Feng Shui Best Crystal For Wealth And Prosperity

The practice of Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years and its main purpose is to promote a balance between the environment and human life. This is done by understanding how energy works in different spaces and transforming it into energy that will create harmony, peace, health, and good fortune.

One way to bring about this balance and achieve financial goals, especially wealth and prosperity, is through the use of special crystals according to the principles of Feng Shui.

The types of crystals used in Feng Shui best practices for bringing wealth and prosperity are varied. The most popular crystal for achieving these financial goals is quartz since it can absorb energy from other sources and double its effects.

Other crystals commonly used include Citrine, Pyrite, Red jasper, Tiger’s Eye as well as Green Aventurine which attracts luck related to money matters such as investments or lottery success. These crystal influence our vibrations by amplifying positive traits such as self-esteem or courage while repelling anger; all necessary components for a strong financial path.

When using these crystals for Financial wealth it’s important to remember that they also need to be properly cleansed regularly in order to ensure their effectiveness over longer periods of time Whether through smudging with herbs like sage incense or even sun exposure the cleansing process should be timed based on your specific intention To further enhance their effects they can also be placed near items such as money plants coins or golden statues associated with prosperity Therefore when setting up a financial feng shui area combining the right type of crystal with mindful aiming direction could greatly increase your chances for success.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a ancient Chinese practice of using energy to improve one’s environment in order to promote health, happiness and prosperity. It considers the interaction between people and theirbuilt environment, as well as how these factors relate to the universe. The goal is to bring balance and good fortune into all aspects of life, from personal relationships and finances to physical health and business success.

Crystals For Wealth And Prosperity

Crystals have been used by Feng Shui practitioners for centuries to attract positive energy. According to the belief, certain crystals can be used in different areas of the home or office to encourage wealth and abundance. The most commonly used crystal for wealth is Citrine, which symbolizes success, abundance and fortune.

Other crystals believed to be strong symbols of wealth are Jade, Green Moss Agate, Pyrite or Tiger Eye. When choosing which crystals you would like use it’s important that you select ones that you are drawn too and that have energetic qualities that resonate with your individual vibration.

How To Use Crystals

When placing your chosen crystals make sure they are cleaned regularly with either running water or sage smudging incense bundle – this will ensure that all accumulated negative energies are no longer present before you place them again in your space.

Some tips when placing crystals: When decorating don’t create any straight lines because this will disrupts the flow of energy; try putting multiple stones together; place them around key entrances like door ways; enhance corners; add them near mirrors because the reflection amplifies their power; importantly don’t forget about colors – these should match with other elements in your environment.

Additionally, if the area you want to bring joy or abundance has directional fluxes – use pillars and cushions as focal pieces near specific windows or walls that connect with those directions.

The Benefits of Using Crystals

Crystals have been used for centuries to help individuals attract wealth and prosperity in their lives. When it comes to Feng Shui, crystals hold powerful energies that can help promote positive energy flow and evoke luck. By using the best crystal for wealth and prosperity, one can use its vibrations in order to create positive transformation in their lives.

When it comes to Feng Shui, stones are believed to balance energy levels while promoting healing and luck. For wealth and prosperity specifically, some of the most powerful crystals include citrine, fluorite, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, jade pyrite, calcite and amethyst. These crystals have different specialties that when combined correctly can bring an abundance of luck into one’s life.

How To Use Crystals For Wealth And Prosperity

When using crystals for wealth and prosperity there are several different ways they can be used:

  • Simply carrying a crystal around with you – Many people simply carry a crystal with them in their pockets or purses throughout the day in order to tap into its power whenever they need it.
  • Placing them strategically around the house – Positioning specific crystals such as citrine or amethyst on your desk or bedside table is another great way to tap into their powers.
  • Activating them through meditation – Studies have shown that sitting with your chosen crystal during a meditative practice can amplify the benefits of wealth and prosperity.
  • Using them intentionally when manifesting – Manifestation is often connected with intention setting so holding your chosen crystal during this process is thought to increase success.
Feng Shui Rugs For Wealth

The Best Crystals For Wealth And Prosperity

The best crystals for wealth and prosperity are many but here are five of the most popular:

  • Citrine – This bright yellow stone is thought to be one of the most effective at amplifying money manifestation practices.
  • Fluorite – Another popular choice related to financial abundance due to its power when it comes to clarity and focus.
  • Tiger’s Eye – A great all-rounder when it comes to attracting abundance due to its unique beauty within each piece.
  • Tourmaline – A perfect choice when it comes boosting motivation while opening up possibilities for more financial stability.
  • Jade Pyrite – Often seen as a sign of good fortune this beautiful green stone is also very helpful at protecting against energetic stagnation or blockages making it ideal for those looking for career momentum too.

What Are The Best Crystals For Wealth And Prosperity?


Citrine is probably the most popular crystal for wealth and prosperity. It is a type of quartz found in many jewelry stores and it emits a bright yellow or orange hue. Citrine is often associated with success, abundance, joy, and creativity.

It also has the ability to promote inner wisdom as well as provide guidance towards achieving financial abundance. This crystal does not need to be cleansed because it doesn’t absorb negative energy so you can carry it on your person or place it in your home or office without fear of harm coming your way.


Jade is another powerful crystal when it comes to wealth and prosperity. Its stunningly beautiful green color makes this stone perfect for gracing any home, office, business space etc. Jade encourages the user to stay grounded and focused on their goals while promoting energy health and inner strength at every opportunity.

This stone can also be used to reduce financial stress while providing protection from bad luck and misfortune that may come your way. As an extra bonus, jade is also said to attract love into its users life which could help form strong connections which could lead to more lucrative business deals down the line.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a highly protective crystal that can ward of evil spirits while helping its user gain mental clarity and motivation when working towards material success. It has golden-yellow flecks within its brown coloration which are said to represent wealth and fortune so surrounding yourself with this stone should bring great benefits such as focus, courage and determination when trying to achieve certain objectives in life.

Tiger’s Eye brings positivity into its users life so they can focus on being successful rather than how their poverty or lack of resources might hinder them from reaching their potential goals in life.

How To Use Crystals For Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui is one of the world’s oldest techniques for achieving balance and promoting good luck. By utilizing various stones and minerals, anyone can enhance their life energy to bring in more prosperity, abundance and wealth. Many practitioners of Feng Shui believe that the energy of crystals has a special power to attract wealth and prosperity when used properly.

Below are some recommendations from experienced Feng Shui Masters on which crystal is best for activating wealth, luck, abundance and prosperity:

  • Citrine: Also known as the “Merchant’s Stone” citrine is said to bring success in financial ventures and business pursuits.
  • Jade: This crystal emits valuable positive vibrations associated with longevity, wisdom fortune and growth.
  • Tigers Eye: Often used as an aid towards prosperity, Tigers Eye wards off bad luck while ensuring alignment between spirit, mind and body.
  • Aventurine: Aventurine is believed to foster new opportunities that lead to wealth or unexpected windfalls; it also _promotes resilience when things don’t go as planned._
  • Hematite: This type of iron ore is strong enough to strengthen motivation and focus potential. It also helps rid environments of negative energies.

To maximize the effectiveness of these crystals it is important to clear them regularly before using them. This will help remove built-up negativity or foreign energies that may be attached to the crystal. The best way to cleanse your crystals is by smudging them with sage smoke or placing them in natural running water overnight (i.e., stream/river). Repeat this process once a month or so for optimal results.

After cleansing it is equally important to activate the crystals. To do this you can place each one directly onto your body during meditation – at least 10 minutes per day – so they become attuned with one another and your intentions for manifesting wealth are reinforced daily.

Safety Considerations

Crystals and gemstones have become more and more popular in modern times, as a way to harness the natural energy of the Earth. Their spiritual properties have been sought for centuries, with many cultures associating particular stones with particular uses. For example, crystals are often used for cleansing spiritual energies, boosting self-confidence, and attracting prosperity.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui has also come to rely on specific crystals for wealth and prosperity because of their connection to these positive energies and vibrations. As such, a great choice for those looking to attract this type of luck is the Citrine crystal.

Although typically viewed as being orange or yellow in colour, it can range from a vibrant greenish hue up to a deep brown. It’s most commonly thought to generate wealth by promoting inner confidence and balance in the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

Citrine is likely the best choice for those interested in attaining positive energy needed for wealth and prosperity because it emits strong vibrations that help one attract these desired opportunities. This crystal works best in combination with other stones such as Ametrine (a combination of Citrine and Amethyst), Pyrite (often referred to as Fool’s Gold), Clear Quartz, or Lapis Lazuli which can enhance its power further.

Feng Shui Ornaments For Wealth

It’s important when using them that proper safety considerations be taken into account so each user can benefit from increased wellbeing without any possible negative effects.

When considering how best to use crystals like Citrine for wealth and prosperity, proper preparation must be undertaken beforehand. The stones should be cleansed before use through salt water baths, smoke from dried palo santo wood or smudging processes such as burning sage or other herbs – depending on what feels intuitively right – while focusing on setting intentions related to your goals or dreams you wish these stones to help bring closer into fruition.

By putting this energy out into the universe along with direct affirmations about one’s desires – both during cleansing rituals as well as any additional practices – one can really amplify their results successfully.

Examples of Success Stories

Success stories abound about people who have found wealth and prosperity after using Feng Shui crystals. One of the most famous success stories is that of Cheng Fen-Fen, a Chinese businessman who rose from poverty to enormous wealth and success after using a combination of Feng Shui crystals, mindfulness, and meditation to improve his luck.

Cheng was born in Guangdong province, near Hong Kong. By age 35 he had moved to the USA and was living in poverty with very little optimism for his future.

That’s when he heard about Feng Shui and decided to give it a try. He read books on the subject, consulted with practitioners of Feng Shui in Hong Kong, learned about crystals and their properties, and explored how they could be used to alter the energy fields surrounding him so as to draw better fortune into his life.

What Crystals Did Cheng Use?

To create an aura of positive energy for himself, Cheng used different types of crystals such as quartz crystal, rose quartz, tigers eye, pyrite (or “fool’s gold”) crystal and obsidian crystal. He started by placing a tiger’s eye in his wallet; this is believed to bring good luck according to Chinese folkloric beliefs.

In addition, he placed quarters around the four corners of his room-this was meant to attract material wealth according to Chinese beliefs on geomancy or `chienkun`. He also wore stones such as hematite on himself; this believed to improve self-confidence and personal power allowing him achieve more in life.

Furthermore Cheng placed pyrite crystal near his desk which is said to encourage business success through greater self-discipline. Rose quartz was placed around his bedroom as well since this variety is said to enhance relationships with others which can bring improved relationships with both family members or colleagues at work thus bringing further career opportunities.

Lastly Cheng hung quartz just outside his door-this crystal is believed by some practitioners of Feng Shui bring clarity into one’s forehead decisions by helping them interpret situations differently which often leads towards better outcomes than expected.


Crystals are natural elements that have been used in Chinese culture for centuries. They are believed to carry healing and energy boosting properties that help balance the chi of individuals and their surroundings. When it comes to wealth and prosperity, certain crystals can be used specifically to attract money and increase one’s success.

One of the most quintessential crystals in this regard is feng shui rose quartz, which is said to bring harmony and unconditional love into a space. This crystal enriches its environment with positive vibes, allowing prosperity to flow freely throughout it. Additionally, green jade is an excellent choice as it helps improve focus on important goals and protect from negative influences that can impede progress towards success.

The use of these crystals should not be confined to keeping them in one’s home or workplace alone; they can also have a powerful effect when carried around one’s person. Amethyst has traditionally been worn by those seeking business success due to its calming yet energizing effects on its wearer while citrine is regarded as the top pick for those looking to gain insight into banking and investments.

It aids decision making processes by stimulating mental clarity and sharpening intuition so that one’s best judgement may lead them closer towards affluence.

Finally, those who choose to work with crystals should always remember that such objects need regular cleansing in order for their spiritual energies to remain strong. Natural light is thought to be particularly effective for this purpose so leaving one’s pieces out under the sun or close next window during daytime hours should do wonders for restoring their positive energies every now and then.

Ultimately, using particular crystlas can be a rewarding journey if done right – a way for anyone willingto reap great benefit from inviting abundance into their lives through simple means like these ancient stones.

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