Corner Unit Feng Shui


Corner Unit Feng Shui is a type of Feng Shui practice that uses corner shapes and objects to create alignment and balance in a space. This type of Feng Shui is believed to have originated from the Chinese culture, where traditional draughtsmen would use overlapping corners known as “Tai Chi” to denote harmony and unity. The term itself was coined in 1973 when Master Cheng Yen described it as the art of using three-dimensional objects to generate energy forces around them. It is based on a combination of ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy, astronomical observations, divination and healing elements which all come together to form a holistic approach for improving one’s quality of life. Corner Unit Feng Shui focuses on the positioning of furniture and other objects in order to enhance their ability to bring luck, health and fortune into your home or workplace. By incorporating shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles with proper orientation; this form of Feng Shui can bring positive chi (energy) into your space thus creating an environment that is full of vitality and liveliness.


Other potential advantages of Corner Unit Feng Shui include an increase in wealth, a better order and balance in the home, more abundance and success with career pursuits, improved relationships between family members and friends, enhanced creativity, productivity, and mental well-being. It can also help reduce stress by creating quiet spaces for restful environments and bringing peace of mind. Many people believe that using Corner Unit Feng Shui can create an atmosphere that is conducive to better physical, emotional and spiritual health.


The optimal location for a corner unit depends on several factors. Generally, it should be placed within the boundary of the room (not blocking any doorways or windows) and in a place where it can not be bumped into easily. It should also be given adequate space so that people can move around its array of furniture without feeling crowded.

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In addition, the corner unit should also not obstruct any important energy flow pathways. It is important to pay attention to this in Chinese feng shui principles as any restriction of these significant paths could reduce overall positive energy level in the house.

Another challenge that must be taken into consideration when deciding the placement of a corner unit is the material and color of the item. In Chinese feng shui, different materials have different associated benefits and drawbacks, so if possible it is best to choose a corner unit which is made from natural and restorative materials such as wood or glass. Similarly, bright blue or yellow colored items will bring more happiness and joy while darker colors like brown tend to create a sense of gloominess in a room so they should be used sparingly.


When incorporating the five elements of feng shui into a corner unit design, it is important to consider the overall harmony of these elements. Each element should be balanced with the others to achieve an optimal arrangement.

For example, fire and water elements can be used together to create balance and calm in a living space. This could be achieved by placing a fountain near a fireplace or art piece depicting flames on opposing ends of the corner unit. Additionally, using colors associated with each element can be another way to incorporate them harmoniously within a given space.

Earth elements lend purpose to a room, so adding items like potted plants, pottery pieces and sculptures can add a grounding effect within your living space when incorporated into a corner unit. Adding metal decor like hanging lanterns or bowls for storage can help maintain balance throughout the rest of the units design as well. Finally, wooden accents on furniture or wall hangings will round out any arrangement nicely.


Candles are a great way to add positive energy to a corner unit in your home. Candles have always been used as part of Feng Shui, since they bring a sense of warmth and peace and help to create balance within the environment. Placing candles strategically around the corners of the unit can help to attract good energy and repel negative energy. Additionally, you can use the candles in combination with artwork or special objects that represent the direction associated with that specific cornerunit. For example, hang artwork that expresses your love for nature in northwest corner units where the symbol of growth resides; place beautiful pieces related to nature in east corner units where prosperity resides; or hang artwork that speaks about childhood memories in south west corner units linking it to relationships and loving family ties. Using special features such as candles or artwork allows for deepened intention when placing these items helping to activate and create positive energy within a space.

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The practice of Corner Unit Feng Shui is a great way to bring a sense of harmony and balance into the home. It centers around the concept of creating beautiful energy flow throughout the different parts of the house, and can even help to improve your personal energy and relationship with yourself and those around you. By incorporating items that represent Windchimes, crystalline lenses, incense sticks, plants, mirrors, colored glassware and light fixtures, one can create a calming sanctuary where positive energy can flow freely. With careful planning and consideration for each unit’s energy needs, corner units can be reshaped to increase their potential of attracting beneficial energies. The result is an improved atmosphere that brings peace and harmony into all areas of life.

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