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A Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball is an object used for the purpose of using Feng Shui in order to bring about positive changes in life. It has been around for centuries, with its oldest known use attributed to the Chinese people. The shape and size of the crystal ball can differ from one culture to another, but essentially it is made from glass or crystal with a decorative pattern that highlights its clarity.

When selecting the right Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball for you, consider the power and size of your space. The dimensions will determine how many items you should place within your space, depending on what you are trying to achieve. You may also want to consider the color of your space and decide which type of crystal ball best matches it. Additionally, pick a crystal ball that reflects your energy as well as a material that is secure enough to be hung at some height. It is best to purchase your Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball from a reputable shop or seller who knows their craft and doesn’t use any synthetic materials or low-quality stones in their products. Taking these considerations into account will ensure that you get one suitable for you and your desired end results.

Benefits & Uses of a Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of using the arrangement of objects, colors and materials within a home to promote harmony and balance. A Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball is believed to be an incredibly powerful tool that can provide strong energy-stabilizing benefits when used correctly.

The Hanging Crystal Ball is often hung in entrances way or prominently displayed in the living room as it’s believed that its unconditional flow of energy will represent positive vibrations throughout the home. Many practitioners of this art recommend suspending multiple crystals as a powerful method for creating a rich environment full of positive vibes.

Benefits: Feng Shui practices suggest hanging crystals are able to align energies, increase luck, heighten well being, protect from negative influences and purify negative energies present in the surroundings. When suspended in various points around the house, it’s believed that having a feng shui crystal ball will bring energy healing into the environment which improves overall quality of life by providing a calming atmosphere where one can relax and meditate. Furthermore, these crystal balls are thought to provide protection from external stressors – allowing peace to continue flowing even with various obstacles present in daily life.

Uses: It’s recommended for feng shui practitioners to hang one crystal ball over every major entrance along with multiple inside rooms as part of general practice. Some advocate having seven or nine crystal balls suspended near water features or placed on tables or sideboards to create additional positive energy in those areas; while others suggest keeping four balls rest near plants or trees as they believe this boosts their health and longevity. Also, those who are hoping to curate certain luck with prosperity should consider placing four enhanced crystals in each corner at the edges of their homes – steering away from traditional placement so they can refocus energies specifically desired outcomes accordingly.

Placement & Maintenance of a Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball

Placing a Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball in your home is an excellent way to energize and purify the Chi energy within. By bringing strong positive energy into the environment, it can help improve relationships, enhance calmness, relieve stress, and increase luck for those who live in the space. To maximize these benefits of the ball, it should be placed in an appropriate area and maintained properly.

When choosing an area for your ball, the best choice is usually where there is a ‘wealth corner’ (an area where two walls meet), as this will bring more monetary and career luck to you. It can also be hung facing any direction – such as near the entrance or beside windows – however it should always be between three and eight feet above ground level. Additionally, take care to keep away from plants and greenery which could potentially obstruct its energy flow.

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To maintain your ball properly, be sure to regularly cleanse it with a damp cloth or cool running water. This will help remove any negative energy which has built up over time as well as extending its longevity. Alternatively, burning incense nearby or positioning it under moonlight overnight can also work well for cleansing negative energies. You may want to reposition the ball occasionally too – this will revitalise its effects and increase its effectiveness even further.

Benefits of Different Types of Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball

Feng shui hanging crystal balls have many benefits. They are believed to absorb negative energy due to their perfect spherical shape, while dispersing positive energy throughout your home or office. The multifaceted form of the crystal ball also adds an aesthetic touch, giving any space a unique and calming atmosphere. In addition, some believe that using feng shui crystal ball can strengthen relationships and reduce the impact of disputes in living areas. It is also common for practitioners of feng shui to place a crystal ball near their bedrooms as it is thought to help promote better sleep and relaxation. Feng shui hanging crystal balls even have feng shui health benefits as they are often used to draw positive energies directly towards a person’s body for purposes such as healing a certain part of the body or removing blockages from the flow of qi (life force). Lastly, in terms of money and abundance, practitioners usually use the crystal ball’s reflection of light to bring more wealth into one’s life.

How and When to Incorporate a Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball

Incorporating a Feng Shui hanging crystal ball into your home or office is a great way to bring positive energy and balance into the space. The crystal ball should be hung somewhere in the main living area of your home such as near a window, over an entry door, near stairs or over furniture.

In terms of when to incorporate the crystal ball, it is best done before any other Feng Shui elements are in place. This ensures that the energy of the crystal ball is strongest and will help support any other elements used in the same space. Additionally, while there is no specific date or time for this ritual to be carried out, it is believed that incorporating the crystal ball in the Spring equinox or during a new moon will provide stronger energies.

When utilizing this powerful symbol of positivity and good luck, keep in mind that placement plays an important role. It’s important to choose an area where it won’t easily become blocked by bookcases or walls so that its energy can fully circulate around your home or office. When hanging it, make sure it hangs at least three feet from eye level to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness as well as add some natural light if possible like close to windows but not blocking them; this intensifies positive chi even more!

Interesting Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball Facts and Myths

Feng shui is a popular school of thought that influences many areas of life, and hanging crystals balls can be used in this system as a symbol of good luck and harmony. According to legend, feng shui hanging crystal balls have been used for centuries to attract wealth, health, love and good fortune into the lives of its users. Feng Shui is not just about physical objects though; it encompasses the energy that flows between those who use them and their environment. One traditional way to create positive energy is by placing a crystal ball near an entrance or window to ensure an abundance of positive energy entering your home. The idea behind this practice is said to be rooted in ancient Chinese beliefs that suggest the individual’s fortune was increased by gathering all the negative forces on earth under a single sphere.

Crystals are also said to act like conduits for energetic radiations made off by plants, animals and living creatures in the surrounding environment so having one in the home brings your abode into balance with your surrounding environment. It has also been suggested that certain crystal forms help fill rooms with vibrations of tranquility, healing and protection. Adding colour to a room using colored stones placed inside these crystal balls is another way you can benefit from feng shui principles; allowing you to create calm and give positive energy in any area deemed necessary most likely due to its ability to absorb environmental energies. In addition, it has been believed for centuries that when placed outside, facing away from the house, these orbs scare away ill wishing eyes giving further protection from negative entities attracted primarily from envy and gossip; protecting family members from harm (both mental and spiritual). Lastly due to their reflective properties Hanging Crystal Balls can be utilized as multipliers which would mirror back whatever comes close to them including good luck symbols like rainbows or any other positive energy casting element making it easy for anyone willing enough to manifest ones dreams regardless of their origin or place in life.

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Combining Other Decor Elements with a Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball

Feng shui hanging crystal balls are believed to attract positive energy and create an atmosphere of tranquility in the home. They can also be used to accessorize and enhance many types of decor. This versatile object can help balance a space, provide illumination, and add color and texture when paired with complementary items. To make use of the aesthetic potential of a Feng shui hanging crystal ball, it’s important to blend its design elements with those of other decorative pieces.

Living room spaces benefit well from the addition of a hanging crystal ball which will open up the area visually while bringing a feeling of harmony. Choose furniture pieces that share similar features with the ball such as curved lines or mirrored surfaces. Incorporate accessories like candles or vases that boast bright colors to match specific hues found within your ball’s many facets, such as teal blues or shades of pink. Hang textured drapes near the window for their subtle airiness; these details combine for an invigorating ambiance both calming and energizing at once.

The bedroom is an ideal spot for a finely placed Feng shui crystal ball too as its reflective surfaces are known to promote inner peace. Assemble pillows with soft velvet cases in blues that offset your crystal’s sparkle, while keeping additional accents plain-colored and subtle to avoid clutter. Paint walls in muted hues that bring clarity to each day; gray is said to invoke feelings of serenity while taupes & beiges are believed beneficial within this context too. Stunning wallpapers with repeating geometrical shapes often amplify the aura generated by your suspended sphere’s strong energies; swirl ‘n scroll elements should be avoided however since they overwhelm rather than balance out other objects nearby due to their intricate interweaving lines & patterns.


The use of a feng shui hanging crystal ball can be effective in creating positive energy in one’s home. These balls emit a vibrant and peaceful energy that can not only improve the overall atmosphere of the living area, but also act as a protective shield against negative energies. It brings clarity, order, and harmony to any environment it is placed in. Furthermore, it has the ability to reflect light beautifully which adds life to a room and aids in energizing the inhabitants within. Feng shui crystals do an incredible job of balancing energy flows and allowing good luck to enter your home. They come in various colors and sizes which you can customize according to your needs or preferences. A single ball or cluster of balls is usually hung from ceilings in places like living rooms or bedrooms for best results. Make sure to install your crystal ball using cured jute twine as this will add further protection against unwanted negative energy. As long as these steps are followed accurately with intention, you should start seeing positive changes around your home soon enough!

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