2017 Feng Shui for Monkey


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that involves creating harmony in a space to bring balance, energy, and prosperity. For 2017, Feng Shui for the Monkey plays an important role in helping individuals achieve success, health, and wealth. The prediction for the Monkey corresponds to the Year of the Rooster and will cover four particular aspects: self-development, relationships and social events, career goals, and financial investments.

Self-development refers to working on self-improvement by being mindful of one’s thoughts, emotions and behavior. Developing habits such as meditation or mindfulness can help with calming anxieties or stress induced from the daily hustle. Additionally, it’s important to nurture one’s physical wellbeing by eating healthy diets and partaking in frequent exercise sessions regularly.

Relationships and social events are important for personal connections that further foster creativity and positivity throughout life. This year asks one to put aside differences with partners or colleagues and attempt to create a bond out of understanding instead of hatred. Making use of cooperation tools like team building activities can be beneficial when forming better relationships within work places as well.

In terms of career goals, some may experience often changes that require newly developed skills; however don’t let these opportunities miss you because they result in greater successes later on. If given promotion opportunities don’t hesitate as they can open newer doors down the road! On another note if unemployment is an issue then don’t wait too long while seeking out new jobs either because chances will be missed if not taken immediately—so act fast!

Financial investments include taking cautionary measures before any deals are made in order to ensure maximum returns for best results—but also not forgetting about diversifying with different kinds of assets as well since money does not come easily take steps necessary for guaranteed success!

An Overview of the Year

2017 is an especially lucky year for Monkeys according to the Chinese zodiac symbols. This year, the Monkey is backed by the power of fire, as well as the directions of east and south-east. Because of this, Monkeys should focus heavily on infusing their lives with fire element decorations, including reds and oranges. However, they should also beware of allowing too much monotony in their lives, and make sure to have some greenery around to balance out the intense energy. Hanging wind chimes and bells in their southeast bedroom will help keep them energized and refreshed each day. Monkeys are advised to use lots of cinnamon incense during 2017 to draw good luck into their homes and work-spaces. Furthermore, Monkeys should be extra mindful this year of making sure that all aspects of life are harmonious and balanced; holding onto grudges or dwelling on past mistakes can have a negative effect on luck this year!

Overview of the Monkey Element

The Monkey element is associated with dynamic, technical exploration and progress. When engaging with the Monkey energy for Feng Shui in 2017, it’s helpful to be open-minded and ready to learn from sources outside of your traditional scope of knowledge. Those born under the Monkey sign will find they have great opportunities this year to expand their training through travel, apprenticeship, or volunteering if possible. Such activities are especially important if they feel stuck or are looking for a larger purpose.

This year, Monkeys should take advantage of their natural charisma and explore creative outlets such as writing, art, music and design. These activities can help to crystallize goals in new and creative ways that can provide inspiration and a sense of purpose along the way. Speaking up and being seen on social media or even trying something that brings attention is beneficial too. Opportunities can come in unexpected forms, so staying open-minded is important. Monkeys should work hard to achieve the very best outcome in everything without forcing it too much because then it might not be met with success.

Feng Shui Philosophy

It is recommended that those born under the monkey element practice meditation this year to balance out any restlessness or lack of focus. It may also be beneficial for them to get into nature more often; going for walks can provide respite from the daily hustle and bustle as well as some much needed clarity when striving towards their goals. In order for Monkeys to stay ahead of the game, now could be an opportune time for them to further develop their communications skills – especially ones that involve networking or negotiating – as these will prove essential in aiding them on their journey this coming season

How to Use 2017 Feng Shui for Monkeys to Focus on Their Goals

In 2017, Monkey Feng Shui will be a helpful tool for Monkeys to focus on their goals. It can provide clarity of thought and direction for the difficult tasks ahead. Utilizing this energy to its fullest benefit will require some work and effort from the individual.

First step is understand that Feng Shui has connections with the Earth energy. In 2017, it’s important for menkey to look for positive and affirmative Earth energy sources in their environment at home, workplace, or school. Consciously placing visuals such as stones, fountains, plants or lamps in directions that correlate with their goals is beneficial. These visuals act as guides & supports to help achieve desired objectives during truly challenging times.

The next step is engaging the mind with the goal in mind throughout the day – finding ways through meditation or affirmation techniques to focus your intentions upon what you want out of life and away from negative influences. Associating yourself with options and come up with plans helping them feel motivated by small victories towards larger dreams that push outside traditional boundaries and viewpointes they may have been accustomed to until now.

Moreover, if there are areas of fear or hesitation in order to reach success according to Monkey Feng Shui 2017, then some ‘protection’ activities should be applied before going forward: introduction of additional elements such as mirrors which redirect negative vibes back onto sender’s path – and-or introducing an element intended for keeping positive ‘chi’ energy present; either energizing crystals (wearing/carrying them) or placing them around wherever you feel low on energy may be useful solutions here.

Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Feng Shui in the Home and Office

Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with the energy of your environment. Knowing the Feng Shui for your Chinese zodiac sign can make all the difference when it comes to how you manifest abundance and good fortune into your life. Those born in the year of the Monkey benefit from enhanced focus on addressing fire elements within their home and office spaces. Adding candles, a wallpaper with a flame pattern, or wooden pieces with bright colors can help balance energy flow within the space.

These tips can be backed up by traditional principles such as avoiding choosing red accessories or placeting mirrors facing southeast direction to increase career opportunities – they will only further amplify its benefits. Additionally, hanging wind chimes near open windows to maximize chi energy accumulation and placing a fountain within east-facing spaces of offices can bring better luck in business and finance related matters. Monkeys also benefit from activations in South West sectors, so add a piece of art that symbolizes abundance and positive energy there accordingly. Finally lighting two lamps on your office table provides optimum opportunities for success and personal achievement throughout 2017.

5 Important Areas to Focus On for Monkey Feng Shui in 2017

1. Love and Relationships: This is a great year for Monkey’s to build new relationships, be it romantic or friendly, as this is the Fire Rooster year – red being the color of Love and Luck. Use Rose Quartz if you want to attract love into your life; encourage positive intimate relationships by placing Mandarin Ducks inside your bedroom.

Feng Shui Peach Color

2. Career: Career luck will be productive for Monkey’s in 2017, especially if their field is Creative Arts. They can expect career advancement and salary increase. Place brass items or Blue Rhinoceros around your workspace to boost your career opportunities.

3. Health: This year that coincides with the Yin Fire element suggests taking special care of yourself as Yang Fire could cause ill health due to its hot energy so be careful when exercising or doing strenuous physical activities – too much will lead to exhaustion and burn-out. Hang some Garlic Braids in key areas of your home (or use Chinese Garlic essential oil) to prevent any health issues in 2017.

4. Wealth: Money luck should bring plenty of fortune and well-being this year since the Rooster symbolises money and abundance, therefore place decorations such as bronze vessels around your space to increase wealth chi particularly on position 2 (located in South). Symbolise monetary stability by displaying threelegged Toads around you cash register or desk at work; they should bring financial growth during 2017!

5. Education & Knowledge: Yin Fire year is an excellent period for studying, so educational projects along with mastering courses should succeed this current Year of Cock! Enhance concentration by adding metal objects into study areas or hang bells near learners’ desks – the metal stimulates learning abilities whereas bells drive away distractions generated from external interferences enabling smoother absorption of knowledge and understanding across disciplines!

Suggested Products for Monkeys to Enhance their Home and Lifestyle

Crystals: Monkeys should consider using crystals to enhance the energy flow in their home and lifestyle. Crystals such as quartz, clear quartz, yellow jade, blue aquamarine and black obsidian can all help aid an energising and creative boost. These stones are infused with positive energy which will help elevate any Monkey’s life in 2017.

Windchimes: Windchimes have long been a popular feng shui choice for many individuals looking to bring positive energy into their home and life. Their pleasant sound serves as a reminder of the calming effect of nature. Monkeys should look for windchimes that feature an even number of tubes and no sharp edges, to ensure that it brings peace into your home rather than tension or fight-provoking noise.

Decorative Objects: Room decorations such as succulents, bamboo flutes and teapots can all be used to bring auspicious chi into one’s space. For Monkeys specifically, decorations with pearls and items showcasing serpents or demons represent growth and enhancement in various areas of life such as career and gain wealth. Furthermore, candles are also popular among many spiritually minded people; Palhoues with light yellow scents especially encourage positivity in your life which works well particularly for the year of 2017 for Monkeys.


The Monkey Sign, characterized by its inquisitive, witty, and smart nature, will find itself in an energy intensive year in 2017. For the Monkey to get the best out of its opportunities for success, it’s important to take advantage of what Feng Shui offers. Incorporating Feng Shui into your personal environment this next year can strengthen your beneficial energy field and minimize any negative energy from entering. This can help increase success in your career, health and social relationships. Additionally, understanding your true purpose in life and discerning which positive activities are truly worth focusing on is essential for the Monkey in order to achieve the best possible outcome next year. With hard work and dedication to personal growth through self-awareness, 2017 can be a very prosperous year for those born under the sign of the Monkey.

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