Feng Shui 2 2015 Full Movie


Feng Shui 2 2015 Full Movie is a Filipino horror-comedy film directed by Chito S. Roño and starred by Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. It is the sequel to the 2004 blockbuster hit, Feng Shui.

The story of this movie revolves around an archaeologist named Joy (Aquino). She discovers a cursed Bagobo burial jar which unleashes an evil curse on her family. Now she must team up with a con-man Domeng (Martin) and her friends Bai (Chiu) and Jerome (Lim) to protect their family from the bag’s wrath before it destroys the entire city of Manila.

Feng Shui 2 is not your typical horror movie as it combines chills and thrills with laugh out loud comedy moments in one exciting package. The film also has spectacular special effects that will certainly keep you guessing throughout its duration. As far as sequels go, this one surpasses its predecessor by providing larger-than-life visuals combined with relatable characters that help make the story feel truly alive. This combined with its highly entertaining script makes Feng Shui 2 one very enjoyable movie experience that fans of both horror and comedy can appreciate.

The Cast

Wen Chaolong, played by Eddie Peng: Wen is a former judo champion, who uses his expertise to help fight off the invading Western forces. He embarks on an epic quest to find the mystic Feng Shui weapon and use it against their enemies. Along the way, Wen must rely upon his strength and determination in order to prevail.

Fang Zhengrong – Hu Di: A former soldier in the imperial army, Fang possesses formidable martial arts abilities and is Wen’s main ally in his quest. Always looking out for him, Fang provides emotional support during times of hardship as well as physical protection from those that threaten them.

Linghang – Zhang Hanyu: As a wealthy heir to an empire, Linghang serves as a source of both financial aid and advice for Wen during the course of their journey. His no-nonsense attitude and dry wit provide comic relief throughout the film.

The Duke – Cao Kefan: The villainous leader of the Western Forces, The Duke embodied all that was evil about the Western Occupation of China. Rampant corruption was not enough for him; he wanted more power and would stop at nothing to get it – even if it meant using King Chiang’s own forces against him! Cunning and sadistic in equal measure, The Duke acts as the formidable obstacle that must be faced before victory can be achieved by Wen and his companions.

Cinematography and Visual Style

Feng Shui 2 is a 2015 horror-thriller film from the Philippines. The film was directed by Chito S. Roño and written by Ja found under their established horror franchis, Feng Shui. It stars Kris Aquino in the lead role of Jade, along with Coco Martin, Cherry Pie Picache, and John Arcilla in supporting roles.

Feng Shui 2 features some stunning cinematography and visual style to create a haunting atmosphere full of suspense. Cinematographer Boy Yniguez captures the desolate and shadowy settings through sweeping shots of rural villages and stark images of a graveyard at night. The camera often follows its protagonists as they move through surreal environments—like an abandoned amusement park—in which they’re surrounded by clouded reflections, heavy shadows, distorted lighting, bells ringing ominously from the background music, mist machines spraying smoke into the air that provides a chillingly eerie feeling. To further add to this suspenseful atmosphere, certain unsettling scenes are filmed in Handycam style — giving off a shaky and vertigo inducing impression on viewers. All these visual elements come together to create an almost otherworldly experience for audiences — inviting them to enter into a realm of ghastly spirits and dark secrets.

Theme and Genre of the Movie

Feng Shui 2 (2015) is a sci-fi horror-comedy movie directed by Chito S. Roño and starring Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, and Jake Cuenca. The movie follows the story of Joy who has acquired a “bad luck” feng shui item. She enlists the help of Feng Shui practitioner Emma, who then battles sinister forces to save Joy from an unrelenting evil curse.

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The theme of the movie revolves around superstitions, fate and karma as Joy experiences supernatural phenomena caused by her “bad luck” feng shui item. It explores how fate can lead one down a dangerous path, even when supernatural entities are involved.

The genre of this movie is considered as sci-fi horror-comedy as it involves ghostly entities, supernatural powers and comedy to tell a thrilling story. The comedic elements in the film are used to lighten up some pivotal scenes while providing comedic relief throughout the narrative. Throughout the film, people react differently to everyday situations based on their beliefs in superstitions while they also face off against menacing spirits with comedic effects strewn throughout their dialogue and action sets.

Critical Reception

Feng Shui 2 had mixed reviews when it came out in 2015. Critics described the movie as a “bizarre combination of horror, comedy and drama”. Some praised the unique blend of genres, but others found the tone and storyline too scattered for them to be completely vested in the story.

Many audiences also had a mixed response to Feng Shui 2. Some found it funny and thrilling, while others believed that parts of the film were unrealistic and cliche. The majority of viewers agreed however, that director Chito S. Roño did an excellent job bringing together disparate elements into one movie, allowing Feng Shui 2 to stand out from other films of its time period. Autorties who wrote about the film highlighted how the visuals complemented the story and created an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Many people were also impressed with how mysterious eng conundrum at the center of Feng Shui 2 was revealed without alienating those who were unfamiliar with ancient Chinese superstitions on which it was based. In fact, some considered that part ofthe appeal: discovering something new alongside characters one has grown accustomed to throughout the movie.

The Best Moments

Feng Shui 2 is a 2015 Filipino horror drama film directed by Chito S. Roño and starring Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, and Dingdong Dantes in the lead roles. With this star-studded cast, the movie earned an estimated P92 million during its first half day showing alone and eventually made almost P400 million over the next few weeks – a record-breaking number for any local film released in that year!

The movie boasted a unique blend of suspense, romance, comedy, and horror elements all set against the traditional Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. In addition to those signature components, Feng Shui 2 also included some truly iconic moments that helped elevate it to a worldwide hit. From heart-wrenching dialogue between lead characters Rose (Aquino) and Alexio (Martin) to some of Roño’s most intense camera shots ever, these are some of the best moments from Feng Shui 2:

One of the most memorable scenes takes place at a restaurant where Rose reveals her heartbreaking story behind why she’s so intent on pursuing Alexio with fervor. She explains that she wasn’t able to make it to their highschool prom because her dad died shortly before the event – an utterly heartbreaking moment that still tugs at our heartstrings even months after we’ve seen it for the first time.

The intense climax scene is another standout moment in Feng Shui 2: as Rose confronts Alexio’s spirit during their ritualized ritual ceremony in front of their family home shrine has us on edge until we get the final resolution between her and Alexio’s spirit. The pacing of this sequence gives off gripping tension as you watch Rose battle back against curses while maintaing her sense of conviction despite everything which comes her way.

These two iconic moments prove why Feng Shui 2 stands tall as one of Philippine cinema’s top picks in 2015. Through its meshing together of disparate genres into one cohesive flick, viewers everywhere were blessed with unforgettable doses of superstition and thrills throughout the runtime making for an incredible ride through good vs evil!

The Impact of the Movie

Feng Shui 2 2015 is a critically-acclaimed horror movie from the Philippines that has been praised for its creative and inventive plot. The movie is set in modern day Manila, with characters who are faced with dark forces that threaten their lives and sanity. It’s a story of supernatural elements, revenge and karma which escalate to thrilling levels as the protagonists fight back against sinister forces. Director Chito Rono masterfully combines classic Filipino horror cinematography with modern cinematic flourishes and visual effects to bring life to this intense tale of survival. He also utilizes plenty of gripping character development, suspenseful soundtracks and production design that makes the audience feel like they’re in the world of Feng Shui 2 2015. The movie offers an innovative take on horror by exploring the theme of karma in an intensely emotional way, which adds an extra challenge for viewers who may not expect such an emotional element. In addition to being able to enjoy plenty of exciting scenes, viewers can also appreciate how expertly crafted themes such as fate and redemption are woven throughout the narrative. All these elements combine to make Feng Shui 2 2015 one of Filipinos’ most acclaimed horror movies ever made.

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Feng Shui 2 is a 2015 Filipino horror-romance movie, directed by Chito S. Roño and written by Angelo La Viña. Starring Kris Aquino, Coco Martin and Maxene Magalona, the film is the sequel to the 2004 hit movie Feng Shui.

The production team for the film was comprised of experienced and dedicated individuals with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. Special effects Supervisor Myke Solomon spearheaded the visual effects portions of the movie, leveraging his years of experience to create realistic special effects that would make audiences jump out of their seats. Filemon Peralta took great care in providing perfect lighting throughout every scene to ensure scenes were spotlit and shadows captured effectively. Editor Marya Ignacio worked tirelessly to craft a seamless narrative across each story beat while integrating special FX with music selections chosen by Music Coordinator Mon Del Rosario.

Behind the scenes interviews revealed while collaboration between departments was not always easy, it ultimately provided results that thrilled both cast and crew members alike. Ultimately, those involved agreed that working together to provide the audience with an enjoyable viewing experience was always at the forefront of their minds throughout production on Feng Shui 2.


Close to five years since its release, Feng Shui 2 2015 Full Movie still carries a special influence in the world of cinema. The sequel to the widely successful 2004 cult classic introduced a new wave of perspectives fueled by innovation and creativity. Taking advantage of an expansive Filipino movie industry, director Chito S. Roño was able to bring together an illustrious cast including Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, and Jake Cuenca for memorable performances.

The unique take on a traditional horror genre allowed for the incorporation of elements found foreign in the category such as comedic timing and interpersonal relationships. Coupling this newfound approach with stunning visuals allowed viewers to experience tensions between characters through sequences involving Hong Kong-inspired visual effects and modernized storytelling devices developed within cinematic language; creating an atmosphere that had never been seen before in local horror movies.

Though met with critical success, there’s no denying that Feng Shui 22015 Full Movie has had far-reaching impact within cinema and beyond it.?It motivated filmmakers in the region to venture off into new narrative styles that bled into festivals throughout Asia, representing Filipino film culture even further than before. Since then, audiences around the globe have come to appreciate not just the film itself but everything it stood for — taking risks among familiarity.?Until today, viewers continue to buy tickets carrying conversations about how local productions can succeed despite sticking true to its roots; something which Feng Shui 2 2015 Full Movie certainly did when it first released five years ago and continues inspiring people everywhere until now.

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