Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui

Introduction to Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form of geomancy that uses the energies of yin and yang, the five elements, Feng Qi (the life force), and calculations based on the lunar cycles to manipulate atmosphere and architecture to improve luck, health and wealth. Fu Lu Shou, which literally translates to “Prosperity, Status and Longevity,” is symbolic of the Tao trinity gods; Fu Xing (Fu Lu) gives fortune and prosperity; Lu Xing (Lu Shou) showers good reputation and respect; while Shou Xing (Longevity) gives a long life span. According to Feng shui masters, these three gods designate three very important desires in life: Fortune, Fame/Reputation and Longevity that every individual wishes for health, wealth and success.

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui practice is an art that not only includes studying the theories but also requires experience in application. It involves many complex calculations regarding time cycles like Luo Shu numbers as well as knowledge of directions combining with Paht Chee or Chinese Astrology for better activation of auspicious Qi. To maximize its effectiveness furniture arrangement should be directionaly corrected according to personal orientation for increased luck in various aspects such as relationship or wealth etc. Furthermore charm placement is involved including specific colours or objects based on individual horoscope at its specific locations to increase personal fortune directed toward areas like career or relationships etc.

The Three Foundations of Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that seeks to balance a person’s energy with their environment for better health and wellbeing. It is based on a cosmic trinity known as the Three Foundations (Fu Lu Shou). This triad includes Fu, the god of Good Fortune; Lu, the god of Prosperity; and Shou, the god of Longevity. As part of Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui, believers create specific areas in their homes according to these three deities.

For instance, Fu typically represents wealth which corresponds to one’s career potential when located at the front door or main entry. Placing an offering or representation of Fu can bring good luck and opportunity in business endeavors. Meanwhile, Lu symbolizes both material goods and physical wellbeing indicating that this area should be open without clutter representing good fortune coming towards us over time. Finally, objects related to longevity are placed near bedrooms as they correspond with restful sleep encouraging longer life expectancy by attracting positive energy from the gods into our sleeping space. Ultimately, Fu Lu Shou Feng shui requires visual application combined with inner aspects of belief so honor these Three Foundations for drawing completeness from the divine triad in your own life!

Placement and Layout of Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou is one of the classic Feng Shui symbols which bring in good luck and fortune. It is composed of three gods: Fu, Lu and Shou, representing wealth, prosperity and longevity. Proper placement of Fu Lu Shou can bring positive Qi energy, harmony and good luck to an environment. The three gods should be placed together in a particular location for optimal energy transfer; usually at an entrance or on a high shelf in order to let their presence be felt and fortify any room with positive energies.

It is important to consider the core Feng Shui principles when arranging Fu Lu Shou as it creates a balanced arrangement that enhances the auspicious energy within an area; bringing great fortune and satisfaction while ward off negative influences. Orientation of the figures is also essential in order to promote welcoming Chi – they should face into the room, facing North if possible, offering protection from all sides. Finally, supporting the display with vibrant colors such as reds and oranges perfectly complements the configuration of Fu Lu Shou while amplifying its auspicious power even further into any space.

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Traditional Decorations for Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui decorations are used to create positive energy for homes and businesses in Chinese cultures. These decorations feature symbols of Fu Lu Shou, which represent the three wise immortals of prosperity, honor, and long life. Fu stands for the god of good luck, Lu for the god of wealth, and Shou for the god of longevity.

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, these gods can bring about good luck if their symbols are put up in high places within a home or workspace. Commonly used Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui decorations include images of the three gods and items like dragon symbols to increase yang qi (positive energy), mirrors to protect from negative energy, coins as a talisman to attract wealth, pomegranates to bring health and bliss, peach trees to maintain harmony among all family members; peonies to wish for promotion and fortune; cranes as a symbol of longevity; mandarin ducks as symbols of passionate love between couples; bamboo plants that cultivate innocence and virtue; scrolls carrying kind words to bring inner peace; decorative pieces such as calligraphy artwork with happy phrases written on them. All these elements unify to promote positive energy when placed together in harmony accordingly. Placing popular stars that signal auspicious omens is also considered an integral part of decorating using Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui principles.

Symbolic Enhancers for Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui is an ancient practice for creating positive energy, or qi in your environment and it relies on the use of three powerful symbols – Fu, Lu, and Shou. Fu represents fortune or luck; Lu stands for status and honor; and Shou represents a long and healthy life. In order to maximize protection offered by these three powerful symbols, there are specific feng shui enhancers which one can place in their home or office to attract good fortune and ward away any negative qi.

Common types of symbolic enhancers used to increase the power of Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui include images of a dragon, elephant, horse, turtle, fish, and Phoenix. Dragons represent courage and strength while an elephant symbolizes auspiciousness. Horses are thought to enhance success in business pursuits whereas turtles are believed to bring longevity. Fish attract wealth whereas the Phoenix carries messages of immortality. Each symbol connected to Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui has its own meaning and special properties that together create harmony in your space as well as protect against negativity. Other popular enhancements include wind chimes, gemstones such as jade or semi-precious stones like citrine or rose quartz into your space – all bringing balance into your living environment. Additionally one can also light incense such as sandalwood or juniper berry around their property or hang red lanterns outside their doorways to promote a sense of luck within the area as well as ensure protection against misfortune both financially as well as physically for its inhabitants.

Rituals and Practices of Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of living harmoniously with the land and nature. It combines principles of Taoism, Buddhism, I Ching, geomancy, and feng shui to create a balanced relationship between people and their environment. Through the application of these principles, individuals can understand the spiritual interconnection between all things in nature.

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The goal of Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui rituals is to promote a healthy mind, body, spirit balance so that individuals may enjoy prosperity and harmony in life. Such rituals include building proper altars for incense burning offerings to gods or ancestors as well as by invoking various mantras to bring about good fortune. Additionally, it includes helping to manual placement of items like mirrors or plants in the right areas around your home or workplace – based on principles of cosmic orientation – in order to activate positive energies known as “chi”. The proper placement of furniture and décor can also be undertaken according to these principles. In many cases, decorations such as coins and stones believed to bring luck are used as well.

Ultimately, Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui aims at uniting human beings with their environment in order to achieve personal growth and better relationships between everyone involved. As such, it can help lend clarity on how best to use one’s resources wisely as well as understanding how individual behaviour impacts those around them – ultimately leading towards greater collective flourishing. While it may not be for everyone (especially those who don’t believe in its relatively mystical properties), there may be some underlying spiritual truths which can be discovered through its application – particularly when applied over long periods of time by committed practitioners.


The Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui is a unique blend of traditional Chinese arts and practices focused on bringing good luck, wealth and good fortune. This practice involves placing specific objects around the home to bring positive energy, clarity and balance. Additionally, Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui aims to create harmony between one’s physical environment and cosmic and spiritual forces.

Because of this unique combination of spiritual, metaphysical, philosophical and scientific principles behind the art form, Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui has seen an upsurge in popularity both in the East as well as in modern Western cultures.

Many people have reported experiences of improved overall wellbeing after implementing the philosophy into their daily lives through decoration items or chi symbols. Our understanding that there are forces beyond us that can influence our lives for the better is one of the primary elements driving this resurgence. By engaging with Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui, one can have access to these powerful natural gifts from within oneself without relying on external sources alone.

Therefore, if done properly and with an open mind,Fu Lu Shou Feng Shui can be highly effective in achieving its objectives – that of bringing luck, wealth and prosperity into your life, while also making sure all four corners of your home are energized properly with auspicious vibes. In short: inviting happiness & abundance into your life by unlocking your inner power through the Art of Fu Lu SHou Feng SHui!

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