Chinese New Year 2021 Feng Shui

##Chinese New Year 2021 and Feng Shui

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and people are gearing up for the celebration. This is a time when families gather around to enjoy the festivities and welcome in the new year. But what many people don’t know is that this celebration has a special connection with feng shui – an ancient Chinese art form that’s believed to bring fortune and luck.

Here are some key elements of Chinese New Year 2021 and feng shui advice to follow:

###Symbols of Good Fortune

When it comes to Chinese New Year 2021, some of the traditional symbols of good fortune are:
– Red envelopes
– Chinese papercut designs
– Lucky plants such as kumquat trees, orchids, and Chinese money plants
– Items that feature the rats, horse, and ox that are the 2021 zodiac animals
– Numbers of good fortune such as 8 and 9


Here are some great feng shui decoration ideas for the New Year’s celebration:
– Place the main decorations near the entrance door of your home to draw in fortune
– Use the lucky colours, including red, orange and gold to decorate your home
– Hang fu characters and couplets around your home (they will bring protection, good luck and harmony)
– Place a kumquat tree near the entrance of your home (it will bring good luck)
– Hang up some rat-themed decorations as this is the zodiac animal for 2021


Certain foods also play a role in bringing in luck and fortune. Here are some of the best choices to eat over Chinese New Year:

Feng Shui 5 Color 5 Element Pagoda

– Dumplings – they symbolise wealth and money
– Rice cakes – they symbolise success in the coming year
– Longan – they bring peace and harmony
– Fish – they represent abundance
– Noodles – a sign of longevity


Chinese New Year is all about celebrating with your family and friends. So plan some meaningful activities that will bring everyone together. This could include:
– Lighting up Chinese paper lanterns
– Visiting temple fairs
– Playing traditional Chinese board games such as mahjong
– Building a “mudpot stove” – an old custom to ensure harmony
– Setting up the “Fu Ru” room – a room for the God of Wealth
– Visiting friends and family

With these tips, you can bring in happiness and wealth for the coming year. Have a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year 2021!

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