Feng Shui Pi Yao Placement 2022


Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy which attempts to harmonize the physical environment with the spiritual. These principles are derived from yin-yang, five elements, and qi theory. The goal is to create balance and promote wellness of body and mind by taking into account the external environment. Pi Yao, also known as Pi Xiu or Tian Lu, is a popular symbol in Feng Shui used to bring protection, luck, fortune and prosperity. Placing this auspicious creature in your home or office will make it a more positive space for those living or working there. The placement of the Pi Yao will depend on which area of life you are looking to enhance such as wealth luck, health luck, career advancement or relationship luck. It’s important to consider the bagua map when placing a Pi Yao since different areas need different energy depending on their orientation within the house. Correctly placing a Pi Yao can help bring good fortune for its occupants in 2022!

History of the Pi Yao Symbol

The Pi Yao symbol is an ancient Chinese symbol that originated in Chinese mythology. The symbol is meant to ward off bad luck and attract wealth, good fortune, and protection. It is often believed to bring success and protect positive chi energy around a home, business, or individual. Many people in the Western world has adopted this powerful symbol as part of their Feng Shui practice.

The Pi Yao symbol has two parts that make it up – the body of a lion-like creature with wings known as the Pi and its smaller head known as the Yao. The Pi stands for protection while the Yao indcates auspiciousness and a quest for longevity. According to tradition, it can be found carved on door frames, furniture pieces, gates, temples, etc..

In terms of Feng Shui placement for 2022 according to many experts, it is recommended that one place the Pi Yao symbol facing outward from one’s house. Not only will this help repel negative energies from entering your home but also helps appease any negative energy in time for the new year. One can choose colors depending on what areas need most attention such as red for energy or black for grounding effects. Placing this symbol near entrances or exits can also invite wealth and abundance into your lives as well as creating a strong protective barrier around self and family members

Benefits of Placing a Pi Yao in the Home in 2022

Placing a Feng Shui Pi Yao in your home in 2022 can bring many benefits. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the Pi Yao is a powerful spiritual symbol that provides protection against bad luck and bring good fortune into the home. This year, the placement of the Pi Yao is believed to be particularly auspicious as its energies are said to be very applicable for this time period. By placing a Pi Yao on the eastern side of your home it can help build strong relationships while working to generate win-win scenarios. The Eastern side of the house is also associated with health and wealth, therefore by having one here, it could help prevent any financial difficulties during this year.

In addition to its protective qualities, placing a Pi Yao can attract positive energy and generate fresh new opportunities while working through any existing challenges they may have. Its powerful symbolism has been likened to that of an armor; protecting all those living in the house from external negative energies as well as subduing any conflicts which might arise internally between members of the household. Not only that, but bringing in a Pi Yao can also work harmoniously with other elements such as wind chimes or crystal balls to create an overall atmosphere of protection and good luck for those who inhabit within its walls.

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Cultural Significance of the Pi Yao

The Pi Yao is a popular symbol of protection and good luck that stems from Chinese mythology. It is said to be the ninth son of the heavenly dragon and to possess qualities such as strength, honor and harmony. In Feng Shui, they are believed to have strong protective abilities, bringing all the inhabitants in a home protection from harm. They offer wealth, luck and prosperity by warding off negative vibes and energies and keeping things in balance. The Pi Yao is also associated with longevity, so it’s not uncommon to see them placed in areas where people age such as grandparents’ bedrooms or dining rooms. Additionally, they are known to bring good fortune when placed in entryways or lobbies as gatekeepers of any building. As such, placing this figure in ritual locations according to their birth year can work wonders for their level of luck throughout the year.

Rules to Follow for Placement in 2022

1. Place the Pi Yao near your entrance or in areas of stagnation – It is best to place the Pi Yao near your main entrance to help dispel any negative energies and protect your home, by warding off incoming bad luck. The Pi Yao can also be placed in areas of your home that are known to be “stagnant”, such as hallways, corners, passages between rooms etc.

2. Avoid placing the Pi Yao by fire sources – According to Feng Shui experts, placing a Pi Yao too close to a source of fire (fireplaces, stoves etc) can weaken its power and compromise its effectiveness.

3. Place the Pi Yao higher than human-level – Placement at human-level or lower will distract from the powerful background energy. To prevent this from happening and ensure that it has good access to chi energy, it should be placed higher than human-level (but not too high).

4. Use other Feng Shui cures for enhanced power – A wealth charm such as coins or ingots can be used with the Pi Yao to symbolize abundance and success; this combined with other Feng Shui cures such as wind chimes, mirrors etc will give the Pi Yao even more power to combat negative energies and attract positive chi into your home.

Suggested Feng Shui Cures for Placement in 2022

The Pi Yao can be placed in various areas of your home to bring good luck and protection in 2022. It is suggested that the Pi Yao be placed in the South-Western part of the house, known as the Fame/Reputation area, to bring more recognition and success. It should also be positioned in the center of the home which represents balance and harmony, symbolizing strong energy flow. Placing a Pi Yao by the front door invites positive energy into your home, providing a safe and secure environment for yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, keep one in the East sector of your house – the area that symbolizes health – to receive physical strength from this auspicious creature throughout the year. Finally, putting it on or near your desk or workspace will attract helpful mentors and wealth opportunities that you can benefit from in 2022.

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Suggested Placement Areas for Maximum Advantage

The best places to place the Feng Shui Pi Yao in 2022 are those areas which represent wealth and success. For extra benefit, this should include your front door or entryway, a living room corner, or even an office desk or workspace. You can also enhance the Pi Yao’s power by placing it in a location that dominates the main entrance of your home. In addition, setting it where the light of the sun touches directly is said to bring great luck for wealth accumulation and financial flow into your life. It is also suggested to set the Pi Yao on shelves or mount it on walls at high levels to create an inviting atmosphere of abundance. Furthermore, pairing it with other auspicious symbols such as money frogs, crystal balls, fortune cat figurines and lucky koi fish is believed to activate more positive energy in 2022.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Placing the Pi Yao

Placing the Pi Yao in any of the following cardinal directions is a mistake: North-East, South-West, or West. The Pi Yao should never be placed in these locations because they can cause disruption and bring negative energies into the home.

Other mistakes to avoid when placing the Pi Yao include not having it facing the right direction, keeping it too close to the entrance of your home or office space, or having more than one in each room. The best placement for a Pi Yao is always opposite from the main door of your home; it should be parallel to any window, and should face into any interior areas of your space. Avoid clustering multiple Pi Yao together; only place one per room. Finally, never place them on top of electronics appliances as this disrupts their effective placements and energy flow.


Using Feng Shui, the placement of the Pi Yao can be utilized to enhance one’s luck for 2022. By placing the Pi Yao in locations that amplifies “Yang” energy such as East or Southeast sector of the house, it will help improve wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. It will also bring you joy, happiness and growth opportunities in many aspects like career, family, health and wealth. Combining this prosperity with a good education or hard work placed on personal development or business plans may also increase chances for success and achievement in one’s life. The placement of the Pi Yao at entrances of the home such as doors and windows will guard against bad energy entering into the home while providing protection against falls or accident. Finally, by focusing on activating happy energy towards sectors related to love relationships and marriage may inspire new sources of joy within ones personal experiences throughout 2022. All these strategies suggests that careful consideration as to where best to place your Pi Yao items can create a positive impact on luck during Year 2022!

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