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Office Feng Shui is the practice of using ancient Chinese elements, such as yin and yang, water and wood, to create an environment that increases productivity. It uses geological features, environmental conditions, and numerical calculations to balance these elements in the best way possible. This ensures an ideal flow of Chi or energy throughout the workspace that aligns with the activities in progress within it.

The goal of Office Feng Shui is to reduce stress by creating a healthier atmosphere while at the same time promoting maximum productivity and success. For example, proper placement of water features represents growth and prosperity while representative photos can restore essential energy to a work area. The arrangement of your furniture is also important as this will help make sure that a smooth flow of energy can pass through without hindrance for optimal focus and concentration. It’s also important to de-clutter your workspace – take some time to really get rid of items you no longer need. Incorporating plants into your office space brings in cooling energy which can help keep stress levels low. Last but not least, incorporating loved items into your office space helps promote a sense of well being – these might be favorite hobbies or artwork from family or friends; personal touches always help make an office more inviting for clients and employees alike!

Advantages of Using Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui

Lillian Too is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of Feng Shui. Her office Feng Shui techniques can help to create an atmosphere that will promote productivity, harmony and success in any workplace. By using her rich knowledge and years of experience, Lillian Too’s office Feng Shui can bring amazing benefits to any workspace. Some advantages include:

1. Improved concentration and focus: Using proper guidance and placement of furniture, lighting and artwork in your workspace can lead to improved levels of concentration, helping you get more done in less time.

2. Increased motivation and creativity: An environment which is aesthetically pleasing can help spark the motivation needed for creative thinking and productivity.

3. Improved communication with colleagues: When applied correctly, feng shui elements such as ‘mu shu’ or ‘flying stars’ can improve communication between employees which leads to a better team dynamic working relationship that functions more efficiently.

4. Amplified comfortability: By creating a space that is calming and relaxing, it can help make employees feel more at ease throughout their day at work and ultimately make them stay focused on the task at hand without feeling drained and exhausted too quickly.

Key Strategies for Applying Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui

1. Clear away clutter – Clutter is the number one enemy of good feng shui. Clean up countertops, desktops and filing cabinets to help promote calm and clarity in the office. Get rid of items that no longer serve you and organize your workspace so it looks tidy and neat.

2. Address Vastu Deficits – Follow Lillian Too’s ancient Vastu tips for activating the energy in each direction of the office space with air circulation, art pieces or furniture items that further activate these energy centres in harmony with nature’s laws.

3. Boost Wealth Luck – Incorporate objects that indicate wealth and abundance such as water features, images of money, plants and animals into your office design to aid in attracting wealth luck into the working environment. Good examples include a terrarium with goldfish swimming around lucky coins or a beautiful painting depicting a waterfall tumbling down from a prosperous house on top of a mountain full of blooming trees and animals living happily there.

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4. Improve Productivity – Place symbols that help foster creativity and productivity such as open bookshelves, brightly coloured artwork or inspiring affirmations on employee desks or in common areas so they can be seen while working. An inspiring poster near the entrance or lobby area telling employees to “Dream Big Dreams” will work wonders too!

5. Activate Chi Energy Flow – Place energizing talismans like mirrors in corporate offices to reflect ample chi flow throughout the entire space so employees can reap its benefits daily and improve their work performance exponentially over time.

Examples of Successful Feng Shui Designs by Lillian Too

One example of a successful feng shui design by Lillian Too is a 200-year-old armoire that was transformed into an office desk. She removed the hobnail trim for a modern look, rearranged the interior with four raised dividers to create storage, and added orderly file storage trays to the top. In addition, she kept the existing drawers on each side to provide extra storage options. The placement of the desk was also strategically decided in order to maximize productivity and generate success from her clients’ perspective.

Another successful redesign by Lillian Too is her fashionable executive office. This room featured elements such as a circular wood table with gold accents, 3D wall panels made of chocolate teakwood, and silk floral drapery that offered strength to her clients while allowing them to take mental breaks away from tedious business decisions. Additionally, walls were painted in muted colors and designed with custom artwork that aligned to specific feng shui principles. To complete this design statement and create positive energy within the office, she placed a potted bamboo plant in one corner while crystals were spread around in lines running diagonally throughout the space.

Categorizing the Benefits of Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui

1. Improved Business Relationships: Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui offers specific guidelines for placements and layouts of office furniture and decorations that will help promote positive energy in the workplace, which can ultimately lead to improved business relationships.

2. Increased Productivity: Good feng shui can improve the health, morale and motivation of employees, giving them a greater sense of well-being which increases productivity as there is less distraction and focus on tasks at hand.

3. Improved Teamwork: Office Feng Shui helps bring balance to a workspace by ensuring that employees have access to the resources they need without feeling cramped or crowded. This encourages collaboration between staff members, leading to increased team work and communication in the office overall.

4. Positive Mental Health Effects: A well balanced atmosphere promotes a more relaxed state of mind for employees, reducing stress levels and inducing a calming effect on everyone who works in the space. This positively affects their mental health, allowing them to be more productive when needed and take better care of themselves in their daily lives.

5. Increased Financial Success: By creating an environment that attracts wealth luck into your office or home, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui principles can help to attract money into your business ventures, increasing overall success and profitability over time.

Wrap Up

Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui is an expansive, comprehensive guide that helps office workers improve their productivity, career prospects, and overall well-being. This system of feng shui focuses on specific physical changes that can be made to a particular space through the use of colors and symbols, as well as balancing elements like metal, water, wood and fire. Certain directions are associated with wealth and success; therefore, it’s important to position desks in certain areas of the workspace for beneficial energy flow. The furniture should be arranged for maximum harmony so that employees feel at ease in their surroundings, allowing their best energy to come out. Good feng shui also covers workspaces from all angles – from the entrance to the desk to chairs and details like lamps and paintings. Finally, proper placement of plants also brings good luck energy into the mix.

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Office Feng Shui not only has positive effects on our individual experience in a workspace but research has found it increases productivity overall. Studies suggest that proper feng shui positioning within a workplace leads to improved concentration levels for employees, greater collaboration amongst teams, more creative problem solving skills and higher job satisfaction ratings. Furthermore, better office layouts result in better customer relationships because customers are more likely pick up on positive vibes while working with happy and content team members. To cap off Lillian Too’s Office Feng Shui guidebook is a selection of easy exercises at the end that help keep employers and employees balanced mentally as they strive towards achieving ultimate goals. Work places have been transformed into venues where proactive idea sharing is encouraged with everyone feeling motivated instead of keeping emotions bottled up leading to feelings of apathy or exhaustion. Thus concluding all the valuable lessons chief among them being “take care of your work environment; your work environment will take care of you.”


Lillian Too’s office feng shui has been a major success and a great benefit for many businesses around the world. Lillian’s expertise when it comes to creating harmony, wellness, and good fortune through the use of this ancient art is unquestioned and her guidance has resulted in tremendous growth as well as tangible successes.

Looking ahead to the future, Lillian Too’s office feng shui will continue to be a force for good in offices everywhere. One particular trend that seems likely to become more important is the move towards digital applications of Lillian Too’s methods, such as online consultations or mobile apps with on-the-go advice. With access to this kind of personalized advice, employees can make sure their spaces are set up perfectly and properly balanced at all times in order to maximize their productivity. Additionally, companies may benefit from using AI-infused tools that help monitor the power of energy in their offices—tools that would alert operators if an area was compromised by positive/negative energy flows. Finally, businesses may also look into incorporating more biophilic design principles into the physical spaces they inhabit, turning them into healing, vibrant realms with nature-positive energy all around. Ultimately, there is no limit to where Lillian Too’s office feng shui can take us!

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