Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy By Lillian Too

Introduction to the Author

Lillian Too is an internationally renowned author, columnist and feng shui master with over 27 years of experience in the field. She has authored over 80 books and published thousands of articles related to the practice. Her latest book is called “Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy”.

Ms. Too is a leading authority on feng shui, in particular Flying Star, which is one of the most popular forms of the practice and is considered to be very powerful and effective for bringing positive energy into homes and businesses. Lillian Too’s extensive experience coupled with her understandable teaching style have made her an in-demand guest lecturer around the world from as far west as Australia and as far east as Japan.

Examples of Applications

One example of applying Flying Star Feng Shui and demonstrating the techniques in a real-world environment according to Lillian Too is the case study of Mr. Soh from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. In this particular case, he was having difficulty with his marriage, health, career and finances. To help him rectify this feng shui issue, Lillian Too used Eight Mansions analysis to focus on each area of his life.

On the health analysis front, she moved Mr. Soh’s bed so that it would not be facing any “poison arrows (Shar Chi)” coming from outside sources. Additionally, she advised placing plants and specific cures in the East part of his bedroom since that represented where his health star was located. She also noted that both Mr. Soh himself and his wife should sleep in this part of the room since it specifically enhanced their individual health stars instead of them sleeping in separate beds as they previously had done.

Then looking at strengthening financial luck in those 8 Mansions area ” Lillian primarily focused on what she termed “Three Killings” which were actually three unlucky stars that were causing trouble for Mr. Soh’s career prospects and finances by creating too much disruptive energy where ever it was present. To counteract this energy she suggested placing various curing items such as coins, gourds and mirrors throughout these locations along with certain symbolic items associated with prosperity and abundance such as wealth objects or fu dogs to activate financial luck for both members of the household.’

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Advice from the Author

When applying Flying Star Feng Shui, Lillian Too advises people to begin by exploring the basics of this ancient practice. She recommends learning how to identify sectors and angles, orientations and how stars interact with each other. Based on her own personal experience, she advises people to consider the year in which their house was built as this will give them an idea as to what type of energy is active within their home. Furthermore, it is important for individuals to locate their ‘Sheng Qi’ or positive energy which can help increase wealth luck and enhance business opportunities.

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Once people have a better understanding of these basic concepts it’s time to look at how different environments affect their daily lives. It’s essential that they pay attention to the main entrance door as well; the positioning of doors can help determine the amount of external influences and energies coming into the home. For example, if one’s entrance door faces southeast then they should be mindful that it could bring in more fire energy than might be necessary or beneficial.

Lastly, Lillian Too recommends paying attention to secondary cosmic energies such as ‘Xue Sha’ (negative energy), ‘Tai Sui’ (Grand Duke Jupiter), ‘Sui Po’ (Year Breaker) and ‘Wealth Boats’ ” all of which play an important role in the outcome and success of each individual’s unique space. By considering all these factors a practitioner can gain an insight into potential problems or areas where bigger changes might be needed! With this knowledge one can apply Flying Star Feng Shui with greater accuracy for optimal results.

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