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Feng Shui 2016 Full Movie is a Chinese action-drama movie, based on the novel of the same title by Wu Ming-Yi. It follows Xu Lai (Lei Jiayin) and her quest to repair items from her past that she had placed beneath a Feng Shui rock mountain – known as “baodanshan”. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of harmonization between humans and their environments, deeming certain arrangements beneficial and others disruptive. By rectifying these adverse elements, those affected can then be restored to a nominally more reasonable balance. The film is set during the Qing Dynasty and centers around Tianshan Jingchungu village in western Shandong.

The film builds upon what has been said about how this particular system functions within Chinese culture through exploring how traditional beliefs concerning feng shui affects characters’ lives. The story emphasizes concepts such as destiny and fate, while also proving that they are not absolute determinants in our lives as individuals have a certain degree of control over outcomes due to their personal moral variations or sense of agency. In addition, it examines topics such as superstition and ways in which customs both older and newer can shape one’s perception of oneself, life generally, emphasis on the importance of understanding history through acts of returning things back to where they belong spiritually; in order to gain clarity about one’s self-fulfillment and peace within society. Ultimately, Feng Shui 2016 is a film provides insight into an ancient tradition that still carries significance today as viewers gain knowledge about its various symbolic implications for contemporary audiences.

Plot Setup

Feng Shui 2016 is a Chinese supernatural thriller movie directed by Yijian Jiang. The story follows a young woman, Xiao Chao as she attempts to break free from the curse of an ancient Chinese Feng Shui-based superstition. After her husband’s sudden death, Xiao Chao discovers that he had been cursed by a mysterious man and needs to use her own knowledge of Feng Shui to be able to protect their unborn child from the same fate.

Xiao Chao has to team up with a former Feng Shui master in his investigation of the curse and its source — an urban legend concerning an old abandoned house owned by a powerful shaman. Xiao’s late husband’s family had purchased this place in hopes of unlocking prosperity, but instead it brought misfortune to them. Now, with only one month left until Xiao’s due date, she and the Feng Shui master discover that more sinister forces are at work in this cursed building. They struggle to unravel the connection between this urban legend and the forces behind it before time runs out for both of them. Throughout their journey, Xiao has to come face-to-face with confronting her inner doubts about her husband’s true intentions along with living up to ancient superstitions in order stop it before its too late.

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Production Elements

Cinematography: With its sweeping landscapes, dramatic lightning and imaginative set design, Feng Shui 2016 is an extremely visually stunning movie. The choice of camera angles and lights work hand in hand to bring out the beauty of each shot. Every scene, no matter how mundane or abstract, is presented with a reverence and visual artistry that helps create a deep emotional resonance with viewers.

Soundtrack: An Oriental-inspired soundtrack perfectly complements the dreamlike visuals of Feng Shui 2016. From soothing piano ballads to intense up-tempo tracks, the background music carries you through each scene with emphasizes different moods and moments. Comparable to a sublime sonic poem, this soundtrack really draws out the full cinematic experience.

Acting: With an ensemble cast worthy of international awards, Feng Shui 2016 certainly does not lack in stellar performances from its stars. From the main cast to supporting roles, each actor demonstrates impeccable range and poise during pivotal and emotionally taxing moments throughout this movie. The delivery of their dialogue often leads to uproarious laughter or bittersweet tears; testament to their undeniable talent onstage (or onscreen).

Cultural Significance

Feng Shui 2016 is a movie that has left a significant cultural impression due to its original concept and unique visual set. The movie tells the story of two sisters – played by popular actors Kathryn Bernardo and Shaina Magdayao – trying to bring balance and harmony back into their family home using traditional Feng Shui practices. With this plot, the movie successfully sheds light on the importance of Chinese philosophy and culture in modern Filipinos’ lives. The popularity of this film was not just confined in Philippines alone; it was also received with positive critical responses from critics across South East Asia as well.

The success of Feng Shui 2016 conveys a strong message about throwing away superstitions pertaining to Chinese culture and beliefs such as Feng Shui. This was something time-honored Filipino families had done for generations and this movie prompted discussions among critics addressing its sociocultural implications toward bringing harmony back into Filipino households. Moreover the movie’s focus on the mystical powers of feng shui related objects, symbols and elements served to increase public knowledge and awareness regarding these topics, encouraging dialogue which helped muddle through entrenched social prejudices around them.

The film can be seen as an important part of Philippine filmmaking as it blends traditional storytelling with symbolism resulting in beautiful scenes meant to emphasize the relevance of these ancient cultures within modern day understanding. Further showcasing hopes that by following ethical principles, past errors can still be rectified regardless how long ago they took place therefore inspiring redemption even after betrayal or conflict arousing sympathy for characters in similar predicaments in real life situations. Despite its old fashioned themes, it has allowed audiences to develop a better appreciation for what Chinese beliefs can do when used within everyday life providing viewers with deeper insight over society’s norms .

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Feng Shui 2016 Full Movie has garnered praise from critics and audiences, alike. Several members of the film’s cast have also earned critical acclaim for their performances in the movie. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an overall score of 90%, based on 21 reviews. Critics have described it as a “deeply funny and satisfying family drama” that contains “satisfying performances.” Audiences have praised its entertaining plot line, humorous dialogue, and touching themes. They noted that the characters were relatable and brought emotion to the story arc. Several commented on how well the film was shot and directed, complimenting director Carlito Salazar-Larumbe for his skillful execution of the story. Social media users also shared their admiration for Feng Shui 2016 Full Movie, citing how impressive its visuals were and how much they enjoyed watching it over again multiple times.


Feng Shui 2016 is an influential movie that reflects the importance of traditional Chinese beliefs in modern society. With themes of harmony, change and accepting fate, it tells the story of a family’s struggle to maintain balance when faced with different paths to take in their lives. Through its strong visuals and characters, the film clearly conveys how vital Feng Shui is to our everyday lives and how it can help us create an environment for lasting peace and happiness. The central theme revolves around the concept that everyone has a certain destiny which can be affected by the choices they make and their understanding of balance. This speaks to not only personal life decisions but also having a good grasp on where our actions fit into context in order to bring positive results. The film ultimately provides us with closure while leaving viewers with thought provoking reflections on their own individual living space and habits. Feng Shui 2016 underscores the power of harmony not just in our homes but also in ourselves. We have a responsibility to strive for equilibrium both internally and externally so we can live true, peaceful lives.

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