What Is The Color Of The Year 2018 Feng Shui


The Color of the Year 2018 has officially been announced as Ultra Violet. Along with this annual selection comes a range of potential implications for Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts all around the world. This intriguing and powerful shade has numerous possible interpretations when used as part of your Feng Shui strategy, ranging from boosting creativity to providing insight and understanding into the cycles of life.

Ultra Violet is known to bring in a wave of evocative spirituality, imagination, and even some surprise. It’s important to note that while this color relates to profound depth and energy, it’s also important to consider its lighter side. This can include mental liberation, insight, spiritual awareness, advancement of humanitarian causes and sophistication. The interesting combination between these two elements makes this an especially unique choice for anyone interested in utilizing color for the purpose of good luck and prosperity.

Depending on your specific needs or goals you have certain goals you may want to emphasize during problem solving or support for any intentions during self-improvement projects. Elements within Ultra Violet can symbolize creative expression giving you the ability to be productive in carving out new paths and possibilities that weren’t before there as well as gaining greater amounts of clarity along with much needed healing during challenging times. By finding balance between honoring traditions while still paying attention to your own individual values it gives you allow flexibility when planning how best employ feng shui practices to increase directivity achievable goals were striving towards physicalmentally spiritually emotionally and financially which are necessary components wind enhancing your home environment on any level required

Investigating the Color of the Year

The color of the year 2018 according to Feng Shui is black and white. As in traditional Chinese culture, these colors symbolize Yin and Yang, the two fundamental forces that work together to create balance and harmony in life. Black is linked to the feminine energy and represents grounding power, while white stands for masculine energy and connotes clarity of thought and action. By coupling these two polar opposites, you can combine their energies to bring stability in any situation.

Black influences communication; its presence brings about recognition for accomplishments that were kept obscured until now. It works as a source of inspiration when you are feeling stagnant but also challenges your thought processes if accompanied by another strong hue on either side. On the other hand, white’s energy clears negative energies and creates openness for a fresh start. Together with black, it encourages open discussions which helps us approach complex problems from different perspectives.

Therefore, combining the two colors will bring growth in both personal and professional aspects of our lives. It encourages taking initiative rather than waiting around on decisions while helping people come together to tackle issues more effectively by providing focus as well as peace. This motivates change as well as providing protection during times when obstacles are encountered along the way.

Decorating for the Color of the Year

The Color of the Year 2018 feng shui is a bright and energetic orange-red. This color screams vitality, passion, and creativity. Using this hue for interior decorating can be a fun and exciting way to add energy to your home or office space.

One way to incorporate this powerful color into your space is by using it as an accent wall or area. Orange-red pairs well with white and neutral colors, such as cream, beige, and taupe; these colors are calming yet exciting when displayed alongside the Color of the Year. If you don’t want to cover an entire wall with this shade, create focal points by adding red accents like pillows or paint a single wall in the vibrant hue.

Feng Shui Color Placement

Another option is to accent pieces of furniture and other decor items with orange-red accents. This could include painting furniture legs or parts of chairs a bold color like orange-red. You can also bring the pop of color in through flowers, curtains, rugs, artwork, and lamps. For example: hang bright orange-red curtains on windows or place a vibrant colored rug under your desk to liven up the space while balancing out dark hues present in furniture arrangements.

Finally, if you’re not ready for allover boldness there are some small ways that you can welcome Feng Shui’s 2017 Color of the Year into your home without being overwhelming. Add decorative dishes on coffee tables or shelves painted in bright orange red hues, replace handles on doors and drawers with bold shades or incorporate subtle hints of red through artwork for an added hint at this trendy selection by Feng Shui experts from around the world.

Applying Color Theory to Your Environment

The Color of the Year 2018 in Feng Shui is Earthy, balmy shades of pink with various tonal hues, from the soft blush lighter than marshmallow to a new hue of coral that feels at once dynamic and calming. This color palette pays homage to both nature and nurture and embraces embracing our wild, free-spirited instincts. The range also speaks to unity and encourages us to return to more natural ways of living in accord with the forces of nature. It can help us to better attune any space with natural cycles—be it circadian rhythms or seasonal shifts—allowing a sense of homeostasis that brings harmony. Aim to incorporate hues inspired by abundant Earth and beautiful blushes found in petals, fruit and minerals, such as malachite gemstones; the bond between earthy plant tones and refreshing floral nuances becomes stronger still. Think bold pinks mixed into terracotta earth tones or combined with sage green lavender for a modern twist on classic feng shui connections. Together, these colors create an effect that is tranquil and eternally fresh.

Inviting the Color of the Year into Your Home

The Color of the Year for 2018 Feng Shui is Burgundy. This colour of rich reddish’purple radiates elegance, sophistication and charm — a much needed colour to welcome in this new year. To welcome this color into your home and life, there are certain rituals you can perform.

One such ritual is making sure the entrance of your home has burgundy-colored knick knacks or accessories. This can be as simple as placing a mat with the Color of the Year at your doorway or hanging burgundy-colored wind chimes on the entrance to invite more energy and positivity into your home. You can also hang burgundy curtains in all windows for greater prosperity flow.

Another way to incorporate burgundy within your home is by displaying items with this hue around you including candles, cushions and mats. Additionally, another idea is to place items related to burgundy in your fireplace — or use it to roast special dishes as a way to symbolize embracing new opportunities with grace and optimism. Alternatively, you can burn an incense made from essential oils associated with fame and courage like thyme, lavender or ginger which allow these energy vibrations into one possibility-filled space! Additionally, use plants like beets, hibiscus and radishes that carry the energy of courage, ambition and luck during this transitioning time period.

Bracelet Porte-bonheur Feng Shui

Fully Utilizing the Color of the Year 2018

The Color of the Year for 2018, according to Feng Shui, is Green. Green is said to be associated with life, growth, and fertility. It symbolizes new beginnings and hope for a better future. This hue helps us stay connected to nature and our environment. As 2018 brings revolutions and break-through technologies that have changed our way of life and perception of the world, it’s no wonder why green has been chosen as the color of this year according to Feng Shui.

By harnessing the energy provided by the color green, we can become more mindful of our environment and appreciate the good things in life while making changes that will create lasting positive effects. For example, wearing shades of green will maintain a balanced outlook on life and keep us grounded even when faced with challenges in our relationships or finances. When decorating your home or office with Green hues, you can introduce new beginnings; revitalizing your living space so that it reflects health and vibrancy. Bringing fresh floral arrangements with shades from different variations of green brings a sense of renewalment; whilst adding green colored furniture and decorations can help establish an overall calming atmosphere. Finally, depending on how energetic or spiritual you wish to be this year, incorporating elements such as plants into your home will bring good luck and fortune as well as helping to cleanse your environment from negative energies.

Concluding Thoughts

According to the Chinese zodiac 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog, which in turn makes the color of the year Feng Shui one that bridges between earth and metal. This color can be symbolized with a combination of rich bold greens and warm golds that naturally bring a colorful balance to your decor. Utilizing these two colors year-round is believed to bring good luck, health and abundance – cooling off excesses and activating higher energy levels for those blessed with this harmonious blend.

The plan for celebrating Color Of The Year 2018 Feng Shui in creative projects and design ideas throughout the year could easily include incorporating lush leafy green shades into some areas of your home’s exterior as well as interior spaces such as bedrooms and living room decor. You could also add gold accents via various accent pieces in furniture, lighting fixtures, candles or any other decorative items like vases or wall art that help create flow between all elements in a room. Finally, you might also consider adding statement pieces made from greenstone, semi-precious stones like Jade or emerald with golden highlights that evoke deeply calming effects when used around a home’s space; perfect for using during meditation practices. All these components would help utilize Color of The Year 2018 Feng Shui more effectively where it’s placed within your environment – allowing the special healing power of this distinctive color combination to inspire creativity in all aspects of life!

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