Water Feng Shui For Wealth Lillian Too

Water Feng Shui For Wealth with Lillian Too is a form of traditional Chinese geomancy. It is used to enhance and improve financial energy and wellbeing. According to the teachings of Water Feng Shui, when applied correctly, wealth can be increased and prosperity achieved.

It involves positioning certain items in certain areas within one’s home or office. The founder and main proponent of this system is none other than ‘Lillian Too’, a Malaysian-Chinese fortune-teller who has made a name for herself in the world of feng shui.

Lillian too first became exposed to feng shui when her grandmother taught her the basics. She was fascinated by it and has since leveraged its power to become one of the most successful female business moguls in Malaysia. Through books and lectures, she has shared her wisdom with enthusiasm all around the world, including North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

When it comes to using Water Feng Shui for Wealth, there are four main strategies which emphasise placing elements related to money flow into specific corners – referred to as Bagua corners – in order to catalyse energy flows that can help increase your income levels or reallocate your current funds towards more profitable endeavours.

These elements include crystal stars (for directed qi), Qi activates (to circulate qi around money corners) as well as water fixtures like fountains & mirrors (which represent “money rivers”).

By applying these principles correctly with guidance from Lillian Too’s book on Water Fung Shui, you will be able to learn about how easy it is for you tap into your own inner prosperity energies through proper placement of these objects so that you can create abundance & wealth for yourself over time.

An Overview of Water Feng Shui For Wealth

Water is the life source of all things; however, did you know that feng shui experts believe that proper water placement can also lead to wealth and prosperity? Lillian Too is one such expert who has put together an entire practice devoted to making use of water for this purpose. This paper will provide a basic overview of how she applies the principles of water feng shui for wealth.

The first element in Too’s water feng shui practice is building a pond or pool near the entrance to your property or home. This serves to attract wealth-bringing energy into your space and gives it a foundation from which to develop positive energy.

Too advises that it should be clean and preferably made up of a material like ceramic, stone, or marble in order to give it more strength and durability. Additionally, adding certain plants or other decorations can further enhance its power.

Second, To recommends the use of water features like fountains or streams. It is important that these features be kept free from mud and debris so as not to clog or slow down the flow of energy. Too suggests using waterfalls near gates, where financial luck may enter or exit your home.

It is also helpful if there are nine tiers on the waterfall-a number strongly associated with money luck according to Chinese tradition-though Too warns against going overboard with too many tiers since this could interfere with your desired results. Finally, she recommends that these features be placed in areas associated with wealth luck for even greater returns on investment:

  • Main door
  • Southwest corner
  • Center point between two front doors
  • Partnership area behind the feature wall and sofa set
  • Front balcony

The third element in Too’s practice involves placing ‘lucky’ rocks around the house and garden according to traditional designs recommended by her. These rocks are usually made out of semi-precious stones and carved with symbols representing good fortune and abundance; they are believed to possess powerful energies capable to activating good luck vibration when arranged correctly.

Again, adding plants can help make these formations even stronger by contributing healing energies into the mix. Additionally, they should be regularly maintained-watering them once every week helps bring back their potencies-and replaced when needed due its decaying properties over time due to natural elements like sun erosion or wind erosion depending on where people live geographically speaking.

Top Techniques for Applying Water Feng Shui For Wealth

Water Feng Shui for wealth is an important part of Chinese philosophy and spirituality. By applying the principles of this ancient belief system, one can bring luck and prosperity into their home or business space.

Lillian Too is one of the world’s most renowned authors on the subject, and has successfully used water feng shui to attract abundance into her own life as well as that of her customers. Here are some of her top techniques for applying water feng shui to create greater wealth and prosperity:

Chenor Pond

One popular belief in China is that ponds situated to the left side of an entrance will bring fortune and luck to your home or business premises. According to Lillian Too, the Chenor Pond – also known as the `Lu Ban’s Magic Window’ – should be placed in the North-East corner of your home.

This pond should be at least three meters wide so that it takes up at least half of this area, so it can take full advantage of all its wealth-inducing capabilities.

Activating Wealth Symbols

The next step in creating a successful water feng shui for wealth space is to activate wealth symbols within that environment. According to Too, these six symbols represent good fortune, long life, success in business and more: goldfish swimming clockwise in a bowl; pebbles; running water; red calligraphy with numbers representing positive words such ‘good fortune’; coins tied together with red string; and wealth gods riding animals or carrying money bags upright.

Feng Shui For Career And Wealth

Whilst these do not need to be placed in the North-East corner specifically they should be considered when decorating a room for feng shui energy enhancement purposes.


Finally, colours play an important role too when considering how best to activate your water feng shui for wealth goals. For example, Too advises individuals seek out bright yellows and blues as much as possible when decorating rooms where fortunes are desired as powerful indicators of luck and abundance respectively – although other shades may also be appropriate depending on where inside your property they are going to be used.

The choice between keeping these accents in light pastel shades or opting for richer tones should ultimately come down to personal preference based on your knowledge surrounding traditional Chinese beliefs about colour meanings.

Benefits and Examples of Water Feng Shui For Wealth with Lillian Too

Water Feng Shui has been a substantial part of the ancient Chinese art of placement for centuries. It is believed that when implemented successfully, it can bring good Luck, better career and financial success to the user.

Lillian Too is one of the world’s leading authority on East Asian metaphysics and spiritual practice. She has developed an approach to Feng Shui based on water Feng Shui specifically for wealth luck using a unique combination of traditional and modern methods.

The benefits are wide-ranging. Here are some examples of how you can benefit from Water Feng Shui For Wealth with Lillian Too:

  • Increase Harmonious Energies in Your Home or OfficeApplying Water Feng Shui For Wealth with Lillian Too will increase harmonious energies in your home which can make your domestic life more pleasant and relaxed.
  • Achieve Balance in Your LifeThe introduction of these practices help you to restore balance in your life while improving mental clarity and general wellbeing.
  • Draw Opportunities For SuccessThis placement technique helps draw more positive opportunities for success and significantly enhances your career potential.

Tips for Making the Most of Water Feng Shui For Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that is designed to bring balance and prosperity into homes and businesses. One way to harness this positive energy is through the use of water, which is believed to contain powerful healing properties.

Lillian Too has written an extremely popular book on the subject, titled Water Feng Shui For Wealth, which outlines many tips for maximizing wealth and success through the use of water in your home or workplace. Here we will explore some of these tips.

Assess Your Space With a Feng Shui Audit

An important first step when implementing Feng Shui principles into your space is to perform a thorough feng shui audit. This will involve assessing the current flow of chi (energy) in each area of your house as well as any areas that may require improvement.

Place special attention on any spaces near windows and doors which may be impeding its natural flow, such as stairs or cramped furniture arrangements Once you have identified these areas, you can make adjustments accordingly or focus on adding additional elements to further improve the area’s feng shui layout.

Choose Appropriate Water Elements

One way you can take advantage of water’s healing and energizing powers is by incorporating appropriate water elements into your space. Fountains are a great choice as they are both aesthetically pleasing and also have the ability to attract wealth due to their movement and sound.

Additionally, certain plants like bamboo can help purify the air while simultaneously bringing prosperity into your home or office space because they represent growth. Finally, aquariums come with several benefits; not only are they attractive focal points but when stocked with gold-colored fish they are said to bring financial luck into the space as well.

Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Although aquariums offer many benefits for enhancing wealth luck according to Feng Shui principles, it’s important not to forget about basic maintenance routines with this type of element. Keeping your aquarium clean is essential for making sure your wealth luck stays strong since dirty tanks could lead to stagnant chi energy instead of flowing positively throughout your space.

Perform bi-weekly cleanings at minimum using specialized products designed specifically for freshwater or saltwater aquariums – paying attention not just cleaning out debris but also controlling algae growth by adjusting lighting levels appropriately if needed Doing so ensures the quality of energy emanating from your aquarium remains strong and healthy over time.

Common Questions About Using Water Feng Shui For Wealth

Water Feng Shui for wealth is a popular method of bringing abundance and good fortune into the home. The focus of Water Feng Shui is on harnessing the power of water to balance and direct energy around your home or business. Through this process, money and luck can be attracted into your life. With popularity in many cultures, questions about Water Feng Shui for wealth abound.

What Is Water Feng Shui For Wealth?

Water Feng Shui for wealth applies various premises established in Chinese philosophy based on natural laws of energy flow. This type of Feng Shui primes locations to attract positive energy by correctly arranging a variety of objects according to established criteria that support orientation, placements, color, shape and meaning.

To use water for wealth enhancement one must first determine the specific areas where one wants to generate the most favorable chi (or energy). After this is determined then water elements like a waterfall, fountain or aquarium can be used as tools to bring abundance in these specified areas.

How Does It Work?

The goal of using water feng shui for wealth is to create an environment that encourages healthy, positive chi so as to nurture relationships and welcome good fortune into one’s life. One way to do this is by placing water elements such as aquariums at strategic locations related to certain aspects of life such as health or career success.

Feng Shui Setup For Wealth

The idea behind it is that when these energy points are occupied by vibrant water features (filling them with colourful fish or other aquatic creatures), they will act as magnets which draw positive energies into the household – energies which will help improve one’s luck in giving success in whatever areas desired; whether it be building personal relationships or financial success.

The result should end up being enhanced luck in terms of both prosperity and relationships with people around you because with the right placement and set-up of aquaculture (or moving bodies) directed toward your intention it will manifest itself through synchronicities which goes further beyond just attracting money.

What Are Some Examples Of Using Water For Wealth Enhancement?

One area where the use of water has been found effective when attempting to boost ones wealth potential is incorporating an aquarium strategically placed near an entrance door facing outwards. This has been known throughout East Asian cultures as a great way to increase ones economic prospects, since doors are said to be a portal between two worlds and having aquatic life near this threshold symbolizes uninterrupted growth from both physical sources (wealth) and spiritual realms alike.

For example if luck needs boosting then putting together a large aquarium filled with four golden turtles swimming around represent forward movement toward good fortune-rich possibilities and a garden pond with koi fish offer very calming yet activating benefits which makes potential opportunities more visible over time especially towards achieving greater goals.

A small sushi trough filled with two rose goldfish balancing each other promotes harmony too which works well towards financial stability since everything starts from within before external manifestations begin taking place due their mere presence resonating outwards significantly enough in order attract desired circumstances impending watchful eyes can easily spot patterns forming within their surroundings naturally leading towards desirable outcomes eventually too.

Mistakes to Avoid when Teaching Water Feng Shui For Wealth

When it comes to teaching Water Feng Shui For Wealth, Lillian Too’s methods are among the most popular and effective. Though one can come across various different approaches of this ancient art, Too’s techniques have been proven to bring tangible results in terms of wealth accumulation. Since many people are looking for methods to bring more success and prosperity into their lives these days, we should be aware some mistakes that might obstruct the desired effect.

Firstly, one should pay attention on how they construct their fountain or aquarium as this may impact the energy it releases into the home. It is important to remember that size and placement are the most important factors when building one of these devices as incorrect measurements will mess up with its power flow considerably.

Secondly, a strict maintenance routine should be taken into account if one wishes for the full benefits of Water Feng Shui for wealth to show up within their current situation. Keeping adequate levels of cleanliness will prevent stagnation of energies from happening which means that no matter what types of sources you choose you should make sure that they stay spotless at all times.

And thirdly, it is equally essential not to assume that one has all knowledge about this subject matter as there new insightful details about it almost every day and such information must be continually updated in order for a person to make sound decisions regarding this practice.

Other than making sure that there has been enough diligent study done on those matters, good communication between teacher and student will go a long way towards providing useful setups related to Water Feng Shui For Wealth Lillian Too‘s teachings can bring along with them.

If we take care of these principles correctly then learning from her methods can become more efficient and our connections with prosperity may become much stronger than ever before.


Water Feng Shui for wealth with Lillian Too is a very useful tool for those looking to improve their finances. It is the culmination of decades of experience and knowledge from one of the world’s leading authorities on Chinese Feng Shui.

The techniques learned through this unique form of placement can provide substantial physical and spiritual rewards. With the help provided by Lillian Too, individuals are able to properly place water in their home or business setting in a way that will immediately improve their financial fortunes without spending a lot of money.

The workings of Water Feng Shui are based on traditional Chinese philosophy and beliefs which focus on the concepts of energy flow or chi in different areas throughout a home. This includes placing water features such as fountains, streams, fish ponds, etc., in strategic spots according to the individual’s unique goals and plans.

Through proper calculation and analysis, these selected waterscapes create positive energy flows within an environment that aids in enabling prosperity and good fortune. When used properly, Water Feng Shui with Lillian Too can become a powerful tool to generate good luck in business or other personal ventures.

One particularly attractive aspect of Water Feng Shui is its cost-effectiveness when compared to buying expensive jewelry items or gemstones meant to attract wealth luck according to traditional Chinese principles. Through proper implementation techniques during planning stages as instructed by Lillian Too, individuals are able to reap health and wealth benefits from relatively inexpensive investments that can be made right at home or at their office building or any other property they may own.

In this way, Water Feng Shui provides another means for attracting abundance into one’s life while utilizing a financially viable form of complimentary modifications instead of showy indulgences without any real return rate attached to them down the road.

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