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Derana Feng Shui is a form of geomancy that is believed to bring luck and prosperity in the home, business, or other environment. It originated in China and has been used in Taiwan and Japan for centuries. The practice uses various elements such as water, wind direction, the number of entrances, placement of furniture and other objects to affect energy flow through a space. According to traditional belief, when energy flows freely throughout a space, its occupants will benefit with increased health, new opportunities and good fortune. Derana Feng Shui helps people to utilize ancient wisdom about the energies within physical spaces to their advantage.

In Derana Feng Shui it’s important to use colors that bring peace and tranquility into the room or structure being improved. Red is often used to bring vitality while blue gives us joy and creativity. Placement of items like furniture should also be considered carefully particularly if facing a doorway which can represent good opportunity or death/unhappiness depending on how you look at it. Written placements like posters should be placed in strategic locations; even something minor can give a noticeable change in energy levels within an environment. Practitioners focus more on creating better balance rather than counterproductive clutter by using both natural elements like plants as well as decorating with symbols related to the user’s goals (such as wealth). Finally everything must be connected with intentionality; practitioners believe intention power is successful when supported by action that harmoniously follows the chosen path or goal.

What is Derana Feng Shui

Derana Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of geo-biological study that has been passed down through generations. It is believed that the environment affects individuals in a specific area and shapes their fate, as it harnesses Qi (energy) from the surrounding landforms, celestial bodies, elements and other living creatures. Practitioners of Derana Feng Shui are able to see the “energy pattern” or “orderly design”, ultimately helping people achieve a harmonious relationship with their environment in order to optimize their luck.

The practice of Derana Feng Shui consists mostly of observing the environment and looking for objects that can influence the flow of qi, such as mountains, lakes or rivers and even artificial structures like buildings or furniture. By examining how these objects interact with each other, practitioners can make adjustments and rearrangements to improve positive energy flow within a given space. They can also determine the “auspiciousness” or “inauspiciousness” of given locations by looking at how they interact with certain energies.

In addition to arranging physical spaces, Derana Feng Shui focuses on internal balance with techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises designed to bring harmony between one’s mind, body and spirit in order to create an overall sense of wellbeing and good fortune. Practitioners take into account aspects such as personal astrology readings and spiritual connections when designing treatments for individuals or groups seeking peace or prosperity in their lives. By understanding the inputting qi from celestial bodies alchemy combined with Taoist numerology principles, Derana Feng Shui practitioners strive to help cultivate balance in individuals’ lives from all areas

How Derana Feng Shui Impacts Your Life

Derana Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of alternative health, wellness and spiritual practice. It works on the principle that energy exists in physical spaces and can be harnessed to create balance, harmony and peace within a home or office environment. The energy of these places has a direct effect on the people who inhabit them; thus it is essential to pay attention to Derana Feng Shui in order to maximize personal well-being and success. Derana Feng Shui views each person as an extension of nature itself, so particular attention should be paid to natural elements such as the sun, the moon, flora and fauna when utilizing this practice. With proper application of specific geometrical principles, such as Bagua layout and Five Element theory, practitioners are able to bring about positive changes in one’s life by properly aligning furniture placement and selecting appropriate colors for structures or accents. Additionally, items like art pieces, symbols and talismans can be used according to their symbolism in order to attract prosperity or love into one’s space. By placing objects strategically throughout its environment a person can open up pathways for the flow of positive chi (energy) thus invoking greater harmony throughout their home or work place. In conclusion Derana Feng Shui helps individuals harmonize their spirit with the Universe resulting in overall greater happiness for those who practice it.

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Design Principles for Applying Derana Feng Shui

Derana Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which uses the environment and placement of structures, objects, and buildings to bring balance and harmony to a space. It is based on the understanding that energy (or qi) flows through the space, affecting both physical and emotional wellbeing. To apply Derana Feng Shui in a space, one must take into consideration the principles of placement and orientation.

The principles of placement refer to positioning of structures, objects, and landscaping in relation to each other as well as their surroundings. For instance: furniture should be positioned in such a way that promotes clear pathways for movement; large plants or trees can provide a focal point for rest; and furnishings should be placed logically around windows allowing natural light to come through unobstructed. Orientation also refers to how house entrances or doors are facing – it’s best if they open energetically towards positive energies in order to enhance the flow of good luck coming into a home or office.

Another important principle when applying Derana Feng Shui is understanding how the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) affect your living or working space. By utilizing these five elements strategically — using items such as wind chimes made out of metal (metal element), bamboo plants (wood element), round stones (earth element), candles/torches (fire element), and aquariums/water fountains (water element) — one can “capture” Qi potential while also creating a calming atmosphere filled with positive stress-reducing energies. Additionally, you can incorporate colors thoughtfully such as blues for calming effect or reds to invite romance.

Advantages of Adopting Derana Feng Shui

Derana Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to maximize the positive energy flow in a home or other space by arranging the physical layout of furniture and elements in an environment. Adopting Derana Feng Shui could bring many advantages. It could help promote balance, harmony, and peace throughout the home. Additionally, it could create a more productive space where residents feel focused, relaxed, and motivated. Furthermore it can help improve relationships within the home by creating an inviting atmosphere of cooperation and understanding. It may also lead to improved sleep patterns as its principles aim to clear and balance the space with yin and yang energies. Derana Feng Shui also encourages homeowners to declutter their home spaces; this means eliminating visual distractions as well as unused items that no longer serve a purpose in one’s life. By doing so this can reduce stress levels and free up physical space for further development opportunities.

How to Make the Most Out of Derana Feng Shui in Your Home

Derana Feng Shui is a type of Chinese philosophy that seeks to create an ideal balance between the environment around us and our own physical, mental, and spiritual paths. To maximize its potential, every aspect of our home should be in sync with the laws of Derana Feng Shui. Here are a few tips for making the most out of Derana Feng Shui in your home:

1. Prioritize orderliness: A key element of Feng Shui is having an orderly space that encourages positive energy to flow freely throughout the area. Keep all items organized and clear away clutter to promote a calming atmosphere.

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2. Utilize open spaces: Open spaces like hallways and doorways allow energy to move freely throughout your home behind obstacles or congested areas.

3. Note colors: Certain colors used in your decor can bring different kinds of energies into your home. For example, earth colors can bring stability while brighter colors may help increase creativity or feelings of happiness.

4. Utilize natural energy: Incorporate natural elements like plants, art depicting nature, or sunlight into your decor to benefit from their natural healing power and maintain a steady flow of energy throughout your home. If possible, place them in areas where they will get fullest exposure from natural light sources such as windows or skylights.

5. Remember furniture placement: Furniture pieces such as couches and chairs should be strategically placed so that people sitting on them will establish a direct line with the outside world (such as trees or other outdoor scenes). This helps avoid stagnant Qi (vital life force) accumulating in an area with no external influences coming in.

Top Tips for Avoiding Errors with Derana Feng Shui

1. Make sure to accurately assess the current situation of your home or environment before attempting to use any Feng Shui principles or techniques. Knowing what you’re working with can help you make more precise attempts and get the desired results without making grave mistakes.

2. Restrain from overdoing it; many people try to use too many principles at once, which can lead to confusion and errors. It is wise to simplify experiments and keep ideas subtle until comfort level with the process increases.

3. Carefully consider faith-based values when implementing certain practices, as certain ideas may be offensive for spiritual beliefs or customs, especially regarding luck and fortune manipulations.

4. Ensure that all objects used for experimentation in Derana Feng Shui are correct; wrong placements can mean failure of positive results in the long run, as well as cluttering a space where it should be kept clean and organized.

5. Check for house balance: it is essential that both sides of a house have an appropriate flow of energy created for them so as not to cause discomfort or negativity within a space; if only one side is “fixed” with arrangement without paying attention to the other one, this would leave imbalances that could lead to hindrance rather than invention.

6. Put safety first when experimenting with rearranging furniture using Derana Feng Shui principles; while creativity plays an important factor in working out what goes where, make sure everything is secure necessary measures are taken so that no pain or injury may occur due to decisions made while trying new placements in rooms around the house.


Derana Feng Shui is a powerful tool for achieving balance in your life. It is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to use the power of design and positioning to harmonize the energy flow within a given space. According to the principles of Derana Feng Shui, the positioning of furniture, artwork, and other elements in a room can change how energy moves through it, influencing people’s emotions and well-being. With careful planning and alignment, it is possible to create balance within a space using Derana Feng Shui. By doing so, individuals can feel more connected to their environment and potentially enjoy greater levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing overall. Additionally, harmonic placement of items can disperse negative energy from an area and bring much needed harmony into the home! Thus guests and those living in homes with harmonious Derana Feng Shui will note an increase in feelings of peace in their lives.

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