Christmas Tree Feng Shui 2020


Christmas tree feng shui is all about harnessing the power of the elements in order to make your Christmas a little brighter this year. Creative use of color, symbolism, and proper placement can go a long way to stimulating our positive energy and setting the right tone for a joyous season.

There are numerous ways that you can use the principles of feng shui when decorating your Christmas tree this coming holiday season. To begin with, it is important to take into consideration where your tree will be placed within the home. Ideally, it should be situated close to either yin or yang energies. Yin energy has a calming effect while yang energy creates an uplifting and energizing vibe. Thus, strategically place your tree in such a position so as to allow both these energies to flow freely throughout your living space.

Moreover, taking care to choose a Christmas tree which perfectly symbolizes who you are and what themes you want to reflect during the holidays is essential for creating balanced positive energy in 2020. Consider incorporating meaningful decorations onto your tree that represent your family’s unique story or special life events from past years – for instance, adding mementos from travels or even sporting items associated with beloved family members can be a great way of highlighting shared experiences. In addition, certain colors also evoke certain feelings – white may signify hope while green may invoke feelings of peace and harmony. Therefore, think carefully when selecting specific decorations that appeal aesthetically yet vibrate harmoniously around the room too!

What are the Principles of Christmas Tree Feng Shui?

Christmas tree feng shui principles involve creating a harmonious and balanced atmosphere while incorporating elements of the natural environment into your decor. Some of the main principles to keep in mind include:

• Choose a Christmas tree that fits best with the rest of your home’s décor. Make sure it is neither too large nor too small.

• Place the tree in an area that is visible and accessible, yet far away from electrical outlets and heat sources.

• Use colors and decorations that evoke comfort, joy, and peace, while avoiding anything that could potentially become a hazard.

• Enhance good luck by adding lucky symbols such as strings of coins, Chinese knotting, and flowers or plants with auspicious meanings.

• Encourage positive energy with chimes or wind catchers which will also help dissipate negative energy from entering the home.

• Place lights on the tree that create gentle illumination instead of overly bright lighting; otherwise you risk over stimulating your space.

• Don’t forget to also add plenty of natural elements to your Christmas tree such as pine cones, dried fruit/vegetables, wildflowers, seashells and more ” letting nature be part of your decorations will bring balance to your home during the festive season.

Placement Ideas to Maximize Good Fortune

Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of balance within your home or workplace, can bring welcoming energy and luck at Christmas. It’s especially effective for a Christmas tree as its striking appearance can be used as an attention-grabber to maximize auspicious surroundings. For the best feng shui for 2020, it’s best to find a place for your tree with good chi energy. It should ideally be placed in the East sector of your home or workplace; this is the direction that brings health, money and fortune. However, if this isn’t possible then try placing it in the next best location – either South east or North east.

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Make sure to decorate your tree with symbols that represent positivity and good luck such as bright stars, butterflies and red ribbons ” you can even add lucky coins or bells! Adding candles adds an extra layer of Feng Shui since they bring light into each section of the home which further increases riches and wellness. Finally, you can give a nod to the evergreen element by adding fragrances such as cedarwood essential oil or pine needles onto your tree. With these tips in mind you’ll be sure to bring some positive energy into your holiday season!.

Tips for Lighting and Decorating to Attract Luck and Success

Feng Shui is an ancient practice from China that focuses on optimizing the arrangement of objects and settings in order to attract luck and abundance. With Christmas tree feng shui, one can light and decorate their tree in a certain way that is said to bring prosperity into the home. Here are some tips for lighting and decorating your Christmas tree with feng shui principles in mind:

1. Place the tree at an optimal place: believed to be near a window or entranceway in order to fill the space with active, energetic chi energy.

2. Use bright lights and sparkling decorations: which symbolize power, wealth, happiness and abundance. Avoid using dark-colored decorations as these may cause negative energy to accumulate around the space.

3. Hang a mirror on the wall behind it: this will help reflect positive energy back up towards the tree, making it even more prosperous!

4. Add some metallic accents: such as aluminum foil or tinsel for further balance and clarity of chi energy within the room.

5. Make sure your ornaments match elements of one another: use colours from specific Feng Shui elements like water (blue), wood (green), fire (red) and earth (yellow). This combination creates a harmonious atmosphere for good luck!

6. Place coins, bells, crystals and other meaningful items at the base of your tree: these will help amplify any positive chi energy coming into your home while also allowing you to create more attractive displays around your house during holidays!

Selecting Ornaments to Enhance Wealth and Prosperity

Christmas tree Feng Shui 2020 is all about selecting appropriately themed ornaments that will help you to attract wealth and prosperity into your home. You should select ornaments that are made out of gold, silver and other precious metals that are associated with abundance. You can also draw on the traditional symbols of good luck like coins, crystals or figurines of Mandarin Ducks and cranes. Be sure to avoid red, white or black Christmas decorations as they will have an adverse effect on the flow of wealth energy. Instead opt for vibrant yellows, purples and blues which can help to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. If possible place an ornament in the North and East corners of your Christmas tree as these directions are associated with prosperity and abundance. Finally position any plants at the base of your tree as this symbolizes growth and fertility. With these tips, you can be sure to bring plenty of good luck into your home this holiday season!

Incorporating Christmas Colors to Encourage Positive Outcomes

The use of Christmas tree feng shui is a tradition among many families. It encourages welcome positive energy, good luck, and prosperity while providing a visual reminder of the joyous Christmas season. This year, when decorating your Christmas tree with festive symbols, you can also incorporate calming colors that encourage positive outcomes. Red, green and white are traditional Christmas tree colors that represent physical and spiritual balance. Red brings strength to the body; Green regenerates the spirit; and White supports soulful awareness. Additionally, silver and gold accents add glitz to decorations plus offer extra prosperity and abundance. Incorporating blue into your decorations will draw in peace and harmony causing a calming atmosphere in your home over the holiday season. Finally, adding touches of purple or pink effects can promote unconditional love and appreciation for one another during this special time of year

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Clearing Blocks to Restore Harmonious Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that focuses on using the energy within a room or space to bring out its good vibes. At Christmas time, many people make use of this art form to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in their homes. There are certain techniques that can be used when decorating the Christmas tree in order to bring in positive energy into the home.

One principle of Feng Shui recommends placing an angel atop the Christmas tree as they are seen as protectors and messengers of love, peace, and harmony. Additionally, one should not hang photographs, symbols of money or birds on the tree as these elements could cause disharmonious energies to enter your home.

Furthermore, decorations such as red and gold ribbons or strings of crystal beads symbolize positive energy that invigorate life and enhance one’s creativity. Other decorations including flowers or plants will not only add beauty to the tree but also help balance the energy of the home by bringing purified oxygen into your space. Finally, towards the end of December it is important to cleanse any negative energies from your home by burning incense or fragrant candles near your Christmas tree; this helps promote peaceful vibes in your household over the festive season.


Christmas Tree Feng Shui is a powerful practice to activate positive energy in your home during the holiday season. In 2020, this practice can be utilized to bring love, happiness, abundance, prosperity and good health into your space. Proper placement of the Christmas tree is said to generate a positive environment that will improve wealth luck as well as relationships. Generally speaking, the tree should be placed in the east or southeast corner of your home so that Chi energy can circulate freely around it. To create an even more powerful energy field you can place coins with the year imprinted on them at the base of the tree; this will attract money luck. Additionally, place five different types of fruits and vegetables among the branches of the tree to bring good health luck into your home over this season and beyond. Finally, adorning your Christmas tree with lights and decorations that have specific symbolic meanings such as happiness and joy will help ensure a happy holiday season throughout 2020.

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