such as “Power”, “Prosperity”, “Good Fortune” etc around the home will increase positive chi throughout the whole space. Lastly, if you’re aiming for maximum protection from evil spirits surrounding your living space – don’t forget to put fresh flowers in front of your blue rhino statue every now and then!

Principles of Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui Placement

Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui Placement involves placing objects and accents in specific locations of a space to promote beneficial energy. To achieve accurate placement, adhering to the following principles is essential:

1. The Yin-Yang Concept – Every room should contain an equal balance of yin and yang energy, which promotes harmony and balance. Yin energy represents femininity, stillness, darkness and passivity while yang energy symbolizes masculinity, activity, brightness and assertiveness.

2. Directions – In Blue Rhino Feng Shui each direction is associated with an element, meaning plants, artwork and furnishings should be placed in appropriate directions to create maximum flow of auspicious chi (energy). East (wood), South (fire), West (metal) and North (water) are all elements used for placement.

3. Color – Color placement plays an important role in Blue Rhino Feng Shui as color has symbolic meanings as well as a physical effect on humans’ emotions and state of mind. Cool colors such as blue or purple can be calming while warm tones such as red and yellow signify passion or strength.

4. Clutter – Clutter is known to disrupt the balance of chi therefore it is necessary to keep spaces minimalist with only furniture that serves an essential purpose present in the room

Benefits of Blue Rhinoceros in the Home

The blue rhinoceros is considered a symbol of protection, strength and luck in Feng Shui. Having an image or statue of a blue rhinoceros in the home can bring these qualities into the family. Depending on its placement and orientation, this symbolized creature releases its energy to bring peace, happiness and wealth to you and your family. It helps energize any area where it is placed, giving it a higher level of chi or positive energy.

In addition to the spiritual benefits, placing a Blue Rhinoceros in the home can also bring financial prosperity to the occupants. The practice suggests that when properly placed inside or outside the home, it can attract positive energies like money and abundance into the living space. Placing it near or outside entry doors are especially beneficial as they represent warm greetings for all incoming guests while deflecting negative energies away from them. It also helps to calm down heated arguments between family members when put towards areas with more traffic flow like hallways or kitchens. Moreover, placing a Blue Rhinoceros in ones bedroom could enhance one’s sleep experience by chasing away nightmares due to its protective nature; thus enabling restorative nights of sleep for better physical health overall.

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Directions for Selecting Placement for the Blue Rhinoceros

When selecting placement for a Blue Rhinoceros, certain Feng Shui principles must be taken into account. The color blue encourages relaxation and promotes a calming atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to place the rhinoceros in an area with positive energy. Such areas should be near relaxation zones (e.g. bedrooms, meditation spaces). Additionally, the positioning of the rhinoceros can directly influence how energy flows throughout the home or office space. Placing it too close to doorways or windows may obstruct good energy flow. Careful consideration of the four directions (North, South, East and West) should be taken for optimal harmony and balance in a space. In each direction, there are specific Feng Shui elements which correspond; taking them into account could increase their ability to create positive energy patterns in a home or workspace. Finally, it is important to ensure that when placing a Blue Rhinoceros that all other objects in its immediate vicinity also have strong positive properties associated with them in order to maximize its effectiveness at ushering in peaceful and balanced energies within your living/working spaces

Effects of Blue Rhinoceros in Differing Areas of Your Home

The placement of a Blue Rhinoceros in different areas of your home can have major significance. In the entrance of your home, sitting in the middle of the room, it is said to bring good luck and ward away evils. Place it on the east side for protection from bad luck and sickness. The placement of this symbol in the Northeast part of your space promotes wealth, wisdom and long life. Put on display on the south side to invite good relationships and positive energy. On the West side, it brings fresh new ideas into your life. When placed in the Northwest corner your personal relationships will benefit from this addition. Lastly, if placed on top of a desk or a mantlepiece it is known to increase creativity and success. All these places should be chosen carefully as Blue Rhino is a powerful symbol whose position should be well considered ahead of time to prevent any unwanted results.

Alternatives to the Blue Rhinoceros for Achieve Balance and Harmony

When it comes to achieving balance and harmony in your home, you don’t have to use the traditional blue rhinoceros symbol of feng shui. There are a number of alternatives depending on your exact goals. In general, feng shui objects – those that promote positive energy – should be placed in the east area of your home or office. Popular alternatives to the blue rhinoceros symbol include placing an image or statue of a deer, dragon, or phoenix in this area. Additionally, you can place Chinese coins with square holes in them hung on a red ribbon in this area as well. The coins represent wealth and potential prosperity, while the color red brings good luck and is associated with fire energy in feng shui. Another common object used for better-quality energy is a wish-granting beast like a unicorn or qilin. Additionally, art such as paintings or sculptures that promote good energy can replace the rhinoceros iconography featured by some schools of feng shui.

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Strategies to Ensure Optimal Placement of Blue Rhinoceros

In order to ensure optimal placement of blue rhinoceros in a space using the principles of Feng Shui, the following strategies must be practiced:

1. Position your blue rhinoceros so that it faces outwards towards the entrance, visible from all vantage points throughout the surrounding environment. This will bring it into focus and attract its abundance energy.

2. Place your blue rhinoceros in any part of the home where you feel comfortable. This can include as a feature item on top of furniture, as part of an altar or shrine either on a shelf or tucked away into a corner for extra privacy. It should not be hidden away but instead celebrated with pride and joy.

3. Use colors wisely when decorating your home with blue rhinoceros. To make the most out of this creature’s energies, colors such as red, black and white should act as accent colors that draw attention to it while complementing its strong presence in your home. Be mindful of collections and décor details highlighting feng shui elements like wind chimes and calligraphy art featuring Chinese characters associated with luck are also perfect companions for your blue rhino!

4. Utilize correct lighting levels to maximize its vibe energy in the home space – medium level lights to support its visual effects without overwhelming it or washing out its great details are just perfect for subtle enhancement purposes!

5. Avoid putting the Blue Rhino near water elements such as aquariums or fish tanks since it disturbs their powerful drive – ultimately leading to possible loss or disharmony if neglected for too long! Not only would this result in loss but also misappropriation elsewhere within the home – which is why proper placement is essential when working with this powerful energy source!


The benefits of Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui placement for the home are vast and far-reaching. On a physical level, it can enhance the energy flow throughout the home, encouraging positive energy and calming or balancing negative energy. This can mean better health and wellbeing for the occupants of the home, as well as increased harmony in the family dynamic.

On an emotional level, a Blue Rhinoceros placement in your home can bring balance to emotions like stress and anger, granting peace to its inhabitants. Placing it in areas such as a bedroom or living room brings joy and inner harmony while evoking good luck into everyone’s lives.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, having this charm in your house not only imparts an exotic look but also gives off an important culture symbol that expresses wealth and power. A rhinoceros is also seen as a symbol of protection, adding to your home’s security against external threats.

In conclusion, placing a Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui object within your household brings immense practical benefits beyond its attractive storage properties. It will increase positive energy flow along with enhancing the safety of your residence while improving personal wellbeing for all who live there. Plus you get to experience looking at an animal you may never have encountered before in real life!

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