Feng Shui 2018 For Monkey 1980

H2: Feng Shui 2018 For Monkey 1980

Monkeys born in 1980 were born during the year of the Metal Monkey. 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog, and this will bring many different opportunities and challenges their way. It’s important that Monkey-born people take advantage of the positive and helpful energies of the Earth Dog so they can keep their luck flowing during the year.

H3: Challenges Ahead

The Monkey and Dog do not naturally get along, and this can lead to some disagreements and resentment as the months go on. Monkeys may need to take extra caution when dealing with contractual agreements and business deals with influential people.

H3: What Can Be Done?

Feng Shui can be a powerful tool for making sense of the different energies between the Monkey and the Dog. Here are some tips for how Monkey 1980s can make the most of their Feng Shui during 2018:

• Hang Feng Shui symbols, such as coins and mirrors, around the home to increase wealth and good luck.
• Place a Money Frog and/or a Wealth Ship in the East or Southeast of the home to bring in prosperity.
• Hang a crystal pendent in the bedroom, this will help reduce quarrels, and improve relationships.
• Place crystals and a Buddha statue at the entrance of your home to ward off negative energy.
• Place a Wind Chime near the Northeast corner of the home to magnify relationships and career growth.

It’s important that Monkeys balance the Dog energy and lean on the Yang energy to bring balance to their lives. By understanding and embracing 2018’s Feng Shui symbolism, Monkey 1980s can enjoy a prosperous and lucky year!

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What direction should a Monkey be facing according to Feng Shui 2018?

According to Feng Shui 2018, a Monkey should be facing north or east for best luck and prosperity. Facing north or east will allow the Monkey to receive the supportive energies of the Earth Dog to help them achieve their goals and reach success.

What are the Feng Shui directions for 2018?

For 2018, the Feng Shui directions are:

• North – personal growth

• North-East – knowledge, education

• East – health and family

• South-East – wealth and abundance

• South – recognition and fame

• South-West – relationships

• West – creativity and children

• North-West – helpful people and travel

What are the annual Feng Shui forecast for 2018?

The annual Feng Shui forecast for 2018 predicts several key themes, including harmony, health, and prosperity. For more detailed predictions, it is best to consult a Feng Shui practitioner or review a Chinese almanac. In general, 2018 is a positive year, with an emphasis on development and success. The focus should be on progress and flow, giving opportunities for new endeavors. The colors blue and green will be important colors to have around, as well as the numbers two, five, and nine.

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