Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018


Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018 is a traditional Chinese practice that considers the flow of energy throughout different locations, homes in particular. The practice is based on the idea that each year has its own energy flows, which may affect the people living in a particular place. By understanding the energies of an area, one can become better accustomed to their surroundings and use these energy flows to their advantage.

In Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018, the focus is on 9 stars (water, fire, metal, earth and wood) that change positions every year in February 4th. Each star is believed to bring either positive or negative influences depending on its direction and location. Knowing where these stars are located can be beneficial as it will help individuals adjust their activities in certain areas of their home or business so they can attract more good luck. Additionally, this knowledge can also be used to ward off potential negative influences brought by the changing Feng Shui stars.


Feng shui annual and monthly flying stars Dog Year 2018 is a complex system of energy analysis that can bring great benefit to those who understand it. This system has roots in Chinese astrology, as it relies on the nine energies known as Ki energy, to form impressions of one’s place in time, space, and luck. It also uses traditional Chinese astrologic symbols to assess how these energies interact in a given environment over the course of a year.

Using the principle of yin and yang combined with notion of five elements, Feng Shui analysts are able to measure an individual’s contextual estate with accuracy and precision. By analyzing the position of stars corresponding to specific areas and directions of a specific home or business space on different occasions during the year (e.g. Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars Dog Year 2018), one can make informed decisions about how best to use positive energy for optimal results.

By engaging in this practice strategically, individuals are able to determine which areas are prosperous, which may pose challenges or opportunities, what might be better avoided altogether due to unfavorable happenings, and more. Additionally, by understanding where each period will bring both abundance and scarcity depending on conditions such as the nature of star positions at any given time—this practice covers movement or stillness etc.—one can maximize their potential success rate by activating types of remedies (metal bells) on occasions when a particular type of bad luck might be forthcoming from particular directions or sectors.

In essence, this system allows for an individual’s life experience to improve over the course of five days through temporary harmonization that works towards longer-term fortune throughout the entire year. Ultimately one can expect that success rates increase when strategic feng shui predictions made in accordance with attributes expected during Dog Year 2018 have been considered and followed through correctly—resulting in greater overall beneficial change that can lead towards lasting success as well as improved relationships with loved ones and partnerships alike


Feng Shui annual and monthly flying stars have a tradition that dates back thousands of years, originating in the ancient Chinese concept of Qi (or Chi). According to Chinese philosophy, the use of “flying stars” charts can show the relative yin and yang energy or positive and negative forces at work throughout a particular location. These qi changes based on time and location, resulting in “annual” flying stars which change yearly and “monthly” flying stars which change every month.

In 2018, Chinese people celebrated Year of the Dog (4714), or Jia-Shen Year by the Chinese Calendar System. This is known as a Wu Xu year which generally associated with resourceful intelligence. This year was notable for being a source of strong artistic inspiration to many people due to its eight different star combinations known as xun, li, kan, qian and so on. Using these star combinations with traditional feng shui techniques such as bagua and nine grids can provide detailed information regarding possession luck balance in different areas of our lives like health, wealth etc.,

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In order to properly leverage this concept today let’s look at how these concepts have evolved over time. Originally developed in Ming Dynasty China around 1300 AD, ancient scholars believed that by understanding these various star combinations one could reverse unlucky fortunes and enhance their fortunes through proper placement or re-arrangement of certain objects within their dwelling or business plans. Over time, this practice became popular across Asia leading to several variations such as Five Element Theory connecting it directly to elements like wood and water.

The concept has also spread around Western Culture now largely used by practitioners all over the world. The exact interpretations may vary depending upon your geographical region however insight is derived from much more than just placing items around an individual’s living space; there are also various techniques involving consulting calculations that involve repeating cycles of 8 numbers between 1-9 assigned each year according to the 12 signs representing each sector determined by where one lives in accordance with heaven coordinates.


Feng Shui annual and monthly flying stars are an important part of the ancient Chinese system of energy management. This ancient practice is thought to enhance the flow of chi, or natural energy, within a space. By harnessing this energy one can optimize wellbeing and ensure their environment helps to support the potential for prosperity, luck, and happiness. In particular, in the Dog Year 2018, the alignment of certain elements is believed to have particularly positive impacts in aiding health, wealth and relationships for those living in harmony with its influence.

There are many ways that Feng Shui can be used to improve wellbeing through these auspicious energies from the annual and monthly stars. Good placement of furniture and focal points with help draw positive chi into a space. Additionally, placing symbols associated with luck, such as feature bowls of water or wind-chimes (related to metal energy), can also help enhance one’s environment in a tangible way by helping tap into these special energies. Furthermore, color schemes should generally be related to one’s personal energies; for 2018 those include reds, yellows—and even some blues—as they bring extra luck during that year. Finally avoiding negative aspects associated with more challenging star formation supports staying upbeat and connected harmoniously with one’s immediate environment is also recommended throughout this period so as to maximize potential benefit from current feng shui benefits related to Annual Flying Stars Dog Year 2018.


Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system based on the belief that all elements of the environment have an impact on people’s lives, and when these elements are taken into consideration, they can act as a guide to achieving balance, harmony and positive energy. The annual and monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018 is a tool used in Feng Shui to understand these influences and to determine the best placement of objects and locations in order to benefit one’s life.

Flying stars Feng Shui places specific stars or patterns believed to bring luck within nine grids on a home or building. The Dog Year 2018 has three additional auspicious stars referred to as ‘beneficial’ stars, which symbolise wealth, fame, rank and righteousness. They are known as 9 Qiulong (Uppercase), 8 Xunslang (Middlecase) and 7 Qitsun (Lowercase). Each star must be accounted for during the year and be strategically placed to maximise potential positives energies specific for that year. This practice is referred to as Xuan Kong Fei Xu which focuses on understanding the movement of energy across many years in order for balance between internal structures and external influences.

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The annual flying star (AFS) chart is updated at midnight every Chinese New Year’s Day with new directions related to prosperity. It is believed that this specific energy should not be ignored otherwise there will be negative consequences such us; disruption of relationships between individuals towards a lack of stability professionally or even physically manifested illnesses due stress resulting from unseen external energies. Through calculation of Eight Mansions it allows one to know where the AFS would travel throughout the year representing different areas of interests such as studies enhancing ones knowledge, wealth boosting career opportunities or personal growth leading mental clarity for example. Finally each particular month can bring different types of energetic atmospheres reflective within its monthly flying star chart thus allowing more precision determining whether favorable outcomes occur on the basis of utilizing feng shui principles from understanding Annual Flying Stars Dog Year 2018 theory.


Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018 is commonly used by people to bring better luck and protection. This year’s stars, especially in the northeast corner, are especially beneficial when it comes to wealth and relationship luck. People may use this knowledge in their everyday lives when they decorate their home by placing meaningful and auspicious items in this sector, or orientating the bed towards that area of the bedroom.

Other ways people can gain benefit from this system include paying attention to their Kua number and direction. The Kua number can be used for personal placement for certain activities or for determining which sectors to activate. From there, people can hang a wind chime, crystals or pictures of Buddhist deities in these directions to provide protection from any malicious vibes brought upon themselves or the family. Additionally, people may also decide to place activating cures such as a three-legged frog or Mandarin ducks (the bringer of love) in order to magnify wealth and relationship luck respectively. Not only do these remedies help with luck, but they also guard against negative energies influencing one’s life as well.


The use of Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Dog Year 2018 can offer great balance in our lives. This method helps us to manifest more positive results in our life since it takes into account the energies of the year, month and day to make positive associations. We can utilize this knowledge to ensure that our homes, businesses, relationships and other areas are decorated and designed to absorb auspicious energy that will enable us to reap successful outcomes. Additionally, this type of Feng Shui encourages us to tap into the power of our environment to bring forth greater abundance, creativity, health and general well-being. It also serves as reminder that we have a personal responsibility for creating a livable space for ourselves by keeping our surroundings clean, organized and pleasant. Furthermore, this system provides an understanding of what kinds of thoughts, behaviours and activities will yield favourable results based on the ever-changing cycle of energy. By implementing energies in alignment with nature’s natural flow, we are better able to utilize them for efficient gains. Therefore using Feng shui annual and monthly flying stars Dog Year 2018 offers a source of guidance and support in improving different aspects in life when used properly.

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