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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses a variety of elements, such as the placements of colors, symbols and objects, to bring harmony and balance into a space. One element that is often used in Feng Shui practice is the placement of a rooster inside the office. A rooster should be placed according to Feng Shui principles to maximize its effectiveness in bringing wealth, health and prosperity into the workspace.

Placement – Location within The Office – Rooster should be placed in specific locations for specific purposes to maximize gaining wealth The most important factor when it comes to placing a rooster in an office is its location. According to Feng Shui principles, the best place for the rooster is near the entrance of the office or facing outward toward it.

This placement will help bring wealth and luck to everyone who enters and exits this space. In addition, it can also be placed on any desk or shelf top where it faces outwards towards good fortune for those working under that area.

Purpose Of Placement – Potential Purposes of Placing Rooster In The Office Include Increasing Luck And Health Feng Shui practitioners also suggest using a rooster in an office with other elements such as plants, water fountains or even wind chimes. When these items are put together they act as a sort of energy system that helps enhance luck and health within the workspace.

Additionally, people believe that placing a rooster outside of an office window sends away negative energy while increasing positive energies coming into the room from outside sources. With this combination of elements all working together, it is believed that having a rooster inside an office would improve one’s overall wealth by bringing abundance through peace and harmony into their life.

Benefits of Rooster Placement in an Office Setting

Feng Shui Rooster Placement in the office can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to increasing energy levels, promoting productivity and encouraging positivity. Here are some of the positive impacts that placing a Rooster symbol can have on the atmosphere of an office:

  • Promotes creativity – The rooster symbolizes fresh morning air, full of new ideas and creativity. Having a representation of the dawning sun can invigorate your team’s creative process.
  • Increased productivity – The rooster is said to bring with it heightened ambition and vitality. These qualities can help people stay productive by keeping them motivated.
  • Encourages positivity – Placing a rooster in the office space is believed to enhance optimism and bring in good luck. Having a positive attitude can often make all the difference.

Having specific symbols around us speaks volumes about how we want our mindset to alter or remain on track. Moreover, having a Feng Shui representation such as a Rooster selected just for its potential for bringing life and energy back into your office environment will certainly raise morale in the workplace.

The key is that while each item should serve as both symbolic decoration and have some additional meaning; it can also serve as a reminder to maintain focus during those long hours before quitting time. In addition, having more meaningful dioramas may help drive up conversations between colleagues adding quality relationships alongside quality work throughout the day.

Guidelines for Proper Rooster Placement

  • Position the Rooster Correctly. Position the rooster somewhere above eye-level and facing away from a window. This will ensure a good view of the Four Guardians, which represent the four cardinal directions. Above all else though, it is important to place the rooster in a location where you can see it easily as this helps reinforce its effectiveness.
  • Avoid Clutter in Front of the Rooster. When placing your rooster, make sure that there is enough space around it so that you do not accidentally block its energy. The clutter can ‘overpower’ its effects so it’s better to keep things neat and tidy to ensure maximum benefit from the rooster.
  • Clean and Decorate your Rooster. Cleanliness and decoration are two elements of feng shui that should be kept in consideration when placing yourroaster. Make sure to dust it regularly and give it an attractive display bowl or vase – this will ensure that its spirit can shine brightly.
Best Place To Sit In Office Feng Shui

In adding a Feng Shui Rooster to an office environment, following these steps helps to ensure optimal energy flow between man, his workspace, and nature. It has long been understood that properly positioning a rooster brings luck and waves off bad Qi (energy). It acts as an aid for productivity with those who live off their ideas; including professionals such as entrepreneurs, lecturers, consultants, doctors etc., – thus boosting their career fortune.

Additionally, the Feng Shui Rooster Placement Office could also use other applicable Feng Shui tools when strategically positioning furniture and accessories within their space for further boosting of positive energy; such as Bejewelled Windchimes which bring chi into the space via musical elements adding harmonising vibes; Colourful symbolisation of their ‘goals & visions’ painted on cardboard cutouts or paintings hung on walls connected directly near where they spend most time work-working – being mindful on colour choice too.

Alternative ‘Roosters’ include handmade hanging ornaments depicting animals/people viewed facing away from openings if they cannot source a physical rooster (traditionally made from Jade stone or metal), but predominantly should be used according to requirements: faces forwards for inviting wealth/money opportunities; backwards for driving away negative energies whilst also passive protection within pre-existing entities such as offices/businesses wherein new staff may herald different Chi (energy).

What the Rooster Symbolizes

The rooster has been a popular symbol, for good luck since ancient times. In the Chinese culture, the rooster is seen as a lucky animal that brings prosperity and abundance. It symbolizes joy and good fortune; bringing courage and strength to its owner, along with protection from danger or harm. The rooster also indicates the transition from bad to good luck, making it an appropriate talisman for offices and homes aiming to bring in newcomers’ better fortunes in the future.

Pros of Feng Shui Rooster Placement

  1. The rooster brings optimism and confidence
  2. In Chinese symbolism, the rooster represents fertility and new life
  3. Roosters can ward off negative energies like poverty or misfortune – and attract positive energy instead.
  4. An important factor of placing a Rooster is that you don’t need any specific colors.

How To Place The Rooster In Your Office

  • Roosters should be placed in an upright position.
  • For example, they should not be hung upside down or facing downwards.
  • Place a Rooster in the South part of your office, this will help increase Career opportunities.
  • If you are looking to achieve financial stability in your business then place the Roosters in directions that will enhance these goals such as placing several one West side of your office. This would be ideal if you have investments, business loans or mortgages.
  • You can also hang authentic jade plants as feng shui decorations alongside the roosters for extra good luck charm. These plants represent healthful life force energy that is meant to support long-term success.

Pros and Cons of Placing a Rooster in the Office

Placing a Rooster in the office, as part of a Feng Shui design, has the potential to bring many benefits. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to create a harmonious balance of energy in a space. When it is applied correctly and with the proper intention, it can positively affect relationships within the office as well as its success.

One benefit of having the Rooster in the office is said to be related to prosperity. In Feng Shui terms, placing the Rooster near your entrance or exit signifies welcoming prosperity into your business. The sound made by a Rooster when they crow brings luck and good fortune; not only to your business but also to those who work at it.

Another positive characteristic of including this type of design is vibrancy. A rooster’s head on a wall symbolizes keeping one’s “head up” when things get tough and sticking through difficult times. This helps encourage employees and members alike to continue striving for elevated greatness.

Potential Issues

  • The use of Feng Shui may present issues with other religious beliefs
  • The two dimensional figure may cause distraction making it hard for workers or customers to focus
  • Cultural stereotypes may arise

Where to Place a Rooster for Maximum Results

When using Feng Shui principles to design an office, it is important to consider where to place a rooster for maximum impact. There are three main areas where placements should be made: the entrance, near desks, or in the center of the space.

Feng Shui Office With Window

At the entrance, placing a rooster can be used to welcome visitors and bring good luck into the office. The rooster can also help ward away bad vibes that might affect productivity. Placing a rooster by computers or desks is believed to boost creative thinking and productivity. This is due to the presence of positive energy and feelings brought about by the shape of its beak and wings.

The third placement option is in the center of the space. This can give balance and harmony to the office as well as give protection from any interference with work. It can also bring a sense of organization and new ideas, allowing good luck to flow through all who enter.

  • At an entryway – To welcome visitors and protect against bad vibes
  • Near Desks – To boost creative thinking & productivity
  • Center of Space – For balance & harmony; protection from any interference with work

Making Sure the Rooster Compliments the Overall Office Design

Choosing the right rooster to accent a Feng Shui office d’cor can be an important decision. Ideally, the colors and features of the rooster should complement those of other features in the office. Here are some ideas for selecting a proper Feng Shui rooster placement:

  • Choose a color and material which accents and complements any existing wall or floor coverings. If there are minimal decorations, be sure to choose one that is not too busy.
  • Look for something that is naturally soothing such as a white ceramic rooster to provide balance. Or select something vibrant if more energy is wanted.
  • Select a size which will properly fit in with existing furniture and dcor. A larger size may overpower smaller spaces while a smaller option may get overlooked.

Gaining insight into what kind of Feng Shui rooster placement works best for offices requires understanding on how people interact within their environment. For example, incorporating natural elements such as wood into office units can create a calming aesthetic whereas metallic tones bring added focus. There are also special materials designed to invite positive vibes like “Feng Shui Fountain Stones” which can also be used as decoratives.

In addition to materials, one must take into account the shape of the roosters being placed in the office space when making design decisions. A natural-shaped geometric pattern or abstract representations would likely work better in formal settings than regular shapes or figurines would.

Roosters come in various sizes too so care must be taken to match them up correctly with other pieces already existing in the room without either taking away focus from it or cluttering it up with too much stuff.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that promotes the flow of positive energy in a space. The Rooster Placement is one way office spaces can benefit from Feng Shui. This placement encourages success, stability, and productivity within the workplace. By placing the rooster figure prominently in the southeast corner of the office, employees are able to enjoy improved air circulation, increased concentration and creativity, and greater motivation to achieve their goals.

Additionally, this placement also serves to protect workplaces from negative chi energy caused by outside influences such as noise pollution and sunlight. By positioning it correctly, office spaces can experience less interruptions from skin irritations or sensitivities, so that workers can stay focused on their work. Furthermore, with the right interpretation of colors and symbols associated with this Rooster Placement technique, offices can easily create an inviting atmosphere for customers or clients while promoting quality of life among their employees.

Overall, using Feng Shui in an office setting has several practical benefits. By placing the Rooster figure in a specific corner at a desirable height and angle, businesses are able to maximize potential positive energy that leads to better health for employees as well as greater prosperity for business owners.

With just a few simple steps utilizing Feng Shui techniques through Rooster Placement strategies offices have an effective way to improve performance at work and increase productivity levels all while creating a more balanced work environment for everyone.

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