Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui


Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist practice that focuses on the placement of certain items in order to bring a balance of energy, or chi, into your living spaces. This practice dates back thousands of years and has been used by both wealthy and poor families alike to ensure a peaceful home. According to ancient Chinese teachings, the “qi” or energy circulating throughout any space needs to flow without interruption or hindrance in order for its inhabitants to remain mentally and physically healthy and balanced. Depending on how you place mirrors, televisions and other furniture in your living space, it can result in higher than normal concentrations of this energy which can cause various health problems.

The core principles behind Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui detail how and where one should position particular objects within their environment in order to create harmony and peace within the confines of their home. It is also believed that placing mirrors improperly will cause negative reflections with ill-effects on anyone who views them – particularly if they are placed directly opposite the television set. When it comes to TV sets specifically, mirror facing feng shui dictates that these should never be placed directly opposite walls with mirrors as this reflects both light and sound, leading to disruption rather than redistributing harmoniously around the room.

Understanding the Basics

Mirror facing TV Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to use the power of reflection in order to balance the energy within a room. This practice is based on the belief that reflective surfaces can act as mirrors, reflecting all aspect of the environment and the people inhabiting it. According to feng shui principles, placing a television with a mirror behind or directly in front of it can cause energetic disruptions, potentially leading to accidents and misfortune. To prevent this from happening, a proper placement must be determined, taking into account many factors such as size and location of the mirror and tv.

To adhere to principles of mirror facing TV Feng Shui, careful consideration should be taken when choosing where items should be placed in relation to one another. The best way to ensure harmony within a space is by keeping separate items at least five feet apart. Items that are too close together absorb energy rather than reflect it, resulting in an unbalanced atmosphere and increased feelings of restlessness. Additionally, furniture should always be moved away from walls so as not to absorb any negative energy emanating from them. When arranging mirrors within a space it’s important to place them at angles so they will reflect incoming Chi (positive life force) rather than deflecting it away from the home instead. Furthermore, keeping red accents near these objects will create greater sense of protection for those those inhabiting the space.

Balancing Yin and Yang

Mirror size and placement matters when it comes to mirror facing TV feng shui. According to the ancient Chinese practice, mirror facing TV feng shui helps in balancing the energies between Yin and Yang; this energy plays an important part in terms of one’s well-being. Furthermore, it is believed that having a mirror facing your television set can activate a cycle of positions which create a harmonious flow between the source of energy and oneself. Different sizes and placements of these mirrors will affect how stable this energy will be.

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To ensure balance with Yang energies, which represent masculine activity, one should choose smaller sized mirrors or arrange multiple mirrors on the small side of the television set. This is said to reduce the amount of jarring activity created by electronics when placed in close proximity to one another. To stabilise Yin energies or calming feminine powers, larger sized mirrors or mirrors symmetrically arranged around the television are best for enabling positive vibrations. Further still, some suggest keeping a distance between mirror and TV at least three feet apart for optimum Feng Shui benefits. Additionally, if you find yourself with too much yin or yang then crystals may be used as a buffer to lessen its effects on you as well as maintain overall balance.

Benefits of Using Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui

Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of arranging the environment to promote harmony and balance. It uses reflections in mirrors to create the most beneficial position for a TV, while at the same time balancing out energy around the space. The idea is that when placed correctly, it brings peace and order to an area, which can be very beneficial in terms of clarity and well-being.

Benefits of Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui can include a calming atmosphere in both your home and work environment, improved energy balance, better concentration, quicker learning capacity, and improved finances. A positive energy or chi exists all around us and it helps energize our homes and workplaces. By using strategically positioned mirrors you can bring this chi into your environment for maximum benefit by amplifying its impact.

By displaying one mirror directly opposite hand reflecting off another across from their TV screen, a kind of yin/yang equilibrium is created where opposing energies are balanced out so as to prevent any excessive overpowering energy from dominating the room. This harmony prevents negative energy from building up thereby creating a positive atmosphere where productivity (or relaxation) can flourish. All sorts of items such as cash registers or computers can also be angled correctly with mirror facing feng shui technique to help keep their energies in check. With proper placement of these objects the energies within them remain balanced bringing stability into any workspace or home.

Practical Tips for Incorporating Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui

When incorporating the principles of Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui into a home, there are multiple options for how to make it work with the placement of the television. For example, one popular technique is to place a large mirror behind the TV set, in order to add more light and brightness from it. This idea can also be done with smaller mirrors as well – which gives you some creative freedom on how much light you want reflected from the now larger space that was created by the different mirror sizes. Another thing to consider when doing this technique is to pick a frame for your mirrors that will work in harmony with your overall home decor style.

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In addition, many people opt for putting a mirror across from or right next to their TV set. This helps move energy away from directly pointed at the screen while providing a reflection of what’s on the screen so that no energy is missed by viewers. If you decide to do this option it is important to keep in mind what type of reflections will appear as larger items might be too distracting or come off as too visually busy. Lastly, another way to make Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui work within a room design without having large pieces like mirrors or TVs clashing with other furniture pieces is placing them low near floor level either against the wall or corner area.

Occult Practices

Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on the principles of balance and harmony. It is believed to bring balance to the home by using mirrors strategically placed in front of a television or other electronic device. These mirrors not only reflect light, but also the energy or Chi that is created around the television’s emission. According to Feng Shui practitioners, this Chi negatively impacts people’s well-being if it is left unresolved. Thus, by positioning a mirror opposite of the TV, it absorbs and deflects any negative energy produced from it. Additionally, having a mirror across from a television is also thought create better balance throughout the room as similar objects can often overstimulate certain areas due to their complimentary nature.

Mirrors are prominent symbols within many ancient cultures and religions for their ability to merge different aspects within one unified experience – symbolic of Heaven & Earth coming together as one entity for instance. Thus, Mirror FacingTV Feng Shui encompasses both practical usage and spiritual symbolism conveying one’s internal reflection through physical form. This viewpoint allows individuals to look inwardly towards themselves while being supported by auspicious power – externally represented by mirrors – suggesting hope through transition of times and its variables then beyond. Ultimately this practice allows us to conscientiously connect with our purposeful life energies by actualizing noetic godsend through converging cosmic guidance between ourselves and our environment in pursuit of equilibrium with peace at heart!


Mirror Facing Tv Feng Shui can be a great way to improve the overall energy flow of a home environment. Incorporating mirror facing tv feng shui into the home environment brings a range of benefits, such as increased prosperity and improved physical and mental health. Aftereffects include improved concentration, better sleep quality, enhanced relationships, greater success in financial investments, amplified creativity and productivity. Moreover, this form of feng shui brings balance and harmony to the home environment while also creating feelings of openness and clarity. Utilizing this tool can certainly help individuals achieve their goals while also creating an environment that is grounded in positive energy and good vibes.

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