Feng Shui Charms for Business


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony within a physical space through the arrangement of objects, colors and symbols. For thousands of years, Feng Shui charms have been used in business to bring wealth, prosperity and good fortune. These charms often incorporate symbols like fish, coins, and cranes to create energy that can promote productivity, attract new customers and even help with financial success. By incorporating Feng Shui into the workplace environment, businesses can potentially gain the benefits of improved luck and overall well-being of their employees.

Types of Feng Shui Charms

Feng Shui charms are believed to balance the flow of energy and create good luck in business. Many traditional symbols are commonly used as Feng Shui charms, each with their own unique meaning.

The Dragon is a very popular symbol which represents dominance, power and good luck when placed in the workplace. It is believed to help ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy to your business.

The Pi Yao is another important Feng Shui charm that symbolizes protection from financial losses and can prevent enemies from destroying your business. It also brings wealth and prosperity into the office.

Citrine is a powerful Feng Shui gem linked with abundance, generosity, joy and success in business endeavors. It’s believed to increase financial success by furthering marketing strategies or product designs.

The Kubera Money Frog also represents wealth, protection from financial losses and improved sources of income as it attracts fortune from all directions into the household or works place.

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of good fortune, contentment , compassion, light-heartedness, kindness, courage and prosperity in all areas of life including the workplace. He’s known to bring good tidings that include happiness, harmony and mental peace.

Symbolism of Feng Shui Charms

Feng shui charms combine the powers of symbolism and energizing to help create positive energy in a person or place. Different symbols and Feng Shui practices have been used for centuries as a way to bring good luck as well as balance and wellbeing.

The most common Feng Shui charm is the “Chinese Coins” Charm. It symbolizes protection, wealth, blessing and success. The three circular coins represent the physical plane, earth and sky, which represent balance, harmony and stability. Chinese coins are often hung near the front door of a business to attract fortune in finances within the home or business.

The “Frog with Coins” Charm is also popular for encouraging potential wealth in businesses. This charm signifies wealth attraction, good luck and prosperity – representing that there will be an abundance of riches present within the business. Frogs are considered symbols of money due to their coloration as well as their ability to produce large numbers of young ones at once—symbolizing great fortune!

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Other Feng Shui Charms include dragonfly charms (representing transformation, energy flow), infinity charms (significant growth), turtles (creativity) etc… All these various charms help to attract greater success in your life when placed strategically within your home or business according to Feng Shui principles.

Tips for Choosing Feng Shui Charms

1. Consider the energy of your business: Before choosing Feng Shui charms, take a moment to consider the particular energy of your business and the goals you hope to achieve. Different symbols, such as dragons or horses, have different meanings that may petition the universe to bring specific qualities such as power or protection.

2. Understand symbolic meaning: Once you’ve identified what kind of energy you’d like to attract in your space, it’s important to understand the meanings behind symbols and how they can be used in strategic ways. Each charm carries its own unique connotations that can be used for different purposes in different parts of your space.

3. Place carefully: Carefully choose where each charm should be placed; some should be at eye level while others may need to go higher up on shelves or cupboards according to points along the ‘Lucky 8’ grid (a special map arrangement with eight directions that has a positive centre). Be mindful of how far away from walls they will sit, taking their symbolism into consideration when making any decisions about their placement too.

4. Utlilize incense and music: Incense or music can enhance the effects of Feng Shui charms; for instance, burning joss stick incense has been known to help artifacts attract good luck when paired with the right charm!

Positioning and Placement of Feng Shui Charms

When positioning and placing Feng Shui charms for business, it is important to consider the placement of certain symbols and their corresponding elements. For example, the placement of a dragon (earth element) should be placed in the east sector of the office to bring abundance. Similarly, a phoenix (fire element) should be positioned in the south sector to fuel ambition. Additionally, a tortoise (water element) should be placed in the north sector to bring longevity and strength. It is also important that each charm faces an auspicious direction that is aligned with the meaning of its element. For instance, all earth element items should face toward the southeast while fire elements should face toward north. Lastly, make sure that all charms are within easy view so they are exposed to Chi energy throughout the day and their powers can remain active.

Benefits of Feng Shui Charms

The potential benefits of using Feng Shui charms in business are both tangible and intangible. Tangible benefits can include increased sales, greater customer loyalty, improved customer retention, and more effective marketing efforts. Intangible benefits can include harmony in the workplace, increased team morale, improved communication between coworkers, and a more positive working environment.

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Feng Shui charms are said to bring prosperity, balance and luck into any space they are placed in. Because of this, they have the potential to attract more business success through encouraging productivity, creating an environment conducive to creativity, boosting employee engagement and motivation levels, and enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, if correctly used feng shui charms can help clear away negative or stagnating energy in an area which could otherwise be detrimental to productivity or success.

Examples of Businesses Using Feng Shui Charm

Feng Shui charms have become popular for businesses as a way to bring positive energy and luck into the work space. In particular, these charms can be used for store fronts and lobbies, as well as offices and workspaces. Examples of businesses that have used Feng Shui charms include The Great Wall Mall in Singapore which has placed Feng Shui coins at its doorways, said to bring good luck to customers; the Soho House New York’s lobby display which featured a beautiful wind chime said to bring balance and peace; and the Lower East Side sleep doctor who hung a pair of tigers on either side of their entrance, believed to symbolize courage and protect against negativity. Many hotels have also used Feng Shui symbols such as ingots, dragons and even giant replicas of money trees. These can all be found adorning lobbies or entrances so customers will feel more relaxed or energized upon entry. Finally, some business owners even wear bracelets adorned with small representations of various Feng Shui symbols so they can be surrounded by positive energy throughout the day.


Feng Shui charms can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their success. By applying these charms strategically, businesses can optimize their energy flow, attract helpful energies, and create a work environment that is conducive to achieving goals and objectives. In addition to providing extensive benefits for business success, Feng Shui charms also have the potential to enhance overall well-being in the office space and promote harmony among employees. Therefore, businesses seeking to improve success should strongly consider integrating Feng Shui charms into their office space design.

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