Feng Shui Ornaments for Office

Introduction to Office Feng Shui Ornaments

Feng Shui is an ancient practice originating in China that brings balance to a space, allowing good energy or ‘qi’ to circulate freely throughout. Feng Shui office ornaments are used to bring beneficial energetic influences into the workplace—improving productivity, relationships and overall wellbeing of your employees.

By creating a harmonious atmosphere, feng shui office ornaments can help reduce negativity and attract positive energy. There are various feng shui objects which may be used including crystals, statuettes, plants, water features and wind chimes. Ideally the right object should be chosen by taking into account the specific focus of the office; for example if teamwork is a focus then you might use a figurine showing two people working cooperatively together. Another option could be using symbols of accomplishment such as ladders to represent career progression.

Who should use them? Office Feng Shui ornaments can be utilized by anyone looking to improve their work environment such as small business owners, executives, managers and individuals simply wanting a more comfortable working space.

Why do they work? All living things vibrate at particular frequencies and these vibrations can influence our physical environment. By introducing positive energy in the form of Feng Shui office ornaments we can create an atmosphere conducive to success, comfort and prosperity. This enables us to feel supported by our subconscious mind so that we adjust ourselves accordingly and make better decisions with clarity and purpose.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Feng Shui

When arranging the office space with Feng Shui, there are several important elements to consider in order to achieve a balanced space. The main objectives of the design should be to increase energy level, create an atmosphere where employees are productive and creative, and to reduce stress levels. To that end, there are few general concepts and ornaments that can be used in designing a workspace using this traditional Chinese philosophy.

Firstly, Feng Shui is based on the idea of achieving a balance between yin (passive) and yang (active) energies. Yin energy is characterized by soft lighting, muted colors or accessories, symmetrical shapes and objects that bring calmness or relaxation. Alternatively, Yang energy is brighter and more energetic: accent lighting, robust windows and clutter-free open spaces will create this ambiance. Furthermore, the placement of furniture should follow these principles – for example placing desks at angles rather than against walls will increase work productivity as it allows better flow of energy throughout the office.

In terms of decoration, certain objects can enhance positive energy within the office such as water fountains which represent life-energy; plants which promote growth and fresh air; basic crystals like rose quartz for universal love; curved mirrors to reflect positive energy back into the room; wind chimes for enhanced focus; cleverly placed items like paper weights with symbols of prosperity like a dragon or an elephant etc. All these wards off negative spirits while promoting flourishing business results so it’s essential they be placed properly around your office space according to Feng Shui guidelines. Lastly talking bells with messages inscribed upon provide good luck while pictures or paintings act as metaphors connecting intellectual thought with physical reality while encouraging creativity in any environment!

Feng Shui Ornaments and their Meaning

Feng Shui ornaments have the potential to shift positive energy throughout the office and bring a greater sense of balance and positivity. Common office Feng Shui ornaments can include dragons, fish, Buddha statues, lucky coins, glass chimes or crystals. These decorations come in various shapes, sizes and colors and often carry deep symbolism that is rooted in Asian culture.

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For instance, dragons are believed to bring good fortune, abundance and creativity. Having a dragon in your office could open doors for career opportunities. Fish symbolize abundance and prosperity as their connection to water stands for the flow of wealth. As such, fish statues can be used to signify material success from a financial perspective.

Buddha statues represents peace of mind while glass chimes are designed to spread positive energy around the room by emitting calming notes with each slight breeze they pick up or movement made in their vicinity. In Chinese culture, lucky coins symbolize wealth; it is said that placing these coins on an altar brings luck not just to its owner but those around them as well.

Crystals hold powerful healing energies which can help cleanse your workspace of any negative energy and promote growth for both professional and personal matters alike. Each type of Feng Shui ornament offers its own unique set of benefits meaning one should consider which vibe you want to create before choosing décor for your office space.

Placement of Feng Shui Ornaments

When choosing Feng Shui ornaments for the office, it is important to understand the principles of placement in order to create a balanced and pleasant environment. Zoning is an essential part of Feng Shui and involves dividing space into five distinct areas: career, knowledge and wisdom, wealth, fame and reputation, relationships, and family. Each area provides particular support or protection associated with an aspect of life or profession. To ensure these energies are balanced in the office environment, place specific ornaments associated with each area within your office.

For example, in the career area of your office it is beneficial to place a Horse statue on top of a shelf or desk; the Horse symbolizes power and strength which can help encourage ambition and success. Ornamental goldfish should be placed in some water feature near this area as they represent abundance, wealth and opportunity – great for business success! Other objects such as a Laughing Buddha will add good fortune while placing crystals can enhance creativity and energy levels. In addition to statues succulents are ideal for this area; they represent health vitality which promote economic prosperity.

Placement of objects in each distinct zone will bring about balance resulting in healthier relationships for those present in the working environment as well as encouraging prosperity within the business itself. A harmonious workplace also cultivates innovation fueled by creativity!

Benefits of Feng Shui Ornaments in Office Spaces

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to promote and encourage positive energy, abundance, and success in one’s life. Many believe that the Energy of Feng Shui Ornaments in office spaces can help create an atmosphere where productivity and creativity are heightened. Using these decorations can be beneficial due to their calming effect, as well as their ability to bring order and harmony into a space.

For instance, positioning key elements like water features or plants throughout the office space can allow for purification and cleansing of negative energies, while enhancing positive energy flow which promotes creativity and increases productivity. Other Feng Shui embellishments such as wind chimes, mountain scenes with birds flying in front of them, or meaningful crystals can visually capture a person’s attention which will aid in shifting emotional states so ideas can come quicker. Lighting fixtures such as Himalayan salt lamps are often suggested as they emit a soft light that supports the flow of creative ideas while casting away troublesome distractions. Lastly, placing paintings or pictures on walls serve as reminders of inspirational goals that people may strive to attain making it less difficult to stay focused during long tasks.

In conclusion, incorporating Feng Shui Ornaments into an office space is believed to be beneficial due to their calming effects and ability to help create an atmosphere where increased productivity & creativity are possible through cleaning negative energies, arousing inspiration & motivation, bringing order & harmony into the workspace plus offering visual reminders for goals ahead all centered around inspiring thought processes & allowing for better focus during long tasks

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Using Feng Shui Ornaments to Reflect Your Brand

Feng Shui ornaments, such as crystals, statues, and coins, are designed to create a more harmonious atmosphere. When used in a business environment, such as an office space, these ornamental items can help reflect the brand reputation of the company. This is perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses that don’t have access to expensive remodeling services. By using feng shui ornaments, you can easily bring your personality and message into the room without taking on additional costs.

The specific items you select for your workspace should reflect the type of work that’s being done there. For instance, large wooden statues with crossed arms and legs represent activities like negotiation and meditation; while curved metal sculptures may signify power and stability. And crystals can be used to enhance certain energy flows or themes within a workspace – they’re often used in combination with other ornaments to trigger powerful positive energies. Coins are also popularly used to invite financial luck into the office space. Furthermore, colors play an important role when it comes to feng shui ornamentation – elements like green plants or yellow rugs can go a long way toward creating serene atmospheres in offices.

Strategies for Buying Feng Shui Ornaments

1) Plan out the decorations that you want to purchase. Crafting a plan ensures that you’re buying pieces with intention, rather than just grabbing whatever catches your eye. Consider how these pieces will either attract or repel elements in the office environment and make sure they coincide with other pieces in the room.

2) Choose colors that are meaningful to your company’s mission and values. Feng shui ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find decorative pieces that coordinate with the color scheme of your office. Select colors and shapes that represent a balance of creative energy, stability, power, success, confidence, and collaboration – whatever aspects of your company’s mission and vision you want reflected in the office space.

3) Take into account where the piece will be positioned. An ornament should be placed strategically for it to have an effect on energy flow in the space – whether it is in an area where guests will arrive or near certain elevations such as near windows or near furniture.

4) Consider symbols that hold special significance for you. If there is something like a certain flower or gemstone that resonates strongly with you, look for an ornament made from those materials so you can bring their power into your office environment.


Feng Shui ornaments can help create a productive and positive environment within an office. These ornaments are designed to bring energy, harmony, and balance into a space to promote health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. The presence of Feng Shui ornaments can also boost motivation, creativity and inspiration as well as reduce workplace stress, allowing employees to focus on their work tasks more efficiently. By choosing carefully placed items such as plants, statues, painted artwork and crystals that are in line with Feng Shui principles, it is possible to positively shift the energy of the office which can improve everyone’s experience in the workplace.

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