Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion

## Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion
Feng Shui 2 is a 2014 Filipino comedy-horror film directed by Chito S. Roño, starring Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, and Cherry Pie Picache. It is the sequel to the 2004 romantic comedy-horror hit Feng Shui and the second installment in the franchise.

The movie follows complicated siblings Joy (Kris Aquino) and Junjun (Coco Martin) navigating their own lives, as they embark on a mission to track down and prevent a powerful cursed artifact -the Bagua Mirror – from ending up in the wrong hands. Along the way, the siblings encounter various supernatural entities, and come to terms with the tasks at hand and the dark secrets that their family has long been hiding.

The movie is currently available on Dailymotion for the convenience of viewers from all around the world:

### Filled with Suspense, Mystery and Fear
Feng Shui 2 promises to offer viewers a spooky yet satisfying experience, as they watch the siblings struggle to unearth the truth within their family’s dark past. They soon learn that a sustained struggle is necessary to prevent the Bagua Mirror – the source of all supernatural entities – from wreaking havoc and destruction in the present and future.

Filled with eerie effects, suspenseful scenes and a truly unsettling atmosphere, Feng Shui 2 is the go-to movie for those wanting a quick yet thrilling watch.

### Features:
* **Gripping Plot:** Get ready for an emotionally-charged storyline that will keep you guessing until the very end.
* **Strong Characters:** Joy and Junjun are plagued by an array of captivating characters, each with his or her own motives for wanting the Bagua Mirror.
* **Chilling Creatures:** Keep your eyes peeled for famous supernatural creatures like Aswangs, Engkantos, and Kambal Karibal.
* **Haunted Location:** San Nicolas, Manila, is the backdrop for the majority of the movie, where a mix of the old and the new creates an exciting yet unsettling environment.

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### Don’t Miss Out On This Thrilling Sequel
So if you’re looking for some entertainment and a totally different experience, check out Feng Shui 2 on Dailymotion! Be mesmerized as you follow Joy and Junjun’s journey as they figure out their family’s history, learn to work together, and navigate their individual paths. It’s definitely one of the most thrilling movies you’ll ever watch!

What language is Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion in?

Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion is in Filipino/Tagalog.

What is the runtime of Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion?

Feng Shui 2 Full Movie Dailymotion has a runtime of 1 hour and 52 minutes.

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