Feng Shui 2020 For Rooster

Feng Shui 2020 For Rooster

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of arranging objects and space to achieve harmony and balance. It’s all about understanding the energy in a room or space, and using that energy to create the most auspicious and positive atmosphere possible.

Feng Shui for the Rooster in 2020

The rooster is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and as such, carries both auspicious and inauspicious connotations for the coming year. Those born in the Year of the Rooster, (2017, 2005, 993, etc), should pay special attention to the feng shui tips for 2020:

General Tips

  • Bring in the luck of love:
    Place a pair of Mandarin Ducks — known as love icons — in the southwest area of the home.
  • Introduce water features:
    Improve relationships by placing a water fountain in the north or east area of the home.
  • Focus on career and travel:
    Adding metal decorations such as coins and wind chimes to the west or north corner of your home will bring positive chi for your career and travel opportunities.
  • Bring in the wood element:
    Introduce more wood elements, such as furniture and plants, to soften energy in the west and east regions of the home.
  • Use plants to improve energy:
    Plants are known for purifying the energy in a room, so it’s a great idea to add some to the north and east areas of your home.
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Things to Avoid

  • Keep clutter away:
    Accumulating clutter will block any positive energy from entering the home, so keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Beware of bad directions:
    Avoid sleeping or placing furniture in the southwest area of your home, as this may bring bad luck and obstacles.
  • Say goodbye to mirrors:
    Mirrors can disrupt the overall chi of the home, so keep them away from the front door.

Auspicious Colors for the Rooster in 2020

The colors that bring the most luck to the rooster in 2020 include blue, white, black, gold, and green. These colors will help balance the energy and create an environment of positive chi for the coming year.


Whether you’re born in the year of the Rooster or not, using feng shui tips for 2020 will bring harmony and balance to your home. Take the time to introduce these tips and colors in order to create an atmosphere of good luck and prosperity. Good luck!

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