Cowrie Shells Feng Shui

## Cowrie Shells Feng Shui

**Cowrie Shells Feng Shui** is a type of Chinese Feng Shui that employs a set of natural objects – cowrie shells, coins, sculptures, and other decorative pieces – to bring good luck and bless the home. Cowrie shells are believed to attract wealth and good fortune while also deflecting negative energy, making them a favorite Feng Shui cure. Here we explore the meaning, history, and application of cowrie shells in this ancient Chinese practice.

### Understanding Cowrie Shells

Cowrie shells, native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, are the colorful, glossy shells of marine snails. These shells are thought to look like wealth, with their rounded lip and smooth, polished appearance. As such, they have been used as currency in some regions and were often found as decoration in ancient Chinese temples. It’s said that cowrie shells represent the Goddess of Creation, bestowing upon those who possess them health, success, knowledge, and appreciation of their surroundings.

### History of Cowries in Feng Shui

Cowrie shells have been used for centuries to protect and empower. In the early days of the practice, the shells were used to honor the departed and bring luck to the living. They were used to decorate windows and doors and hung in homes to ward off evil spirits. In later centuries, they became popular as charms used to notify a household of a change in luck or fortune.

### Applying Cowrie Shells Feng Shui

There are several ways to use cowrie shells in Feng Shui. Hang three cowrie shells (or more) over the door of your home to attract a steady flow of money. This works especially well if you hang them in the west, north, or northwest portion of the home. You can also hang a single shell near the entrance of a room or office to bless the inhabitants and attract prosperity. Place bowls or trays of shells in the drawing or living room for luck and abundance. Lastly, carry a few shells with you to bring positive energies with you wherever you go.

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Cowrie Shells Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has been used for generations to bring luck and abundance. Whether you hang three shells over your door or carry shells with you, you can use this powerful tool to bring wealth, good fortune, and protection into your life.

What are the benefits of using Cowrie Shells in Feng Shui?

1. They can be used to promote protection, luck and success.

2. They can help to draw positive energy within the home.

3. Cowrie shells are associated with the water element, which is believed to help attract abundance and wealth.

4. The unique shapes of cowrie shells can help to attract the flow of good Qi (energy) and direct it where it is wanted and needed.

5. They are believed to be a powerful symbol of fertility, health and wealth.

6. Cowrie shells are believed to attract and retain good luck, so using them can help improve your financial luck.

7. Placing a few cowrie shells in a specific area of your home can help to activate the local area’s energy and boost the flow of positive vibrations.

8. They are said to be protective and can help to ward off negative influences and energies.

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