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Home Release Information

Feng Shui 2 will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download later this year. Fans that pre-order the movie will have access to a comprehensive range of special features including deleted scenes, a making-of documentary, interviews with cast and crew, behind-the-scenes clips and the theatrical trailer. The Digital Download version will also include exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage not available anywhere else. The various formats in which Feng Shui 2 can be experienced provide maximum flexibility for viewers wherever they are based. All three home release versions can be purchased from online retailers or in stores when released later this year.

Cast & Crew

Feng Shui 2, directed by Chito Rono and produced by Charo Santos-Concio, is an action horror comedy film which follows a family of three who find themselves pursued and haunted by a vengeful spirit. The production staff for Feng Shui 2 is composed of some of the Philippines’ most talented craftsmen including art directors Jaime Pedrosa and Raymund Magsanoc, cinematographers Carlo Mendoza and Neil Daza, costume designers Rex Pantsitura and Mailes Kanapi, editor Marya Ignacio, sound engineers Randy Ilacad and Erwin Romulo as well as composer Von de Guzman. Ador Arespacochaga serves as the music supervisor for this movie, while veteran actor Marco Morales was tasked with arranging the stunts. The production was managed by Ed Rocha while Nicky Marquez delivered visual effects assistance to the team. Lastly, Pepe Diokno served as a consultant in order to make sure the story accurately revolved around Filipino culture.

Box Office Performance

Feng Shui 2, the sequel to the highly successful Feng Shui, was a commercial success at the box office in its theatrical release. The film had an opening-weekend gross of almost ,51 million, making it one of the highest-grossing Tagalog films of all time. Compared to other sequels released around its time, Feng Shui 2 performed better than well-known ensemble comedies like My Little Bossings and Little Nanay and moreon par with Bulaga Pa More! But compared to horror genres, such as Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles and Shake Rattle & Roll 14: The Invasion, Feng Shui 2 had more success due to Chinese superstitions being embedded in local culture. Critics also praised its use of comedy and horror together as they reviewed that even though there were jump scares included, its overall message remained lighthearted throughout.

Cultural Impact

Since its release in 2014, Feng Shui 2 has become a cult hit. It has been praised by critics not just for its breathtaking visual style and action scenes, but also for its exploration of themes like family dynamics and the supernatural. It also stands out in the genre of horror/comedy hybrids, with its tongue-in-cheek humor earning it a dedicated fan base.

The movie has also been praised by many Asian American viewers as rare representation on screen. The protagonist, Chu Alan Cruz (played by Kris Aquino), is female and Filipino ” an image rarely seen in Hollywood movies. Many viewers appreciate the cultural diversity shown within the film, as it touches on Chinese and Filipino traditions such as superstitions in feng shui and ghostly entities called tikbalang.

The movie’s popularity is also reflected in online discussion forums where fans debate plot points and share opinions about their favorite characters or scenes. Novelty items such as Funko POP! figures have further cemented Feng Shui 2’s status as a cult classic among Asian American viewers who are eager to see positive representation of themselves on screen.

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Behind the Scenes

For the filming of Feng Shui 2, a lot of research went into crafting a realistic experience for the audience. The filmmakers focused on creating an atmosphere that matched the traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui. This entailed building intricate sets to represent various parts and areas of the Hua family home. Each scene was carefully constructed to mimic a traditional Chinese home with details like selected furniture pieces and Asian decor accents that had never been used in prior films.

A significant part of filming Feng Shui 2 took place around Taipei, Taiwan where the production team was able to capture several scenes within actual landmarks near their current location. These included places such as National Palace Museum, Baoan Temple, and Ximending district. From these locations, they were able to shoot some amazing exterior shots meaningful to the narrative while incorporating prominent ancient sites directly into their own film.

The cast also took time prior to filming to meet with local historians and gain further insight on the traditional customs and rituals surrounding Feng Shui from the experts themselves. They all had two weeks together in which they practiced various martial arts forms so that audiences would witness accurate depictions during action sequences when needed. This method ensured that their actions accurately portrayed authentic techniques used within Chinese martial arts culture through respected choreography from experienced martial artists themselves.


Feng Shui 2 is a horror comedy film, released in 2014. It follows the story of Joy, an unlucky saleslady who discovers that her apartment is built on top of an ancestral burial ground and cursed with a negative energy known as feng shui. In order to overcome the bad luck brought by the energy, Joy must enlist the help of superstitious neighbors and Feng Shui experts.

Feng Shui 2 is unlike many other horror comedy films in that it takes on more of a lighthearted approach to its subject matter. While there are definitely scary moments in the movie, most of them are played for laughs, with characters expressing exaggerated fear or disbelief at their situation. The film also explores several superstitions from Philippine culture such as ‘white lady’ ghosts, stairs leading to forgotten doors and batangas drums. These elements give the movie a unique feel that sets it apart from other similar genre films. Despite being shrouded in superstition and supernatural accounts, Feng Shui 2 empowers its viewers to face their fears through humor and courage. Through its perceptive look at how one can triumph over bad luck, this movie provides an inspiring message to never give up even when faced with daunting challenges.

Audience Reception

Feng Shui 2, a Philippines thriller/horror film with comedic elements, has been a huge success. Its high production values, the good writing of its screenplay and the presence of beloved actors have all helped the movie become an international sensation. The storyline”where a cursed bagua mirror unleashes horrific events one by one into a small town, ultimately leading to spiritual redemption”has resonated with audiences as they get wrapped up in the excitement and special effects. In addition, both young and old can appreciate lessons in compassion and forgiveness that are presented throughout the movie. Fans of horror films and comedies alike bow to this exciting flick because of its ability to thrill viewers while also presenting empowering themes for them to enjoy.

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Critical Reviews

Feng Shui 2 had generally positive reviews from critics. Critics primarily highlighted the film’s inventive use of horror and comedy, its focus on relationships, and its strong performances from the actors. The film’s setting in the Philippines was also noted for being unique and effective. It was praised for keeping a good balance between horror, comedy, and other genres while still delivering on all these elements. Furthermore, critics were impressed with how effectively the story incorporated real-world elements such as superstition, faith healing, and premonitions into its narrative. Lastly, they praised its humorous approach to what is typically a serious topic. Altogether, Feng Shui 2 was seen as an entertaining and thought-provoking movie that delivers strong performances while playing up its diverse genre influences effectively.

Fan Discussions

The release of Feng Shui 2 has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm by fans who have been waiting for a new chapter in the beloved Chinese action-horror franchise. Many are praising the sudden, very personal story line, full of exciting fight scenes and captivating cinematography. Some have commented that the movie is “easily one of [the] best Hong Kong action movies ever made” and others have said it gives them “new appreciation for all kinds of martial arts.” Too many, Feng Shui 2 has provided an opportunity to rekindle their love for martial arts movies after a bit of a lull in the genre – with some likening it to classic Jackie Chan films like Drunken Master. Even those who have never seen anything from the franchise and may not be fans of horror or fantasy say they were wholly impressed by its commitment to high-adrenaline fights, strong characters and heartfelt dialogue. On Facebook, numerous groups dedicated to the film continue to spring up just days after its release, providing ongoing discussions on whether this particular installment is superior or inferior to the original movie.

Series Connections

Feng Shui 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2004 action comedy film Feng Shui. The movie follows the further adventures of Marco (John Arcilla) as he takes on an even more powerful enemy with mysterious supernatural powers. It picks up two years after the events of the first movie, with Marco joining forces with the mysterious “Master K” (Roco Nacino) to defeat their new adversary, Feyah (Melai Cantiveros).

In terms of series connections, Feng Shui 2 features several characters from the original installment as well as cameos by other notable Filipino actors such as Ian Veneracion and CherryPie Picache. It also contains explicit references to earlier events in the franchise, such as when Master K talks about giving Marco a special gift that has been passed down through generations ” a reference to the secret technique that Marco used in his fight against Marvin (Vic Sotto). In additon to its connection to saga continuity, fans can also expect plenty of new visual effects and gadgetry featured in this installment which are sure to provide exciting elements for returning viewers.

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