Bamboo Plants Feng Shui Location

Bamboo Plant Feng Shui Location

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that has been practiced for centuries, designed to bring harmony and balance to your space and the people within it. One way to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your home is to use the placement of plants strategically. Bamboo in particular is considered a powerful Feng Shui symbol. Here, we look at the best locations for placing your bamboo within your home to maximize its potential positive energy.


Placing a bamboo plant in the North direction of the home is thought to bring academic success, networking opportunities and career advancement luck. This location is ideal for students, professionals and entrepreneurs who are wanting to give their career a boost.

South East

The South East direction of the home is thought to bring luck with money and wealth, so placing a bamboo plant here can help with manifesting abundance into your life. This direction can also assist with improving relationships, employees working together and smooth talking.

South West

The South West direction of the home is said to bring romance and married bliss luck, so is the perfect location for single people wanting to attract love into their life and couples wanting to strengthen their relationship.


The West direction of the home is related to creativity, children and fertility luck. If you are an artist, looking for a creative boost or wanting to start a family, the West is the best direction for the placement of your bamboo plant.

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When placing the bamboo plant, it is important to ensure the number of stalks remain an odd number, as this is considered lucky. Place the plant in a lightweight pot and make sure to water it regularly, as bamboo plants thrive with regular moisture.

Through placing your bamboo in different directions of your home, you can take advantage of its many potential benefits, as well as adding some beautiful greenery to your space.

Where should I place bamboo plants for feng shui?

Feng shui suggests that the best place to place bamboo plants is in the East area of a room. The East element is Wood, and bamboo is considered part of the wood element. It is also believed that bamboo brings a strong vibration of luck and protection to a space. Make sure the plants are kept in fresh soil and exposed to indirect sunlight.

What kind of bamboo is suitable for feng shui?

Any type of bamboo can be used for feng shui, as long as it is not wilting or unhealthy. It is important to pick bamboo that will remain strong and healthy to help promote positive chi energy in the room.

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