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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual tradition that has been used for centuries to bring good luck, health, prosperity and positive energy into one’s life. It is believed that through proper placement of various objects in specific directions around the home and workplace, balance in life can be achieved. Applying this practice to the traditional Chinese Rooster year plays a significant role in determining the energy and outlook for 2016.

The fundamentals of Feng Shui are based off of understanding and harnessing the energies of Yin and Yang, with yin representing tranquil, dark and passive energies while yang represents bright, active and expansive energies. By utilizing both aspects, practitioners of Feng Shui will activate certain areas known as auspicious sectors (also known as guas) which are associated with particular activities or roles in life such as relationships, money opportunity or health. This is where Roosters come into play; by engaging these elements it helps guide ones potential by activating these key areas within their own lives depending on their animal sign.

Feng Shui also aims to address imbalances in people’s lives called ‘flying stars’ which are determined by their birth year. The nature of the stars differ each year but for roosters this means heightened ambition which provides great opportunity but excessive activity may overwhelm individuals unless navigated correctly. This theory underpins Feng Shui; paying attention to one’s environment will assist them in achieving life goals more easily whether thats financial matters or relationship successes.

Ultimately applying Feng-Shui principles to the Chinese Rooster year outlines what behaviours need to be followed for a prosperous 2016 including amending any negative influences instilling positive improvements for individual success..

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Feng Shui is a Chinese practice based on the idea of achieving balance and harmony between people and their physical environment. It can help you determine how to align furniture, colors, and energy to create an energized atmosphere for your home or workplace.

In 2016, according to the Chinese Zodiac the Year of the Rooster stretches from January 28th-February 15th 2017. For those born in this time period it means success in academics and business may come quickly but could disappear just as fast if chances are not taken at the right time. The rules of Feng Shui suggest that to ensure this positivity is sustained during 2016 one must place objects around the house in strategic locations that provide auspicious energy such as red items, bells, coins, candles, roosters decorations and flowers. Especially displaying these items around afflicted areas of your home like the middle area of your living room – known as “The Tai” – will increase luck and draw prosperity into that space. Also take advantage of important dates according to Feng Shui like moving into a new place on February 8th for peak studies or attaching a silver bell outside your window on February 22nd for great fortune….

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Feng Shui can be classified into many different forms based on a number of factors related to spaces energy levels such as environment orientation or annual feng shui cycles. For example, when it comes to the year 2016 ,the Dog is associated with Fire element which suggests orientations should be centered around South-East , bold bright colors are best used such as reds or oranges and focusing energy with plants like blooming yellow roses especially in the South-East direction can activate wealth energies while avoiding items in some cardinal directions such Wind Chimes which symbolize negative thoughts and emotions like poverty, depression etc..

Creating a beneficial flow within one’s space by following these principles can promote good health, wealth & happiness all year round during Chinese Year Of The Rooster 2016

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Choosing the right colors is pertinent to ensure that the best Feng Shui vibes in 2016 for Rooster. According to Feng Shui experts, red will be the color of choice. It encourages very fiery and passionate energy, which are both beneficial for the rooster this year. The color brown fuels strength and stability while white heightens confidence and concentration. To generate wealth luck in the New Year, introduce yellow; purple helps with spiritual healing and transformation, while gray contributes to neutrality and aloofness. Also adding splashes of pink can provide romance luck this year. Other hues like turquoise or orange are also important for imparting positive energy in specific areas of your life. Begin by bringing these colors into your life through clothing, artwork, wall décor and more to draw in good fortune from all directions throughout the New Year!

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2016. The Rooster can channel their internal spiritual energy and be on their path to enter a year of growth and success. They should take individual responsibility for their actions and from this, find a greater purpose than their own – one that enables them to give back to the world wider. The Rooster should remember that helping others is part of spiritual growth. Once they prioritize giving back, they will have greater strength and resilience in the face of challenges presented in the upcoming year; this will open up new opportunities and foster inner peace. To ensure good luck throughout 2016, create a positive atmosphere by inviting peaceful vibrations into the home, making sure to spread love, light and appreciation wherever possible.

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Q1: What colors will be auspicious for the Rooster in 2016?

A1: According to traditional Feng Shui, colors that will bring good luck for the Rooster in 2016 include earth tones such as yellow, blue and black. Earth tones are calm colors that can create a sense of inner balance, stability and harmony.

Q2: What types of items should the Rooster place around their house?

A2: Items that traditionally bring luck to the Rooster include mirrors, coins and statues or sculptures of roosters shaped from metal materials. Additionally, one could display rooster paintings or make use of Peach Blossoms (symbolizing romance) and crystals (for protection).

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