Feng Shui 2 Movie Deaths


Feng Shui is an acclaimed 2004 Filipino horror comedy film starring Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai delas Alas. The movie follows the story of Joy (Kris Aquino), who discovered a mysterious bagua mirror with hidden powers related to Chinese Feng Shui superstition. As Joy ventures on her journey to unlocking the mysteries of this relic, she soon finds out that it also brought with it unimaginable danger from supernatural forces of darkness.

The movie featured several iconic movie scenes that fans are familiar with until today, including the deaths of some of its characters – most notably Benedict (Jacklyn Jose). Benedict was the former caretaker of the magical Bagua mirror and was killed after being possessed by an evil spirit upon opening it. In another scene, a group of zombies causing mischief in a cemetery were destroyed when Joy destroyed the Bagua mirror, killing them instantly. Another memorable death was Romy’s (John Estrada), killed also via possession while attempting to take back what they believed belonged to them. Lastly, Joy’s friend Ed’s fate became sealed as he attempted to withhold information from peering eyes.

Overview of Best Movie Deaths

The two most iconic movie deaths from the action comedy film, Feng Shui 2, come from the characters of Evil Cruz and Cristine.

Evil Cruz’s death is a pivotal moment in the movie as it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. When Evil Cruz is revealed to be El Orquidea’s twin brother and realizes he has been duped all along by his sibling, he commits suicide by jumping off a rooftop. His death serves as a reminder to viewers that no one can ultimately outsmart the power of righteousness and integrity.

Christine’s death, while sudden in comparison to Evil Cruz’s eventual demise, still sticks with viewers long after they watch the movie because of its sheer brutality. After taking on El Orquidea in an intense duel, Christine inexplicably strikes herself with her own sword, fatally wounding herself. This scene reveals both Christine’s inner strength and courage since even death could not stop her from standing up for what she believed was right and protecting her family. In addition, her selfless act serves as an example of how true heroism should be celebrated–not through fame or glory but rather through an unwavering dedication towards justice, even if it means sacrificing one’s life in order to protect others.

Notable Characters Who Died

Ling Shen: Ling Shen was a loyal friend to the main character, Zhao, since childhood. In the movie, Ling Shen sacrifices his own life to protect Zhao when they are confronted by an enemy. His heroic death is the final proof that Ling Shen always had Zhao’s best interest at heart and was the true definition of friendship. This powerful moment serves as a reminder that even in times of danger and despair, it’s important to keep your prior relationships intact and close.

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Tong Cheng :Tong Cheng was ruthless in his strategies but also fiercely protected his people when threatened. It is not until near the end of the film that we learn Tong Cheng was actually a powerful warrior meant to protect his country however he chose to use violent tactics for many years which brings him into conflict with Zhao and his team. Eventually his life comes to an end when one of those from the opposing side strikes a fatal blow. Although this demonstrates how dangerous life can be, it also serves as a symbol of justice and reinforces how everything ultimately comes full circle in this conflict-ridden world.

Memorable Scenes of Death

The death scenes in the movie Feng Shui 2 are both emotionally powerful and visually gripping. The filmmakers use creative camera angles and sound design to draw viewers in and create suspense. For example, when Peter (the main character) gets killed at the end of the movie, we see his face looking up at us as blood drips from a gunshot wound. This shot puts us in the shoes of the character we’ve been following throughout the entire movie. We feel helplessness as we’re unable to stop this death from happening.

The second death scene is shot very differently but is just as effective. We have an overhead shot of a man sneaking up behind Lily (a secondary character). We know he is planning something bad as we cut away and then hear loud gunshots echoing off-screen. As we look back to see what has happened, we find an epic silhouette of Lily being lifted up by her attacker; with her own blood pooling around her feet, turning this imagery into a haunting reminder of what will inevitably occur later.

Through the combination of strong audio, visuals and its contrasting shots, Feng Shui 2 leaves quite an impression on viewers with its tightly directed death scenes that make us think long after its credits role out.

Analysis of the Deaths in Feng Shui 2

The deaths in Feng Shui 2 are used to demonstrate the concept of fate and chance. In the beginning, the death of Bobby marks a turning point in the story. He is killed with a vial of poison, representing how quickly life can change as a result of random chance. However, the main antagonist uses his black magic to bring Bobby back where he is ultimately destined to be slain by Ting Hua, showing that destiny can be manipulated and acted upon despite chance.

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The deaths of Priest Buda and Lolo are also essential to establishing the overall storyline. The death of Priest Buda illustrates how restoring balance depends on making sacrifices for the greater good—in this case sacrificing himself for his apprentices Ting Hua and Happy. Similarly, Lolo’s death teaches us that even those who make decisions guided by fate cannot escape consequences; despite her “destiny” as an evil being she still faces a tragic end.

Overall, each death in Feng Shui 2 serves as a reminder that fate is cyclical: moments of chance lead to actions guided by destiny which then results in further situations based on either luck or action taken due to Fate’s teachings. These deaths shape how we view the entire movie and add depth to its themes as they remind us time and time again what it takes for true balance to be restored.


The two death scenes in the movie ‘Feng Shui 2’ were incredibly powerful and heartwrenching. One of the deaths was of a young child, while the other was of a beloved character midway through the movie. Both of these losses clearly affected all of the characters on screen and stayed with viewers long after the credits rolled.

Death is an inevitable part of life and can often be difficult to explore in cinema due to its weighty nature and permanent consequences. However, these deaths played out masterfully in this film, providing dynamic messages about life and loss. We are left feeling sad but also hopeful for better things to come. Ultimately, this movie showcases how death can alter lives forever, reminding us that no matter what happens we have a duty to cherish each moment we have as if it was our last. Feng Shui 2 provides timeless lessons about life, love, grief and letting go that will stay with viewers for years to come.

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