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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of harmonizing the environment by promoting the flow of positive energy, or “chi.” This concept can be applied to any environment, including bathrooms. The goal of Feng Shui in a bathroom is to create balance and harmony by allowing positive energy to move freely throughout the space. One way to do this is by keeping the bathroom door closed.

When the bathroom door remains open, it allows negative energy to enter and stagnate in the area, creating an imbalance and causing stress in its inhabitants. Keeping the bathroom door closed encourages a feeling of security and privacy and helps maintain a clean, hygienic space free from dust, odors, pests and other unwanted visitors. Additionally, closing the door ensures that steamy air created after a shower doesn’t lead to mold buildup on walls or ceilings. Feng Shui also asks us to respect others who may need some peace and quiet after using the facilities; closing the door quietly will ensure that we don’t disturb them while they’re inside. Finally, closing doors signifies completion of tasks like taking a bath or washing up; it ties into achieving balance as having everything tucked away shows our readiness for tackling whatever challenges come our way.

What Does it Mean to Traditionally Keep the Bathroom Door Closed?

Traditionally, keeping the bathroom door closed in Feng Shui is believed to contain and protect a person’s energy. It is thought that when the bathroom door is kept closed, it keeps “chi” energy from escaping out and dissipating. This helps create a feeling of harmony, auspiciousness and good luck within the home. Additionally, this promoting of Chi energy in the home creates a better atmosphere for success if Feng Shui principles are followed to their full potential. Finally, Feng Shui dictates that the bathroom should be seen as a space of regeneration, healing and complete relaxation and that it is important to shield this room with an open or partially-closed door to allow ventilation while still keeping the space private.

Reasons for Keeping the Door Closed

According to the principles of feng shui, the bathroom door should be kept closed in order to maintain an energy balance in a home. This is because the bathroom represents an area of “outflow” – meaning money and other resources can easily escape from this space if precautions are not taken. Keeping the door closed encourages positive energy to move through your space without getting lost or scattered. Additionally, keeping the door closed can help protect you against bad luck as plenty of gossip and negative energies also float around through open doors. Not only that, but having the bathroom door shut ensures that your privacy remains intact; wandering eyes don’t need any extra invitation to enter! Finally, a closed door makes for a strong outward sign of respect toward anyone who may visit your home.

Incorporating Feng Shui Design Strategies to Closing the Door

When considering the ancient practice of Feng Shui, it is important to remember that the bathroom door should always be closed. This can provide balance and protection in a home and should not be taken lightly. There are a variety of ways to incorporate Feng Shui design strategies into closing your bathroom door.

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First, consider the type of door you have. Solid wooden doors may not be ideal as they can easily absorb negative energy. Opt for glass or metal-framed doors instead as these materials are more resistant to negative energy or chi buildup. Additionally, many people opt for sliding doors when trying to use Feng shui principles in their home design. Sliding doors allow for a sense of connection and balance between two spaces, which is vital for promoting harmony throughout the house and preventing stagnant chi from accumulating in isolated areas like bathrooms.

Another way to enhance the chi flow behind your bathroom door is by incorporating plants into the space around it. Utilizing both real and artificial plants with leaves that open outward will help enliven the area surrounding the door and encourage positive energy to move towards other parts of the home in a clockwise motion. Additionally, avoid placing items that tend to accumulate clutter right next to your bathroom door as this builds up stagnant energy within reach of the area.

Ultimately, remembering to close your bathroom door according to Feng Shuis guidelines is just one way we can protect ourselves against unwanted energies while enjoying its furniture arrangements and decorative elements elsewhere in our homes. With careful consideration and thoughtfulness upon implementation, closing your bathroom door can offer balance, serenity, and safety – just like traditional Feng Shui has been doing for centuries!

Shaping Your Bathroom Space For Optimal Feng Shui

By closing the bathroom door when not in use, you can effectively create a sense of boundaries or divisions. In turn, this allows for a more balanced energy to flow throughout the space, rather than accumulating in one particular area. Furthermore, from a Feng Shui perspective, it is important to create an area with specific boundaries and not allow the energy of other rooms to leach into it. As bathrooms are usually places specifically associated with hygiene and health-related activities, being able to separate it from other areas helps to maintain its purpose.

Additionally, closing your bathroom door can prevent any odors caused by water and soaps dispersing into the rest of the house. Furthermore, creating a barrier between your bedroom and toilet will provide you with much needed privacy whilst using the facilities; ridding yourself of any embarrassment or anxiety related to using them around others. It will also aid in stopping any negative energies entering through air current that might otherwise enter open spaces without your knowledge. Lastly, keeping doors shut will reduce external noise sometimes found within households from entering your bathroom space—helping reduce visual distractions during peaceful moments spent meditating or rejuvenating out of sight from guests.


In Feng Shui practice, the bathroom door should remain closed at all times. This helps to keep negative energy from entering the home. Furthermore, any mirrors in the bathroom must also be covered or turned away from the door in order to prevent any unwelcome yin (negative) energy from being reflected into your home. The goal when using mirrors is to invoke a positive flow of energy within your space and not encourage more Yin energy coming in.

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By adding some specific décor items to the bedroom, you can help create a more harmonious energy flow ideal for optimum health and wellbeing. An example of this would be hanging up a chime-style wind chime near the door, either outside or inside on either side of the entrance way. This will help disperse negative energy and provide Feng Shui protection against possible invitations of random external Qi (energy). Crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine can also be hung around your bathroom to further protect against incoming Yin energy. Additionally, it’s important to install soft lighting in the bathroom as it will help maximize positive Qi flow throughout your home. Lastly, for added balance, an indoor plant placed inside or near the entranceway is beneficial for purifying and refreshing stagnant air within your living space.

Suggestions for Decorating with Feng Shui In Mind

When decorating a bathroom with Feng Shui in mind, it’s important to keep the door closed when not in use. This will ensure that positive energy is not escaping from the space, and will instead be kept inside where it can be used and enjoyed. Additionally, opting for classic colors like white, grey, or blue in a light shade helps to promote tranquility and relaxation in the bathroom space. Using organic materials whenever possible helps to create a harmonious and calming environment. Incorporate some house plants or artwork with plants or nature designs to give your bathroom a sense of balance and peace. Installing a mirror on the wall opposite the door allows the positive energy to circulate within the room, while also reflecting good vibes throughout. Lastly, ensuring that clutter isn’t cluttering up the already limited space is key for maintaining this sense of balance and relaxation in there as well.


Feng Shui is an ancient system of design originating from China that promotes a balance of energy in our environment through the use of aesthetic elements. Feng Shui can be applied to any part of the home, even to the bathroom. When utilizing Feng Shui in the bathroom, it is recommended to keep the door closed whenever possible. This will help create a calm and contained atmosphere conducive to relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. Furthermore, by adopting Feng Shui principles in the bathroom you can achieve several other benefits including: improving air circulation and ventilation; reducing exposure to potential bacteria and germs that could enter through an open door; increasing privacy; instilling a sense of peace and tranquility; fostering balance between all five elements (fire, metal, earth, water, and wood); and finally bringing luck into your home by promoting positive energy flow.

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