Jojo Feng Shui

Introduction to Jojo Feng Shui

Jojo Feng Shui is the practice of using energy to bring balance and harmony in one’s life. The underlying concept behind the practice of Jojo Feng Shui is that life can be improved by harnessing and aligning the flow of chi – natural life force energy – in a person’s living spaces.

The origin of Jojo Feng Shui can be traced back centuries, to ancient China. It was developed by Chinese scholars who believed that human beings must work in harmony with their environment to bring about happiness and success. These scholars studied and wrote about different elements, properties, and laws of physics, including the philosophy of Yin and Yang; the positive (Yang) and negative (Yin) forces which exist in nature. Based on these principles, they designed ways to leverage them for practical use: Jojo Feng Shui being one such example.

The core concept underlying Jojo Feng Shui is that manipulating chi energy will help power individuals’ productivity and overall wellbeing. Balancing yin/yang energies – negative/positive emotions, characteristics or events – also plays an important role in achieving equilibrium between the earth’s magnetic forces; generating a peaceful, comfortable home or office while improving all aspects of your life. That includes health, relationships, finances, environment, career prospects and so on.

Benefits of a Jojo Feng Shui Home

The benefits of a Jojo Feng Shui home are priceless and multifaceted. While the traditional purpose of Feng Shui is to bring balance, harmony and good fortune into the home, the techniques employed for this can result in a number of positive effects. Firstly, improved energy flows mean better focus, less stress and improved relationships in your family.

Being surrounded by good energy also helps with our overall health and wellbeing on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Furthermore, good Feng Shui practices can help increase your wealth due to improved decision-making abilities as well as financial insight. People who live in a Jojo Fengshui home report higher levels of clarity and wisdom which improves their ability to make rational decisions. Finally, Jojo Feng Shui is believed to stimulate creativity inside the home too, providing an ideal atmosphere for innovating ideas or artistic projects.

Practical Steps for Practicing Jojo Feng Shui

Practicing Jojo Feng Shui takes understanding the Eight Basic Principles and how to properly position objects. It begins with the Chinese Bagua—also known as the pa kua—which features symbols of the eight directions. These symbols represent various aspects of a person’s life, such as love, fame, health, career path, family relationships, wealth, wisdom and knowledge. Through evaluating the home or office environment according to these principles, practitioners believe they can bring positive energy into their space and enhance beneficial luck factors.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Eight Basic Principles and chosen your correct Bagua orientation for your space, it is important to understand how to strategically place your items in order to optimize the energy of your environment according to Feng Shui practices. Common considerations to take into account include: Furniture placement – Move items thoughtfully around the space providing open areas so energy can flow throughout; Colors – Utilize bright colors within specific areas of your home or office based on where each one belongs in accordance with Feng Shui principles; Symbols & Objects – Select powerful symbols or objects which best reflect what you want to attract into your life; Mirrors- Position mirrors carefully in order to redirect energy throughout specified areas; Artwork – Hang artwork at eye level or slightly above in order to increase positive vibes around it.

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One may also utilize additional popular tools for performing Jojo Feng Shui including: wind chimes – symbolic of good luck/fortune; crystal balls – used for many different intentions from manifesting one’s desires/goals to protection from negative energy; dragon figures – considered highly respected figures believed by some practitioners can affect change in their lives directly through originates energies that are keyed into them; jade plants – through their lush green color symbolize prosperity success and abundance; singing bowls- energize a room but bringing resonating vibrations that encourage balance/calmness while blocking out negative noise pollution.

Types of Jojo Feng Shui

Jojo Feng Shui is a system of energy assessment that helps people design their living and work environments to be in harmony with their environment. It can be used to optimize the energy flows of any space, creating balance and allowing those who inhabit it to find peace and tranquility. There are several types of Jojo Feng Shui, including traditional Chinese Feng Shui, Japanese Feng Shui, Five Oriental Elements, and the Four Pillars system. Each of these has its own subtle variations in approach, tools and techniques utilized.

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is based on five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal and utilizes the Bagua Map which divides a space into eight sections representing different aspects of life. Additionally, many Chinese practitioners use the Lo-Pan compass to help assess energy flow in homes or offices.

The Japanese style of feng shui focuses strictly on the spiritual aspects; it pays close attention to balancing energies within a home or office. This method often makes use of plants and stones for grounding positive energies or protecting one from negative elemental influences.

The Five Oriental Elements combine traditional approaches from both China and Japan as well as India’s Vastu Shastra tradition and a few other philosophies into one unified belief system about energy flow among all living things. These include Yin/Yang theory, Five Phases Theory (based on the five elements) Qi Men Dun Jia System (9 numerical combinations). Finally the Four Pillars system focuses on creating balance in the home using mathematical formulas based off astrology values to determine how best to create harmony between the occupants’ astrological signs and Fengshui elements in order for them to have ultimate success in career, health and financial goals Last but not least is Flying Stars system which looks at potential areas where luck may arise by moving around an array of stars every 20 years based off values derived from nature’s seasons determined by where you live on Planet Earth..

Essential Jojo Feng Shui Symbols and Objects

Jojo Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese Feng Shui practice of arranging elements and objects within the home in order to harmonize the environment and bring about “good luck”. Symbols and objects typically used in Jojo Feng Shui range from lucky charms such as coins, wind chimes, crystals and symbolic artwork; to items that represent various aspects of nature such as water features, plants, sacred geometry and appropriate statues. This is meant to convey peace and balance within a home. Crystals are thought to remove unhealthy energy from a space, while also attracting positive energy with their bright surfaces. Wind chimes can be used to invite good fortune by driving away evil spirit. Plants are said to bring positive chi or life force into an environment due to their natural ability to breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Statues with dragons, turtles or cranes are believed to bring protection as well as other spiritual benefits. Ultimately, Jojo Feng Shui is all about creating inviting environments where positivity can thrive through inspiring decoration that reflects your unique personality while bringing balance into your life.

Common Misconceptions about Jojo Feng Shui

Despite popular belief, Jojo Feng Shui’s practices are not superstitions. In fact they are based on centuries of experimentation and scientific research related to architecture and design. Its goal is to create balance, harmony, and prosperity within the environment. The belief that there is only one ‘perfect’ layout in Feng Shui is wrong and can be misleading as even the slightest changes can have an impact on a space’s energy flow. Different applications of Jojo Feng Shui principles can result in drastically different outcomes so instead of aiming for a ‘perfect’ layout, practitioners should aim to make the best use out of their space by understanding its capabilities and limitations.

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The key element of Jojo Feng Shui is to analyze the individual space before any recommendations or adjustments are made. This means taking into account factors such as orientation, structure, elements inside each room as well as family lifestyle choices. On this basis, Feng Shui consultants or practitioners will assess what works well in that specific space, what energies need to be brought into it and suggest various methods for enhancing those energies such as furniture or color placement etc.

Jojo Feng Shui for the 21st Century

Jojo Feng Shui is a modern take on the ancient Chinese spiritual and philosophical practice of Feng Shui. It combines many of the same principles with a modern twist to create a unique way of improving one’s dwelling. Jojo strives for physical and emotional balance within the home by utilizing techniques that regulate the flow of energy, or ‘chi’. This includes creating calm, open spaces throughout the home and strategically placing furniture, colors and shapes in order to capitalize on positive energies. Additionally, Jojo may include special accent pieces in the home such as wind chimes and water fountains in order to further motivate energy flow throughout. In terms of design makeover, Jojo Feng Shui recommends combining simple colors and textures with geometric shapes in order to evoke feelings of relaxation, peace and comfort without looking overly cluttered or overdone. These elements are thought to bring health, luck and prosperity while separating one area from another within the home. In conclusion, Jojo Feng Shui allows people to embrace minimalism while utilizing traditional practices -all while expressing their own style- in order to bring joy into their living space!


Jojo Feng Shui is a practice that helps to improve the overall energy of homes and the people living in them. By combining traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern Feng Shui principles, Jojo Feng Shui seeks to benefit people’s lives through the conscious placement of furniture, elements, and symbols. Through this practice, many individuals have reported positive changes in their home environments. Some examples of success stories from people practicing Jojo Feng Shui include reports of improved health, enhanced wellbeing and harmony, deeper relationships with loved ones, greater clarity and direction in life, increased abundance and prosperity, inner peace and joy as well as improved luck and guidance in all aspects of life. It is clear that by implementing Jojo Feng Shui strategies into one’s home environment, balance can be achieved between elements such as the five cities of Heaven (Chi-Lung), Earthly Life (Fu-Kai), Yin-Yang forces (Yin-Sha), interpersonal relationships (SuanNi) and your Higher Self (HunYun). With careful consideration placed on each element recommended by this practice in combination with an individual’s particular needs at any given time, a dramatic improvement in both the energy within one’s immediate surroundings as well as personal development can be sustained.

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